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Verzeg Black Beetle

Verzeg is an enlo of the Srak Arhan Clan, a smallish clan in The Big Rubble associated by blood to most of the bigger clans only distantly. The only major magic in the clan stems from Mistress Srak, a potent shaman and initiate of Kyger Lytor. There are no higher clan religion levels than initiates and prospective initiates must be sent to patron clans for initiation, incurring large costs in gifts to the initiating priests.

Verzeg has no idea who his parents are apart from that they are uzko, and he strongly suspects it is Mistress Zorgenna who had a trollkin birth around when he was born. Mistress Zorgenna seems to have an especial dislike for him, but that may have any reason.

Like nearly all trollkin populations, the trollkin of Srak Arhan have a subculture that is similar to most; the enlo separate themselves into 'gatherers' and 'brawlers', and the brawlers take from the gatherers. All trollkin are born gatherers and the mean, tough and aggressive promote themselves to brawlers. Verzeg likes beetles, is a good beetle-herd and sort of ascended slowly from worker to value. He was taken with a pack of other enlo for initiation when an uzko visited a local clan (of course no uzko would get initiated in the same ceremony as enlo) and he has since worked with the various beetle stock since.

The enlo are filth, slaves and food. They are not fed and are expected to forage for themselves, hoping the brawlers don't see them gorging on anything they find and making them regurgitate it. Even value trollkin descend categories as they age, eventually ending up as food. There is no way out. They expect no less, and cannibalism is known. The uzko couldn't care less

Verzeg has been bought for a Karrg's Sons' ritual yearly feast ('Must Eat One Family Member'). He's travelled across Prax and into Sartar in a sack waiting to die but Fate has intervened and the Argan Argar caravan carrying him and his goods to thier new owners was ambushed and slaughtered. He wriggled free from the sack and rode the beetle carrying him into the night. Since then he is as lost as a creature that thinks Old Pavis is the entire world can be. He has avoided lights, smoke and movement while wondering what to do.

I should make it very clear exactly how ignorant Verzeg is. He has never seen any other thinking creature apart from trolls. His whole world-view is through the prism of enlo pseudo culture and he's frankly frightened of everything at the moment. Oddly enough, he feels like someone is not only going to punish him from running away but also for pinching the shiny shortsword. Obviously he has no idea how inappropriate his concerns are!

Who am I? Who is my family? What is my past?

I am Verzeg 'Black Beetle', so named after my Gorakiki armour. I am an enlo of the Srak Arhan clan, and I am fairly sure Vasha Waiting in Darkness is my sister, and although enlo are forbidden to acknowledge uzko parents I think Mistress Zorgenna may be our mother. My past is complicated, and I have written it in full for you, but to be brief I am a simple slave who through hard work has become a value, and through bad luck has become a fugitive.

What is my homeland? Who are my people? What other lands do I know? Who are their peoples?

The Srak Arhan clan is my people, and I am their slave. I live in the clan hold in the centre of the world, which the ancient Mistresses caused to have huge walls put around it. This world is split in two by a mighty river, and beyond the walls is a vast desert ringed by dwarf-infested mountains. They say there is a puny shadow-city attached to the troll walls somewhere infested with humans, but I don't know how true this is and I've never seen a human. I know in the world within the walls the Mistresses have allowed a breeding stock of elves to have a place, but something happened and they ran wild. There are dwarves in this world too, although I don't know how they got here. Of the rest of the world I know nothing.

What work do I do? How do I spend my time?

I am a beetle-guard in the beetle pens, and I have learned the mysteries of the beetle-folk and thier lives. I am learning how to breed up types which are lost and once got burned by a spitting beetle I accidentally bred and was rewarded with a ham beetle for it. When I do not guard the beetles I make things from the gifts of the beetles; armour, weapons, tools and other things the uzko value. When I have finished this I have a little time to forage for food and then I sleep.

What do I value? Who do I serve? What do I hope for?

I now value freedom, and I want to have a place where I and my friends can be without fear. We will have our own 'upright land' where we can stand straight, something I have never done. I serve no one but friendship ties, and I hope for a long life and to die without being eaten. I know this is wrong to our people, but enlo are food and this is wrong. I know that in my heart.

What things are good? What things are evil? Who are my friends? Who are my enemies?

I hate fear, I hate terror. They bred us to be cowards and we live our lives in horror and fright. I don't like people who use fear as a tool, and I don't like the bigger that bully and murder the smaller. I like laughing, and my friends can have light hearts that make the searing fear go away with thier jokes.

Who are my gods? How do I serve them?

