Wade Bannerman

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Agent Name: Wade Bannerman
Code Name:
Profession: FBI Special Agent
Nationality: US
Sex (Age): Male (32)
Education: Cornell University MSc


Score x5 What Others Notice
Strength 9 45 Skinny
Constitution 9 45
Dexterity 11 55
Intelligence 16 80 Penetrating
Power 14 70 Persistent
Charisma 13 65 Quiet charm

Derived Attributes[edit]

Current Maximum
Hit Points (HP) 9 9
Willpower (WP) 14 14
Sanity (SAN) 70 70
Breaking Point (BP) 56 56

Incidents of SAN loss without going insane[edit]

Violence O O O adapted
Helplessness O O O adapted


Parents (Walter & Meredith Bannerman) 13
Wife (Ruth) 13
The Catskills 3500 Club 13

Motivations and Mental Disorders[edit]

  • Unearthing old mysteries
  • Bringing the guilty to justice
  • Protecting the place and its people


Total Total Total
Accounting (10%) 30 First Aid (10%) 30 Science (0%)
Alertness (20%) 50 Forensics (0%) 60 Search (20%) 50
Anthropology (0%) 40 Heavy Weapons (0%) SIGINT (0%)
Archaeology (0%) History (10%) 30 Stealth (10%)
Art (0%): HUMINT (10%) 60 Surgery (0%)
Artillery (0%) Law (0%) 40 Survival (10%) 30
Athletics (30%) Medicine (0%) Swim (20%)
Bureaucracy (10%) 40 Melee Weapons (30%) Unarmed Combat (40%)
Computer Science (0%) 50 Military Science (0%): Unnatural (0%)
Craft Foreign Languages and Other Skills:
Criminology (10%) 50 Navigate (10%) 30
Demolitions (0%) Occult (10%)
Disguise (10%) Persuade (20%) 50
Dodge (30%) Pharmacy (0%)
Drive (20%) 40 Pilot (0%):
Drive Heavy Machine (10%) Psychotherapy (10%)
Firearms (20%) 50 Ride (10%)

Physical Injuries and Ailments[edit]

Has First Aid been attempted since your last injury? If yes, only Medicine, Surgery, or long-term rest can help further

Armor and Equipment[edit]

Badge and identification card, reinforced Kevlar vest (hardly ever worn), duty belt, Glock 17M 9x19mm medium pistol with two spare magazines in belt pouch, hunting knife, hand cuffs with cuff key, flashlight, mobile phone, handheld radio, pen & pocket notebook. backup, SCCY CPX-II light pistol in ankle holster (hardly ever worn), extra pistol magazine, leather gloves, multitool. Beige Chevy Suburban 2500 HD car with police radio, hunting rifle, shotgun, boxes of spare ammunition, windcheater with "FBI" on back, first aid kit (hemostatic gel, antibacterial gel, emergency bandages, self-applying tourniquet), rugged all-weather evidence kit (powders, evidence bags, LED & UV lights, goggles, shoe covers, photo scale, tape measure, photo numbers), Olympus TG-8010 Tough 14MP Digital Camera, crime scene tape & poles, road flares, traffic cones, entrenching spade, fire extinguisher, laptop computer, driver’s-license scanner, crowbar, bad-weather gear, clipboard, forms and paperwork, map books and reference books (drug identification, HAZMAT codes, terrorism response), bottled water, energy bars, pup tent, emergency blanket, sleeping bag. Membership in ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program), access to cutting edge criminological software/databases.

Body armor reduces the damage of all attacks except Called Shots and successful Kill Damage.


Skill% Base Range Damage Armor Piercing Lethality Kill Radius Shots
Medium pistol (Glock 17M 9x19mm) 50 15 1d10 n/a n/a n/a 17
Light pistol (backup, SCCY CPX-II) 50 10 1d8 n/a n/a n/a 11
Shotgun (Remington 870) 50 50 2d10 n/a n/a n/a 7
Hunting rifle (Sako Finnlight .308) 50 100 1d12 n/a 10% n/a 5
Hunting knife 30 n/a 1d6 3 n/a n/a n/a

Personal Details, Work Performance, Special Training and Other Notes[edit]

Appearance: Preppy, tweedy, droll.

Wade is a child of artistic parents from Woodstock, who fell in love early with his native environment, and devoted himself to unearthing and cleansing its darker secrets. He almost flunked the physical side of Special Agent training, but made it through on his forensic acumen. He's much happier with a compass or magnifying glass in hand than a gun, but can shoot like a backwoodsman when he needs to.

Wade has unearthed plenty of horrible mysteries in the New York backwoods, including many involving perps who believe weird shit and even kill for it. He's been tapped for his knowledge by DG before, albeit always through aliases and cut-outs. He's just never suspected that there really might be something behind these crazy beliefs and lone fanatics.