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Cybernetics, bio-ware, psionics and magic will all start to affect the way a character views their-self. They are no longer just a normal person, they are something more. And not always voluntarily. And then there are the things they go through; wars, atrocities, horrific accidents, alien menaces, all harm the psyche. Characters who perform evil acts, willingly or otherwise, are the worst affected.

To represent this, characters take Humanity Loss. For every 10 points of HL, you take a -1 penalty to all social AVs. Powers and Augmentations have inbuilt HL. Horrific experiences work as attacks:

Intensity AV EV
Terror 10 3
Massacre 14 5
Reality Questioned 18 7


If your HL ever exceeds (INF+SPIRIT) x 10, your character loses it: your character becomes an NPC instantly.

Cyber - the character becomes cold, machinelike. They start to worry about nothing but themselves, their own power and survival. They feel like a bull in a china shop, with all of the fragile meat creatures hovering around them, hemming them in.

Bio - the character starts to think of themselves as alien, as the next step in evolution. They are strong, worthy. But their lessers recoil from them, see their perfection as repulsive. Little children call them monsters! The pretty people should show them the respect they deserve.

Psi - the character knows the weaknesses and malices of the rest of the population. Their thoughts are selfish and violent and vulgar. But they can be helped, guided the way a caring parent should guide their confused children.

Magic - the character starts to hear voices... they whisper to him... the language is strange, but every now and again they understand a word or two...

Horror - the character's past begins to haunt them. They hear a word, smell a scent, and start to sweat as the memories come rushing back.