Viktor the Ghoul

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Viktor was a fairly typical teenager growing up in a wealthy suburb of Seattle with his little sister Morgana until he was diagnosed with Leukemia. After a year of disappointing news from the best doctors their Microsoft money could buy, they turned to his Aunt Kamila for help. She fancied herself a witch and practiced her craft on a small plot of land on the skirt of Olympic Mountain. His mother, Beatrix, had always said her sister was crazy, but desperation drove her to believe. Against his doctor's protests, she drove him, near death, to Kamila's cabin and placed him in her care.

A few days later, Viktor died and the healing begun. They dug a deep grave, lit a bed of coal and placed upon it a still warm and bloodied heart and coils of entrails. They covered the organs with a layer of dirt as they began to smoke, placed Victor's corpse on top and finished the burial. Beatrix wailed like a madwoman and Kamila chanted until the next sunset when Victor awoke.

That moment is his sharpest memory. Waking under the dirt, his nostrils filled with burning smoke. Trying to scream but instead getting a mouthful of dirt. And then came the hunger that has never left him. A hunger as sharp as the desire to breathe. He could now taste the blood that dripped through the dirt from the flesh of a creature above him and it drove him to claw his way out, where he fell upon the freshly killed deer, tearing at its flesh with his hands and teeth.

When all that was left of the creature was gristle and bone, he looked up and saw his mother recoiling in horror from was was once her son, now a monster covered in blood and dirt. He felt like he should want to cry but he couldn't care less, and he hasn't cried since.

Since his resurrection, his mother has kept her distance from him. His father blames her, him, and Kamila alternatively and has turned to alcohol and prescription drugs for comfort. Morgana has been left in the dark by the rest of the family and wonders what happened to the family and why they are trying to ruin her life just as she is starting to go to high school.

Since his resurrection his hunger overwhelms all his other emotions. He has lost his parents' affection and he is afraid to be close to Morgana for fear that she'll withdraw from him too. Instead he seeks acceptance from his peers through success. So now he approaches his studies, and playing wide receiver with a cold intensity. Although he has achieved success, his teachers, coaches and friends can't help but notice the changes in him.

Character Details[edit]

Name: Viktor von Sydow

Look: Striking, hungry eyes

Origin: Resurrected

Stats: Hot -1, Cold 2, Volatile 1, Dark -1

Ghoul Moves: The Hunger (flesh), Disaffected, Short Rest for the Wicked


Victor has something of a crush on Veronika, although he's never acted on it and you wouldn't think she was his type. When he sees her walking by, for that brief moment in his day, he feels a warmth that rises above his cold hunger. Veronika take 2 strings.

Jenny Jackson was in the woods on the night of Viktor's resurrection. Investigating the strange sounds coming from Kamila's cabin, she looked through the window and saw Viktor claw his way out of the dirt and tear into the carcass with his teeth. She was about to slip away when Viktor's blue eyes looked right into hers and they both knew they had been recognized. Jenny takes two strings on Viktor and Viktor takes two strings on Jenny.