Wessam Fakhoury

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Wessam Fakhoury[edit]

Refresh: 5

Fate Points: 5

Character Picture:[edit]



High Concept: Protector of the old ways

An unknown publicly member of the Sha'ir; a society that strives over the centuries to protect Al-Jinn and their histories through their generally unspoken languages. Invoke or compel will probably be pretty identical, he will protect the Al-Jinn whether it is convenient or not.

Trouble: Insatiable curiosity

A lot of caution can be thrown to the wind without thought of the consequences when a new artifact is found that he can preserve, especially if it pertains to Al-Jinn, potentially threatening his long standing as a Sha'ir.

Aspect One: Word smith

A diligence to diction that goes beyond merely speaking, but a crafting of spoken dialogue, especially in retelling or depictions of events that would be considered fantastic from ages ago (He is exceptional at speaking from stories to public events at which he is the key note speaker to debates.) Conversely, he may have a hard time speaking quickly if he is caught flat footed since he puts a lot into what he says (He may not speak when he should and damage his cause or endanger his life.) For further clarification, this will affect his use of the True Speech since the formation of a phrase is essential if its power is to be harnessed.

Aspect Two: Curator of Egyptian History

He has access to many resources yet his job can call him at the most inopportune of times.

Aspect Three: Well connected

From the dives that he moonlights telling his stories accompanied with his lyre to dignitaries that respect his work in preserving artifacts and antiquities to the very Jinn he has sworn to protect. Often favors called upon will necessitate the return favor, which in the wrong time and place can be pretty life altering.


Superb (+5) Mysteries

Great (+4) Lore

Good (+3) Rapport, Will

Fair (+2) Empathy, Investigate, Lyre

Average (+1) Athletics, Resources, Shoot, Survival


Physical O O

Mental O O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _________________________

Severe [6]: _______________________


Irrefutable Recall: Roll to overcome a GM-decided target to make the equivalent of a declaration about the Al-Jinn. Examples: Your Gods are not real, you have been worshipping Al-Jinn this whole time (extreme); The worst sandstorm in recorded history was the convergence of three rare events not proof of Al-Jinn (moderate); Thats a fantastic story, Mr Smith, like the one about The Fisherman and the Jinni (easy).

Relevant Ritual: +2 to Mysteries when speaking out loud the True Language and bending it to his will to create an advantage for the sake of defense of himself or the Al-Jinn which he has sworn to protect.

Commanding Charisma: +2 to Rapport when facing a defaming action to his speaking either in public or with individuals. (Defense)

Scientific Method: +2 to Investigate when unearthing new discoveries in the field providing lab level stabilization of artifacts to prevent damage for transport to a more secure facility.

Lost in the music: Create an advantage to inspire heroic feats or charm for mass suggestion.


Character History:

Wessam Fakhoury grew up in the Sha'ir tradition learning the histories of the Al-Jinn and their unspoken language which was also the true names of all things. Family life was comfortable, but it was very rigid. All question of Wess taking another route in life other than learning his families quasi mystic beliefs were put to rest when his youngest sister whose rebellious tendencies lead to a summer outing that ended in a mysterious death.

Instead of questioning what ended up being an explainable drowning, Wess shook his misgivings and went with the flow. In primary education, he excelled at history which he carried into a love for archaeology. His great marks lead to an internship with The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities which in turn lead to a great job and lead to him uncovering many great discoveries. His ability to quickly respond to information and secure priceless antiquities in the field helped him make his mark on the community.

In his spare time, he took up several antiquated hobbies that gave him great fulfillment. He was able to secure an ancient lyre that he personally restored through grateful benefactors. Not only did he learn to play, but he excelled in giving the timeless instrument a voice that only he could achieve. He also enjoyed the study of BC ranged weaponry, able to wield many implements with better than average proficiency.

As a Sha'ir, he was considered a field expert. Able to secure specific artifacts to the Al-Jinn quickly was his primary function to the organization. As an on call member, his time was literally a thing of random chance. To fulfill more of his specific knowledge to his families heritage, he played with lyre in hand at local venues retelling fantastic stories of the Al-Jinn and their fading from folk legend to further protect his families secret benefactors that wished to remain that way.

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