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Name: Waldgren
High Concept: Slippery Gondolier with a monstrous secret
Trouble: Humans basically
Aspect: Respected gondolier
Aspect: Been there, stole that
Aspect: Friends in deep places
Player: Timon

Waldgren's people were here long before Eversink was built, right in the middle of their hunting grounds. Waldgren is a gondolier that does a good deal of burglary, aided by the fact that it can swim underwater for a very long time and find ways into houses via flooded cellars, wells etc. ? Waldgren has a love/hate relationship with humans: they are strange and fascinating, especially their art and colourful clothes but they make a huge, festering mess and drop all their filth in the water. He can hold his breath easily for 30 minutes, or 10 while swimming vigorously. Waldgren's people don't need or use a lot of things that humans find essential: they are skilled underwater hunters but they do like shiny things, hence the burglary.

Waldgren passes fairly easily for human and is even quite attractive, but has smooth, utterly hairless skin. It conceals this with a wig and broad hat. Waldgren presents as masculine but is in fact is in the part of its lifecycle where it is a sterile-nuturer; their people are not sexually dimorphic and cycle through genders during their lives. Its allegiance is to the thieves guild: Waldgren has a reputation for getting into well-secured places, fencing good stuff at surprisingly low prices and buying anything really colourful and gaudy. Its gondola has lots of silky, flower-patterened rugs and elaborately-embroidered, fringed, satin cushions. Waldgren does much of the embroidery itself. This, together with Waldgren's discrete, unthreatening deportment, has made its gondola a favoured ride for prostitutes and those seeing a moment of privacy and romance. The other gondoliers call Waldgren's boat the "Aquarusso", the name of an extremely watered-down local wine, for obvious reasons.


+4 Stealth
+3 Athletics Burglary
+2 Drive Notice Physique
+1 Deceive Fight Craft Resources


Physical [1][1][1][1]

Mental [1][1][1]


Flip a fin

Waldgen was born in the water, it gets +2 to Athletics in water.


+2 to Crafts when building or repairing a boat.


Waldgren gets +2 to Drive and Stealth checks to pursue or flee pursuit when piloting their gondola

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