There are many gods of the peoples, but the biggest goddess for them is Hating Mother. The elves hurt her and made her give enlo as children, and she despises us for this because we are her weakness made flesh. This is all I know of her, and we enlo expect nothing from her. After her there is Loving Auntie, beloved of the enlo. While she can be harsh, she is sees us as fellows and tends to us. When I was burned the uzko of the Loving Auntie sang a song for me that made the pain and fright go away, and I cried to know this new feeling. Of all the goddesses, Loving Auntie is loved freely from our little hearts. Then there is Generous Auntie, who I know as her proper name 'Gorakiki'. She gives us beetles as creatures of toil, food and material, and even friends. Generous Auntie gives to anyone who asks, and she is probably the strongest goddess in the world, although that is only whispered in the beetle pens. After this is Nasty Uncle, who I know only too well and much to the detriment of my sleep. Nasty Uncle is different from all the other people gods in that he doesn't care about anything but hurting things. Hating Mother cares about bloodlines, family and clan, but Nasty Uncle couldn't care less. Instead of eating the dead, he makes them into murdering things to set loose on the world. Instead of clan, he grabs the uzko that he can and makes them into things called 'regiments'; huge armies of ravening trolls. There are two other uncles; Uncle Slavemaster is the first. he makes us into slaves that can be sold within clans, and taught us the spear so we wouldn't use uzko weapons. I hate him, he sells my kin and I never see them again. He does other things too, but I don't know what and suspect they are all bad. The other uncle is Outside Uncle. He uses the sling and kills for food, and he sometimes kills enlo too which is bad, but he doesn't care who you are as long as you sneak up on things and kill them.

Character Details[edit]

  • Name: Verzeg Black Beetle
  • Race: Enlo
  • Social Condition: Escaped slave
  • Sex: Male
  • Cults: Gorakiki Initiate, Zola Fel Initiate
  • Runes: Darkness, Beast, Movement, Water


Str: 14, Con: 13, Siz: 09, Int: 16, Pow: 17, Dex: 17:, Cha: 12.

  • Hit Points: 12
  • Total Fatigue Points: 26
  • Total Magic Points: 13
  • Damage Bonus: +1d4
  • Experience Bonus: -%
  • Current Fatigue: 23 - 14 = 7 (Verzeg's pack must stay on his beetle)
  • Current Magic Points: 17 = 17

Skill Groups[edit]

  • Communication: +5%
    • Bargain (5%): 10%
    • Fast Talk (5%): 10%
    • Orate (5%): 10%
    • Sing (15%): 43%
    • Language [Darkspeech] (INTx5%): 80%
    • Language [Trade] (INTx3%): 48%
    • Language [Theyalan] (INTx3%): 48%

  • Manipulation: +11%
    • Conceal (5%): 19%
    • Devise (5%): 49%
    • Sleight (5%): 16%
    • Instrument (5%): 16%

  • Knowledge: +12%
    • Craft [Resinwright] (5%):55%
    • Craft [Chitinsmith] (5%):58%
    • Craft [Tailor] (10%): 22%
    • Craft [Insect Care] (50%):67%
    • Craft [Insect Breeding] (5%):
    • Repair [Armour] (15%):
    • Repair [Weapon] (15%):
    • Evaluate (5%): 17%
    • First Aid (10%): 39%
    • Lore [Troll] (5%): 26%
    • Read/Write (0%): 00%
    • Shiphandling (0%): 25%

  • Perception: +10%
    • Darksense (25%): 68%
    • Listen (25%): 63%
    • Scan (25%): 49%
    • Search (25%): 60%
    • Track (5%): 29%

  • Agility: +11%
    • Boat (20%) : 61%
    • Climb (40%): 51%
    • Dodge (DEXx02%): 35%
    • Jump (25%): 36%
    • Ride [Beetle](5%): 16%
    • Swim (25%): 70%
    • Throw (25%): 36%
    • Hide (10%): 56%
    • Sneak (10%): 76%
  • Magical: +10%
    • Ceremony (5%): 48%


  • Matrices
    • None
  • Memorised [INT 16-10=6]
    • Disrupt [1]
    • Second Sight [1]
    • Speedart [1]
    • Bladesharp 4
    • Fanaticism [1]
    • Heal 2
    • Mobility 2
  • Not Memorised
    • None
  • Divine Magic
    • Heal Wound x 3

Hit Points and Armour[edit]

Location Name Armour types A.P. H.P. Enc. Melee Missile
Head Leather padded + Black chitin plate + 1AP Skin 9 4 19-20 20
Left Arm Leather padded + Black chitin plate + 1AP Skin 9 3 16-18 18-19
Right Arm Leather padded + Black chitin plate + 1AP Skin 9 3 13-15 16-17
Chest Leather padded + Black chitin plate + 1AP Skin 9 5 12 11-15
Abdomen Leather padded + Black chitin plate + 1AP Skin 9 4 09-11 07-10
Left Leg Leather padded + Black chitin plate + 1AP Skin 9 4 05-08 04-06
Right Leg Leather padded + Black chitin plate + 1AP Skin 9 4 01-04 01-03
  • Total Hit Points: 12 HP
  • Total Armor ENC: 11.0

Weapons and Shields[edit]

