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Magery in Jeweled Amber uses the Warlock Magic Rules and Spells.

  • Coming soon,Warlock Illusionists & Clerics.
  • Coming soon-AD&D Magic Spells and Spell Law Spells.

Magery in Jeweled Amber[edit]

Magery is a Low Order shadow magic system found in a large percentage of shadows where magic is common. It is by far the most common low order magic system

Magical Spell Progression

  • 1 Pip-10th Level
    • 6,4,3,2,2,1
  • 2 Pip-20th Level
    • 11,7,6,5,3,3,2,1
  • 3 Pips-30th Level
    • 16,10,8,7,5,5,3,2,1
  • 4 Pips-40th Level
    • 21,15,13,11,7,7,5,3,2,2
  • 5 Pips-50th Level
    • 26,21,17,13,11,11,8,6,4,2,1

First, Second & Third Level Spells[edit]

First Level Second Level Second Level Third Level Third Level Third Level
Activate Wand Activate staff (1 type) Measure (Complex/Simple) Row 1, Cell 4 Lightning Bolt Protection, 1” Radius
Blaze Aurora (Light Wall) Mini Strength Ball Lightning Lightning Dart Protection/Normal Missiles
Charm Animal Class Parachute row 3, cell 3 Ball of Fire Magic Analysis Rope Trick
Charm Animal (specific type) Awaken Phantasmal Spell Clairaudience Magic Mouth Speed
Charm Person/Specific Intelligent Race Continual Light Photographic Memory Clairvoyance Maxi-Ball Water Breathing
Detect (Complex) Create Sound Protection/Insects Charm Undead Maxi-Sleep Web
Detect (Simple) Darkness See Invisible Cold Cone Measure (Concealed) Whirlwind
Hold Portal Deodorant Silence, 3” Radius Continual Darkness Measure (Mental) Wizard Light
Individual Silence Detect (Concealed or Mental) Speak Languages Dark Cone Mental Static
Light ESP Speak with Animals Darkwall Micro-Magic Missile
Match (light fire) Extinguish Fire St. Elmo’s Fire Dispel Magic Micro-Magic Missiles
Muscle Spasm Fireworks Super Sleep Double Protection Micro-Super Sleep
Protection Flaming Torch Fire Ball Micro-Phantasm
Read Languages Flash Wind Fire Dart Midi-Strength
Read Magic Freeze Water Wizard Lock Flame Mini-Ball
Silence, 1” Radius Gliding Fly Mini-Bolt
Sleep Hallucination Heat Cone Mini-Cold Cone
Sound Amplification Invisibility Hold Person Mini-Heat Cone
Spark (Electric Match) Knock Illusion Mini-Wide Cold Cone
Super Match Levitate Infravision Mini-Wide Heat Cone
Telescope Locate Object Invisibility, 1” Radius Mirror Image
Ventriloquism Magic Missile Light Beam Projected Mini-Strength

Fourth Level Spells[edit]

Fourth Level Fourth Level Fourth Level Fourth Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
Acid Resistance Fire Wall Maxi-Heat Cone Projected Midi Strength Poison Resistance
Activate Any Staff Gaseous Form Mega-Ball Maxi-Heat Cone Polymorph Self
Animal Control Giant Strength Mega-Sleep Mega-Ball Projected Midi Strength
Area Darkness Growth of Plants Micro-Ball Mega-Sleep Protection/Missiles
Charm Monster Hallucinatory Terrain Micro-Maxi Sleep Micro-Ball Remove Curse
Clumsiness Haste (3” × 3” or 2” × 4”) Mini-Paralysis Cone Micro-Maxi Sleep Slow
Cold Beam, 12” Healing (1 Point/Turn) Mini-Wide Paralysis Cone Mini-Paralysis Cone Strength Multiply (×1-4)
Cold Resistance Heat Beam, 12” One-Way Darkness Mini-Wide Paralysis Cone Telepathy
Confusion Ice Wall Paralysis Cone One-Way Darkness Vertigo
Delusion Immobilization Percentile Negation Paralysis Cone Wall Of Thorns
Dimension Door Immobilize Personal Force Field Percentile Negation Wide Cold Cone
Electric Micro-Ball Lightning Resistance Personal Paralysis Wide Dark Cone Wide Heat Cone
Electric Mini-Ball Massmorph Plant Control Personal Force Field Wizard Eye
Fear Cone Maxi-Cold Cone Poison Resistance Personal Paralysis X-Ray Vision
Fire Resistance Maxi-Dark Cone Polymorph Self Plant Control

