Wall of Fire

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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

  • Wall of Fire/Fire Storm (cleansing flame version)
  • Range: 60'/120'
  • Duration special
  • Creates a thin wall of fire of up to 1200 square feet. The wall can be any shape the caster desires. The wall is opaque and blocks sight. Creatures of less than 4 HD cannot break through the wall. Creatures of 4 of more HD can break through, but take 1d6 damage from the wall - twice this amount for undead or creatures of cold. The wall cannot be cast in a space occupied by another object. The wall lasts as long as the caster remains stationary and concentrates on it.
  • A fire storm creates great jets of flame through a 20' area, causing 1d6 damage per level of the mage. a saving throw will halve the damage. Cold using/dwelling creatures suffer a -4 to this saving throw, but fire based creatures will ignore the damage.