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Yasmin Sahar.png


High Concept - Ka of the guardian serpent-goddess of the Lower Kingdom

  • Permission aspect for her divine power, strength, and immunities (doesn't age, heals rapidly... other godly stuff)
  • Invoke when overpowering mortals or standing against other divine-level beings
  • Compel to cause cognitive dissonance for Yasmin (like her ancient instincts saying something is immoral when it actually lines up with her progressive values) or to be vulnerable to anti-divine magic

Background - Ba of journalist Yasmin Sahar

  • Invoke when trying to get information out of people or spin a story
  • Compel to have her curiously chase leads better left alone or for later, or to have her let the villain monologue to tell their story

Trouble - Take a number, Bubba Ho-Tep

  • Supernatural curses and nasties are drawn to her - compel to make one show up at an annoying or inconvenient time
  • Invoke to be in the right place to deal with something going down, because of course whatever it is is timed to interrupt her day.

Free Aspect - I do not stand by in the presence of evil

  • Pretty straightforward - Invoke/compel for compulsive heroics and going overboard with judging someone

Free Aspect - Heka, magic of soul and substance

  • Permission aspect for the magic she keeps throwing around
  • Invoke when conjuring illusions or physical objects, when trying to out-magic someone, when intimidating people by showing off her power
  • Compel to make her magic unable to affect something truly immaterial like telepathy, to have her illusions dispersed by mild physical intervention, or to have unfortunate implications of the physicality of her magic (like, if she's projecting some sort of shield bubble, overwhelming it could actually make it shatter into shrapnel)



  • Rapport


  • Will
  • Investigate


  • Contacts
  • Deceive
  • Lore


  • Notice
  • Athletics
  • Provoke
  • Fight



  • Shielding
    • Shielding Mastery
    • Precision Shielding
    • Illusion Synergy
    • Influence Synergy
      • Influence Mastery


  • Super Form: Goddess Wadjet

Special Effects[edit]

  • Forced Movement
  • Inflict Condition


  • Soul and Substance: Wadjet's projections are neither fully material nor immaterial; it is easier for purely spiritual effects like telekinesis to bypass her Shields, and illusions not backed by a Shield can be dispersed without much physical effort.

Collateral Damage[edit]

  • Deflection

Non-Power Stunts[edit]

Ra's Eye Sees Truth - Because I am in harmony with Ma'at, I get +2 to defend against trickery with Investigate.

Mouthy Reporter - Because I don't let anything keep me from the truth, and I'm not afraid to say who's getting in my way, I get +2 to Overcome an Obstacle with Rapport when leveraging my reputation to demand answers or access.

Other Statistics[edit]

Stress Tracks

  • Mental: [_] [_] [_] [_]
  • Physical: [_] [_]


Mild [2]:

Moderate [4]:

Severe [6]:

Refresh: 1

Personal Details[edit]

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