Fifth Level[edit]

Fifth Level Fifth Level Fifth Level Fifth Level
Animate Dead Blindness Broadfield Hallucination
Charm Being Cloudkill Cold Cone, 12” Conjure Elemental
Crimson Bands Dark Cone, 12” Detection Jamming Diminish Others
Dragon Control Energy Bolt Energy Cone Energy Dart
Energy Resistance Extension Feeblemind Flame, 12”
Giant Control Growth of Animals Heat Cone, 12” Hold Monster
Human Control Ice Storm Iron Wall Locate Person
Macro-Ball Macro-Sleep Mass Invisibility Maxi-Paralysis Cone
Maze Micro-Cold Beam Micro-Heat Beam Micro-Immobilization
Micro-Personal Paralysis Mini-Energy Bolt Mini-Energy Cone Mini-Wide Energy Cone
Paralysis Cone, 12” Passwall Pathfinding Personal Wizard Lock
Polymorph Others Projected Clairaudience Projected Clairvoyance Projected strength ×1-4
Recharge Scroll Lock Silver Magnet Speak With Dead
Stonewall Super Strength (×1-5) Telekinesis Teleport
Transmute Iron To Lead Transmute Rock To Mud Undead Control Variable Ball
Variable Bolt Variable Cold Cone Variable Heat Cone Vortex
Weakness Wide Paralysis Cone

Sixth Level Spells[edit]

Sixth Level Sixth Level Sixth Level Sixth Level Sixth Level
Acid Protection Air Wall Animate Object Anti-Magic Shell Area Muscle Spasm
Astral Eye Bomb Cold Pellet Cold Protection Control Weather
Daemon Control Death Disintegrate Double-Size Dimension Door Energy Cone, 12”
Energy Micro-Ball Fire Protection Geas Homing Ball Lightning Homing Ball Of Fire
Impact Resistance Indetectability Individual Death Invisible Stalker Lead Wall
Lightning Bolt, 12” Lightning Protection Locate Monster Lower Water Maxi-Energy Cone
Maxi-Strength (1-100) Mega-Cold Cone Mega-Dark Cone Mega-Heat Cone Micro-Feeblemind
Mini-Bomb Mini-Stone Cone Mini-Wide Stone Cone Mirror Wall Monster Control
Monstrous Plant Control Move Earth Negation Part Water Passenger Teleportation
Poison Gas Poison Protection Projected Image Projected Super-Strength Protection/Magic Missiles
Reflect Detection By Implement Reincarnation Smiting Stone Cone Stone to Flesh
Summoning Super Fire Ball (4” Radius) Super Polymorph Self Sustained Dimension Door Time Delay
Ultra Sleep Wide Energy Cone Wizard Wind

Seventh & Eighth Level Spells[edit]

Seventh Level Seventh Level seventh Level Seventh Level
Activate Magic Area Feeblemind Area Weakness Castle Protection
Communication Detect Polymorph Disintegrate Magic Metal Energy Bolt, 12”
Hellfire Hold Being Homing Electric Microball Homing Microball
Illusion, 5-Sense Laser Mass Charm Mega-Energy Cone
Micro-Bomb Micro-Cold Pellet Mind Blank Picket Ball Lightning
Picket Ball Of Fire Polymorph Object Pressor Cone Projected Anti-Magic Shell
Protection/Normal Weapons Reflector Reverse Gravity Shielding
Sleep, 12” Radius Super Charm Summon Demon Temporary Teleportal
Variable 12” Lightning Bolt Variable 12” Cold Cone Variable Death Cone Variable 12” Heat Cone
View Past
Eighth Level Eighth Level Eighth Level Eighth Level Eighth Level
Activate Detectors Air Jet Double Phasing Double Ranging Homing Energy Microball
Homing Picket Ball Lightning Homing Picket Ball Of Fire Macro Bomb Macro Cold Cone Macro Heat Cone
Magic-Damping Field Major Extension Permanent Dimension Door Permanent Passwall Power Word
Reflector Wall Scroll Knock Shaped Vari-Ball Shaped Vari-Bolt Summon Person
Symbol Variable 4” Ball Variable Bomb Water Jet

Ninth Level and Above Spells[edit]

These exist but lets not worry about them. They are either deeply in storage or lost to history


Warlock written by various members of the Cal Tech(California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California), and published by Balboa Games.

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