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Skills Overview[edit]

Most skills are actually groups of skills. Those with more than four sub-skills are considered 'broad,' while the rest are 'narrow.' Sub-skills appear in brackets after the skill groups.

If you wish to only have a sub-skill, you get double points for narrow skills and triple points for broad skills.

If you wish to specialise in a sub-skill, you get a +1 bonus for narrow skills and a +2 bonus for broad skills; all other sub-skills and general checks are at -1. It costs 1 OP to specialise or unspecialise, though starting characters may do so for free.

Skill Groups[edit]

Administrative (Bureaucracy, Bribery, Law)

Athletics (Acrobatics, Climbing, Running, Swimming, Jumping)

Business (Appraise, Haggle, Businesses)

Combat* (Hand weapons, Unarmed combat, Pistols, Rifles, Heavy weapons, Artillery, Vehicle weapons, Evasion)

Command (Tactics, Leadership, Warfare, Militaries)

Computer (Programming, Hacking, Systems, Cryptography, AI)

Cultural (High Society, Style, Streetwise, Seduction, Art, Persuasion, Politics)

Domestic (Food, Sewing, Cleaning)

Driving* (Navigation, Cycle, Multi-Wheeled, Tracked, Hover, Boat, Robot, Power Armour)

Education (Art, Research, History, Astronomy, Literature)

Electronics (Robotics, Security, Gadgetry, Communication, Computer)

Engineering (Demolitions, Vehicles, Weapons, Structures, Search)

Espionage (Forgery, Surveillance, Disguise, Interrogation)

Medical* (Paramedic, Xenobiology, Forensic Medicine, Diagnoses, Surgery, Bio-weapons, Cloning)

Performance (Acting, Oratory, Dancing, Music)

Piloting* (Astrogation, Atmospheric, Space, Sub-marine, Personal)

Psionics* (Focus, Awareness, Defense)

Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Math)

Stealth* (Concealment, Camoflague, Sneak, Sleight-of-Hand, Shadowing)

Warp Mastery* (Gathering, Awareness, Bridging, Twisting, Planes, Ribbons, Blades)

Wilderness (Tracking, Survival, Riding)

Special Skills[edit]


Profession: Farmer, Hunter, Fisher, Gatherer, Miner, Cook, Guide, Docker, Crew, Nurse, Service, Sales, House-staff, Maintenance, Builder, etc

Expertise: Monster Lore, Mythology, Anthropology, etc

Craft: Leatherworker, Bowyer/fletcher, Blacksmith, etc

Area Knowledge: [Specific area]

Teach [Skill Group]

Purchasing Skills[edit]

Skills groups marked with an asterix cost two OP per level, the rest cost one OP per level.

Special skills marked with an asterix cost one OP per level, the rest cost one OP per two levels. Profession, Expertise and Craft are not selected as Skill Groups; a specific skill is chosen (eg - Expertise: Mythology), and the character can have multiple Profession and Expertise skills.

Area Knowledge likewise only covers a specific area, whether a solar system, planet, nation, city, forest, etc. The broader the area, the higher DVs will be.

You may only raise Teach to your level in that Skill Group. Treat it as asterixed for a sub-skill only.

Languages may be puchased for two OP each for fluent, three OP each for native capability.