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The Basics[edit]

Every Phase each character may make one Action.

They roll 2D10, adding the relevent attribute, skill and any modifiers.

If this roll equels or exceeds a target number, it is a success. For every three points above the target, the 'level' of success increases.


AV Action Value Attribute + Skill + Modifiers
AR Action Result AV + 2D10
DV Difficulty Value Attribute + Skill + Modifiers or assigned
EV Effect Value Attribute + Modifiers
ER Effect Result EV + 1 per 3 points of AR over DV
RV Resistance Value Attribute + Modifiers


Characters act once per Phase in descending order of INIT.

Unless all participants are aware of their opponents, roll INT + Perception checks. You have Surprise if your target's AR is below your [REF + Sneak/Camoflague + 10] if you are hiding, or [INF + Persuasion + 10] if you attack unexpectedly. Surprise gives a +4 AV bonus.

Roll 2D10 and add your AV to get your AR. If your AR is higher than or equel to the DV, you have succeeded. When the DV is not an opposing character, the GM must determine a target number: the chart below should serve as a guide.

DV Chart[edit]

10 Easy
14 Normal
18 Challenging
22 Hard
26 Very Hard
30 Near Impossible

Taking Damage[edit]

Roll for hit location; if the AR is even, it hits the right side of the body, else the left. Roll 2d6+1 if the target has low cover, 2d6+6 if they have high cover, else roll 3d6.

Damage is determined with weapon EV minus armour RV. If the character is wearing multiple layers or is hiding behind something, their total Armour equels the highest layer plus half the next highest.

Roll Called Location Shock check Wound
3 -6 Eye 14 D! -1, No Depth Perception/ Blind
4 -6 Neck 10 D! -2, continual Shock DV 14
5 -4 Head 10 D! -1, stunned next phase
6 -4 Hand 6 -1, useless
7 -3 Arm 6 -1
8 -2 Chest 10 -2
9 -2 Chest 10 -2
10 -2 Chest 10 -2
11 -4 Vitals 10 D! -2, continual Shock DV 10
12 -3 Abdomen 10 -2
13 -3 Abdomen 10 -2
14 -3 Leg 6 -1, -2 RUN
15 -3 Leg 6 -1, -2 RUN
16 -3 Leg 6 -1, -2 RUN
17 -4 Knee 6 -1, no RUN, no JUMP
18 -4 Foot 6 -1, half RUN, no JUMP/ no RUN

Eight or more points of damage will instantly destroy the area; in the case of 3-5 or 8-13 this will mean instant death. Wound penalties stack. The negative number is a penalty applied to all of the character's AVs and DVs. Continual Shock rolls must be made until the character is stabilised,and penalities with a slash have the second replace the first if both sides are damaged.

Special Damage

Type Shock check Wound
Explosion/Fall 14 D! -2
Electric 18 -1, Temporary (wounds heal 1/phase in 10-REC phases)
Sonic 14 -2, Deafness
Fire 18 -1, On fire (Shock DV 14 or wounded again)
Cold 14 -1
Suffocation 10 D! -1, Temporary (wounds heal 1/phase in 10-REC phases)

Shock save AVs are BODY + d20. Ignore the penalty from the wound itself, although include other wound penalities.

Malfunction Checks[edit]

Malfunction saves are Toughness + 2D10 vs 14 + damage.

Being Influenced[edit]

1-4 Impressed: target acts last in phase.
5-8 Stunned: target loses next Action.
9-12 Awed: target loses next Action, -3 to REF, INT, INF.
13+ Cowed: target will follow attacker's commands.


If a power is used, it sends off a psionic 'ping' in the area. This has an Awareness DV of 30 - points used within 20m of user +1 per 5m. Even 'Not Detectable' powers ping.

Attacks are made with Power + Focus vs WILL + Defense; use the full Power score regardless of how many points are used. If the target wishes, they can allow the psi an automatic success. Psionic attacks do not benefit from Surprise.

To contact an 'alien' mind, there is a -4 AV penalty.

Detection: if affecected by a 'detectable' power, a victim can attempt to detect the source; roll INT + Perception vs attacker's INT + Defense; on a success he can tell the source of the attack by direction - beating it by four or more can tell the identity of the source even if they cannot be seen.

Contact: while affected by a psi's powers, that psi has 'contact' with that individual. If they are killed whilst in contact, the psychic must make a Shock roll against a DV of 16 + target's SPIRIT. Contact can be dropped at any time; this is a free action but does not take effect until the end of th next phase.

Psionic Range

Range is quite large, determined by points (see below), but to establish contact a line of sight is required.

1 20m
2 100m
3 500m
4 2km
5 10km
6 50km
7 200km
8 1000km
9 Planet
10 Solar system

Mass Targets Penalty Table

Any psionic power can be used on more than one target.

Number AV
1 0
10 -4
100 -8
1,000 -12
10,000 -16

Increases by -4 for every multiple of 10.