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Name: Cascade
Type: Slicer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Force Sensitive: No
Description: 6'1", dark blond hair and light green eyes.
Character Points (Earned/Spent): xx / xx

Quote: I'm not interested in being a hero. People pay attention to heroes, which makes skulking around in the shadows difficult.

Attributes & Skills[edit]

Dexterity 4D[edit]

  • Blaster (pistols) 5D
  • Dodge 5D

Knowledge 3D[edit]

  • Streetwise 4D

Mechanical 2D[edit]

Perception 3D[edit]

  • Forgery (data, ID) 4D

Strength 2D[edit]

Technical 4D[edit]

  • Computer Programming/Repair 5D
  • Droid Programming 5D
  • Droid Repair 5D
  • Security 5D

The Force[edit]

  • Force Points: 1
  • Dark Side Points:

Force Powers[edit]



Commlink (personal), pocket computer, datapad, computer tool kit, security tool kit, worklight, chronometer, medpac, sleeping bag, protective helmet, protective vest, blaster pistol, DimSim holographic projector, electronic lockpick, 110 credits, fake ID.


  • Weapon (damage code, ranges, melee difficulty)


  • Armor (armor code, dexterity modifier)

Background and Personality[edit]

Cas doesn't talk about his past. Even his friends only know him as Cascade, a slicer with an aversion to violence and a casual attitude to personal risk. Although he has ID in the name of Castant Outis, whether or not it's genuine is anyone's guess.

He's spent the last four years building his skills and reputation. Before that Cascade didn't exist. Cas tries to forget the six years he spent in Imperial prison, falsely accused of treason. The escape. The life he left behind. His only goal now is to remain free long enough to make enough credits to build a new life and disappear.


To earn enough credits to disappear and leave his life of crime behind.

Connection With Characters[edit]