  • Attack Bonus: 11%
  • Parry Bonus: 11%
Weapon/Shield Name Base Damage S.R. A.P. Attack % Parry % Range Enc.
Carapace Shield 15% 1d6+1d4 8 15 16% 51% --- 1.5
Saw-Tooth Spear - melee 05% 2d6+2(cut), 1d8+1(stab) +1d4 7 15 86% 66% --- 2.0
Saw-Tooth Spear - lance 05% 1d8+1+2d6 6 16 --- --- --- ---
Saw-Tooth Spear - javelin 10% 1d10+1d2 2 15 46% --- 20m/50m ---
Dagger - composite 15% 1d4+2+1d4 8 15 51% 51% --- 0.5
Knife - composite 15% 1d3+1d4 8 15 --- --- --- 0.2
Hatchet - composite 10% 1d6+1+1d4 7 15 61% 31% --- 0.5
Sling 05% 1d8 2 15 76% --- 100m 0.5
Thrown rock 25% 1d4+1d2 2 15 61% --- 20m 0.5
Bite 25% 1d6+1d4 8 15 60% --- --- ---
Brawl 25% 1d3+1d4 8 arm 61% 61% --- ---
Grapple 25% Special 8 special 61% 61% --- ---
  • Total Weapon ENC: 5.2


  • Weapons:
    • Saw-Tooth Spear. A five foot in length weapon with a four foot elf-bone shaft tipped by a foot long flint or obsidian blade. The last eighteen inches of the shaft has a serrated cutting edge of flint and obsidian leaf blades horizontal to the shaft. The blades are socketed, wrapped in leather then the entire section is laminated with chitin strips soaked in resin. This limits the razor edges of the flint but makes the weapon far more robust. There is a small crossbar halfway down the shaft. Although Verzeg doesn't know it, it's known as a 'Trollkin Bread Knife' in New Pavis.
    • Carapace Shield. A targe-sized shield made of two beetle wing cases, usable by a centre grip or two enarmes.
    • Knife, Dagger and Hatchet. These three weapons share a common, wide leather scabbard set and are all made out of flint, chitin, resin, leather and wood. They are Verzeg's main tools in everyday life and he is quite attached to them.
    • Sling. Made from python-hide, this sits in a Verzeg's pouch with his small change/ammunition.
  • Armour:
    • Black Chitin Plate, made out of sections of giant beetle carapace, this armour is rigid yet slightly flexible. The chitin is soaked in resin to increase its longevity. This spiked, horned and fluted armour is another Gorakiki item.
    • Leather Padded Undergarment, this is a tightish leather set of trews and jack sewn over with reinforcements and armour attachment points. It's smells 'lived in' to a large degree.
  • Other:
    • Linen and Wool tunic and breeches, for wearing when working for the uzko and there is a need to look presentable.
    • Python-skin belts and baldrics without any buckles, leather thongs are laced through the belt holes.
    • Broad Black Felt Slouch Hat and Tatty Black Cloak for watch duty, when Verzeg may not be able to avoid daylight getting on him.
    • Backpack, 20enc capacity.
    • Fifty Metres Rope made of plaited leather, an ex-nomad rope.
    • Waterskin, four litre capacity and made of waxed and resin-hardened goatskin. Verzeg ate his last one.
    • Pouch, large and kidney-shaped, made from python-skin. 5enc capacity.
    • Patchwork Rabbitskin Sleeping Hide, Verzeg loves bunny-blankie.
    • Sunscreen made from powdered earths and jellied beetle-guts. Smells ripe but stops your ears blistering.
    • Sungoggles Round volcanic black glass and python leather goggles
    • Small (15 carat) Pearl with an 8 pt MP matrix

Valuables: 625 lunars

  • Total ENC: 24.8


  • Name: Beetle
  • Breed: Black Riding Beetle

Str: 29, Con: 13, Siz: 26, Int: 2, Pow: 10, Dex: 16.

  • Damage Bonus/Minus: +2d6
  • Move Rate: 6
Location Name Armour types H.P. A.P. Enc. Location
Right Hind Leg Chitin 3 6 None 01-01
Left Hind Leg Chitin 3 6 None 02-02
Right Centre Leg Chitin 3 6 None 03-03
Left Centre Leg Chitin 3 6 None 04-04
Abdomen Chitin 8 6 None 05-09
Thorax Chitin 8 6 None 10-13
Right Fore Leg Chitin 3 6 None 14-14
Left Fore Leg Chitin 3 6 None 15-15
Head Chitin 6 6 None 16-20
  • Total Hit Points: 20HP
  • Attack Bonus: +10%
Attack Damage S.R. Attack %
Bite 1d10+2d3 7 58%
  • Scan: 60%
  • Track: 40%
  • Climb: 44%


  • Armour Boon: +2 AP armour, armour floats
  • Verzeg is 50% colour blind.
  • Verzeg does not understand how to use any sort of currency, and so has spent none of his rewards.
  • Verzeg is highly sensitive to heat and almost died trekking through the desert.

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