Veronika the Queen

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  • Skin: the Queen
  • Look: Domineering, brooding eyes
  • Origin: Occult leader
  • Stats: Hot 1, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark 0


Veronika's family were some of the first to send their kids to Sols, back when it was a tiny little school a few days ride from Boston. They've always been oddly prominent, too; Duxes, head prefects, team captains, the list goes on. Veronika's daddy even paid for the new library to be built.

What's much less well known is what lies behind that prominence. Why the school dorms form a seven-pointed star from above. Why with every generation of her family there are rumors of skyclad dancers on stormy moonless nights.

Veronika broke up with her previous boyfriend, Vivian, not long before school ended last year; he didn't handle it very well, and has been trying to cause trouble for her since.

She's not too fond of Thessaly; the other girl's interest in the occult and unwillingness to be properly subordinate to Veronika mark her out as a threat.


  • The Clique (Cultists)
  • And Your Enemies Closer
  • Many Bodies



  • Yvonne: a little geeky, but she's still one of Veronika's oldest friends (Cultist, 1)
  • Alexis: just started Sols this year. It's an open secret that the rather odd androgyne is Veronika's lover. There are rumours that they may be in an open relationship, though. (Cultist, 1)
  • Brynjar: on the lacrosse team. Six foot seven and pure muscle, he often acts as Veronika's bodyguard. (Cultist, 1)


  • Thessaly: smells like competition for leader of the occult inclined at Sols. (Threatening, 2)
  • Cameron (He lacks subtlety, 1)
  • Victor (Has a crush on her, 2)