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This is the page for the game Veraltan Academy, using the Cortex Prime system and run by Bremen.



Name Player
Elaine Blycaster Elfwine
Caspar Bussler Leliel
Sunnatharis Pelatothis Thorya
Evangeline t@nya
Collin Trick Kilpatrick brahnamin


Academy Staff[edit]

  • Dean Franz: Dead of the academy, somewhat obsessed with financials.
  • Professor Sulli: Teaches Introduction to Magic and Basic Magic Theory. A rather dry lecturer, but appears to be very skilled with diverse magics.
  • Professor Valeria: Teaches Introduction to Magical Combat and also Adventuring. A fit, cheerful woman that prioritizes physical combat as much as magical.
  • Professor Malicia: Teaches Beginning Academic Studies, Curses, and Advanced Potions. A beautiful and more than slightly sinister woman who doesn't hesitate to curse underperforming students.
  • Professor Danusk: Teaches Basic Fitness Training and Beginners Military Prep. A harsh instructor always ready to complain about students' abilities.

Class 1-B[edit]

  • Maurica Lyonees: A cheerful, sometimes odd girl. Failed to accomplish anything during the first day's magic demonstration - or did she?
  • Levis ze Phantasia: A very skilled and competitive fire mage, and childhood friend of Clarisse.
  • Ceana MacDhunleibhe: A foreign student who avoids talking about her background, with an interest in magical creatures.
  • Kirke Tira: A wealthy boy and nature mage, though friendly and polite to students regardless of their station.
  • Adaeze Kamalu: Adaeze is brash and confident, wielding lightning magic and a sword passed down through at least three generations of adventurers.
  • Friedrich von Eichenwald: An amateur musician and childhood friend of Elaine.
  • Tal: A large, muscular boy with the scars of a hard life; appears to dislike nobles. Failed to accomplish anything during the first day's magic demonstration.
  • Cynthia Travers: A mischievous girl with illusion powers, pretended to be a bear on the first day of class.
  • Jaxon Reeves: A metal mage and ardent follower of a foreign cult. Always muttering about demonic conspiracies.

Other Students[edit]

  • Azrael von Schwerz: Claris' twin brother
  • Julia Benz: An older student with shadow magic.
  • Luca Ashburn: Caspar's roommate, a student whose slight build contrasts with magically enhanced strength and toughness.
  • Sharon Atwood: Sunny's roommate, a shy and introverted girl who seems mostly content to keep to herself and work on experiments with clockwork animals.
  • Lilliana "Lily" Kahler: Elaine's nextdoor neighbor, an flirtatious girl with a tendency to try to get a rise from Elaine with her licentious behavior.
  • Miles Langston: Theo's roommate, a quiet boy with low self esteem due to how people react to his disquieting magical summons.
  • Imogen Rowe: An older student and a countess after the loss of her parents; liege of Sharon Atwood and frequently seen trying to get the girl to socialize more.


Goal Reward
Get access to the Restricted Library. Gain a new Power trait and a new limit.
Impress Professor Sulli, somehow. Step up your Magic die, create a relationship with Professor Sulli at D8, or step up your relationship with Professor Sulli twice.
Impress Professor Valeria more than anyone else. Add up to two SFX, create a relationship with Professor Valeria at D8, or step up your relationship with Professor Valeria twice.
Impress Professor Malicia without being turned into a toad. Step up your Mental die, create a relationship with Professor Malicia at D8, or step up your relationship with Professor Malicia twice.
Find a way to impress Professor Danusk. It won't be easy. Step up your physical die, create a relationship with Professor Danusk at D8, or step up your relationship with Professor Danusk twice.
Find out what's up with Melody's magic. Everything, nothing, and 5 XP.


Academy Map


Academy Classes
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