Warlock Clericals

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This list is based on the Warlock-2000 Clerial lists modified for the Tosa/York worlds of the Jeweled Amber game. These apply to the World Stone beneficiaries.

Standard Clericals[edit]

Zeroth Level
Activate Staff* Anoint Weapon Detect Evil Detect Good
Detect Magic Heal Meditate Purify Water
Restfulness Sanctify Water Turn Undead Walk Peacefully
First level
Calm Animals Hallow Cure Light Wounds Light Detect Clerical Spell
Protection/Evil Detect Ethics Protection/Good Detect Injury Purify Food
Detect Life Reduce Fear Enlist Aid Speak with Animals
Second Level
Benediction Find Traps Bless Heal Spirit Being Detect Alignment
Hold Person Detect Curse Holy Strength (+ Detect Disease Reduce Poison
Detect Magical Spell Sanctuary Detect Poison Tame Animals Detect Water
Third Level
Animal Control Gliding Benediction of Courage Grand Bless Calm Creatures
Holy Shield Continual Light Cure Disease Iron Faith
Detect Food Locate Object Detect Possession Diagnosis Radiate Goodness
Dispel Clerical Spell Remove Curse Empathic Cure True Sight Evil’s Bane
Walk on Water Fear Ward Weapons Freedom
Fourth Level
Circle of Holiness Holy Strength (+ Create Water Human Control Cure Blindness
Light of Truth Cure Deafness Neutralize Poison Cure Insanity Pass Safely
Cure Paralysis Protection/Evil (” Radius Cure Serious Wounds Protection/Good (” Radius Exorcism
Quest Flight Restore - Life Levels Grand Benediction Speak with Plants
Great Fear Stigma Greater Holy Shield Stop Deterioration Greater Sanctuary
Turn Sticks to Snakes Heal Grievous Wound
Fifth Level
Anti-Magic Shell Locate Person Breathe Water Pathfinding Commune
Protection/Undead Controlled Empathic Cure Raise Dead Create Food Regenerate
Dispel Control Restore - Life Levels Dispel Evil Restore Scarab vs. EHP Finger of Death
Sanctify Ground Insect Plague Vari-heal
Sixth Level
Create Air Raise Dead/Restore 1-4 Life LVL Cure Critical Wounds Restore 1-6 Life Levels
Dispel Demon Repair Body Non-Deterioration Undead Control Part Water
Seventh Level-Hierarchy Spells
Detect Untrue Answers and Statements Restore - Life Levels Hold Monster Suspended Animation (self)
Raise Dead and Restore - Life Levels Vari-heal Read Languages
Eight Level-Hierarchy Spells
Cure Very Critical Wounds Restore Life Levels Dispel Magic Speak Languages Raise Dead and Restore Life Levels
Ninth Level-Hierarchy Spells
Restore N% of L-Hierarchy Spellsife Levels Talk with Inanimate Objects Speak with Monsters
Tenth Level-Hierarchy Spells
Cure Deadly Wounds Tame Monster Enforced Oath Truespeak
Eleventh level-Hierarchy Spells
Anaerobic Existence Raise Dead and Restore N% of Life levels Percentile Heal
Twelfth Level-Hierarchy Spells
Cure Restore Health
Thirteenth Level-Hierarchy Spells
Restore All Life Levels