Voyages Of The Blue Rosie: Johan Darche

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A character played by Darad Zhall in the Voyages of the Blue Rosie game run by LatinaBunny

Johan Darche[edit]

Race: Human Mariner
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Class: Level 4 Adept
Calling: Judgement/Atonement for One's Self
Destiny:Knight of Pentacles/Determined
Fate: Five of Swords/Cruel
Background: Johan was born and raised on an island in Gaelenir’s Necklace in the Shatterstar Archipelago. There he was brought up in a large family that prefered a sinple life, one in harmony with nature and the elements. From an early age Johan showed great promise as an Adept, and by the time he reached adulthood he had become an exceptional Shaper of the elements. With his great talents he began to feel cramped on his little island, and as soon as he was able to he enlisted with a small merchant ship with dreams of seeing the world. But with new sights and experiences came new vices. Johan soon found himself addicted to all the various pleasures he had been denied due to his humble upbringing. Every display of his power bolstered his ego, and every indulgence intensified his hunger. He was strong, powerful, capable. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to take whatever he wanted? Who could stop him? One coup later and the merchant ship he signed up on soon had a new captain. Casting aside his past life and taking up the name Hullbreaker Johan waged a long campaign of terror on the high seas; using the powers he was taught to respect and revere to decimate any who got between him and his desires. Word of his cruelty spread, and the sight of his ship Fate’s Fangs became thing of nightmares. One day while locked in battle with am Aldis fleet the weather took an unexpected turn for the worst and caught Johan completely by surprise. Whether it was divine retribution of just bad luck who can say? Johan suffered his first and last defeat as his fleet was destroyed with Hullbreaker presumed dead. Miraculously Johan managed to survive, clinging to some remnants of his ship. After what felt like an eternity Johan washed up on shore. His time adrift had broken his body and his mind, but being at sea for so long gave him plenty of time to reflect on everything he had done. He decided then that Hullbreaker had indeed died at sea, and Johan would spend the rest of his days trying to attone for all the attrocities he had committed.

Abilities & Focuses[edit]

Accuracy 2
Communication 0
Constitution 2 Stamina & Swimming
Dexterity 0
Fighting 1
Intelligence 4 Shaping
Perception 2
Strength 3 Intimidation & Might
Willpower 3 Courage


HP 42/45
Defense 10
Armor 1
Speed 10
Conviction Points 3
Fatigue 0/4
Wpn Groups Brawling & Staves
Staff(Accuracy) 1d6+3
Fist(Accuracy) 1d6+3


Lore (Novice)
Unarmed Style(Novice)
Arcane Training(Novice)

  • Move Object
  • Psychic Shield
  • Second Sight
  • Plant Shaping
  • Water Shaping
  • Wind Shaping
  • Weather Shaping

Water Shaper Specialization (Novice)
Heroes Armor