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Vencalak is a mayoral region midway through the Dramaturge.

It is a town with a population between 30,000 & 50,000 people. It has 20 square miles of land. It is near the Jeweled Road.

It consists of three large parks including Tablin Square, a Block of Vencalak. It hosts three major venues each of which anchor a corner of the park. These are the Resheika Theater, Kil Dri's, and the Tablin Multiplex. The Resheika Theater features classic plays by renown writers from across shadow. Kil Dri is a concert hall for orchestra and opera and large scale musicals. The Tablin Multiplex has over 100 screens for viewing groups of various sizes. The other business in the region often get their foot traffic from people attending one of the three main venues.

Facing the Square are a a number of stylish apartment buildings. While the ground floors of the apartment buildings usually include a lobby and some of the complex amenities but it also houses numerous retail facilities designed to face the park. Many of these retail venues are small businesses of artisans. Each apartment building hosts an Automat for the use of its residents that don't have replicators in their apartments. Dame Alita Gasita's pottery shop is an example of a ground level retail venue.

The square is frequented by a number of Cabri Carts selling a variety of food. Especially when the major venues are operating. often the vendors specialize foods corrosponding to the events in the major venues. They are mostly performance artists and performers. The square has a number of automatic maintenance features but it also has 'Lagal Jall, a Mandalaian non-born, who is the chief gardener for the Block.

On the side streets between other squares and many medium or small performance spaces. Among them are the Hop Shop-a comedy club, Shiki Lee's- is a jazz/swing Dance club