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Uratha Packs[edit]

Red Children

Jacqueline - an Elodoth who went along as insurance just in case things went wrong on the Bronze Guard's first outing together.

The Burning Ground

Ghost Wolves

Gaspard - a homeless man who was infected with Lamprey Hosts. The Bronze Guard cured him of his affliction, but haven't seen him since.

Other Supernaturals[edit]

Hector Roux - Wolf-Blooded descendant of a famous Uratha. A drug-dealer who runs his business out of his flat in a decayed tower block.

Madame Augusta Neige - an ancient being who resides at the Chancel.

That Which Has Broken

Chattering Onslaught - a Walker of the Ways, a mechanical spider-spirit Howling Phantom met in the Hisil just outside the foundry.

The Smoke Drinker - a spirit lord who claims dominion over the territory the pack have moved into.

Rejuvenated Stone Masked with Artifice



Blind Sight - a Pure pack.

The Burning Ground - a Forsaken pack.

Delacroix Securities - a security firm associated with the Masons.

The Marionettes - a French milieu or mid-level street gang who the Bronze Guard have come into conflict with by encroaching on their territory.

The Masons - a criminal gang from the north-east of Montreuil moving into the area. A front for The Sculptors.

The Phoenixes - another milieu up and coming and challenging the established order.

The Red Children - a Forsaken pack.

The Sculptors - a Pure pack.

The Society of the Fivefold Visions - an artists club and drug gang.

The Tithed Scribes - a Forsaken pack.

The True Vision Society - a New Age cult.

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