Victoria Fothergill-Cammish

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Name: Victoria Fothergill-Cammish
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 5th
Player: Atlictoatl


High Concept: Misunderstood Eagle in a Death Eater Family

School Aspect: 5th Year Ravenclaw House Prefect

Wizarding World: Untutored Legilimens

Wizarding World: First in Charms, Four Years Running

Refresh: 3


Good (+3): Clever

Fair (+2): Careful, Sneaky

Average (+1): Forceful, Quick

Mediocre (+0): Flashy


  • one extra that is a Wand, Familiar or other artifact.


Which class do you hate the most? Which one do you look forward to?

Muggle Studies under Alecto Carrow. It's not just propaganda, it's factually incorrect! Defense Against the Dark Arts hasn't been much better. Professor Moody was exciting, but learning he was an escaped prisoner from Azkaban all along calls everything he taught us into question. 'Professor' Umbridge was insufferable. She didn't teach us anything! Professor's Snape's class was amazing, until he killed Headmaster Dumbledore. Amycus Carrow's -- he was never a Professor --Dark Arts class was horrid. I stopped going. Professor Flitwick provided me with cover, and Mortens taught me what I needed to know to defend against the curses they were learning in there. Best to not get me started on Divination.

Charms and History of Magic have been my favorites. Headmaster McGonagall has shown me a lot about the latter.


  • Victoria takes her appointment to Prefect of House Ravenclaw seriously, seeing it as a grand opportunity to participate in the repair and strengthening of Hogwart's and the education and development of future witches and wizards. *Her brother, Mortens, has taken to emulating his hero and champion, Severus Snape, and sees the new year as an opportunity to begin repairing the names of House Slytherin and the family name of Fothergill-Cammish.
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