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Whitefall is the fourth moon of Athens. The moon is run by a major landholder by name of Patience, a formiddable woman who commands a gang of enforcers to maintain order.

The world is presumably low tech, as Patience and her crew are on horseback. Ration bars are a valuable commodity indicating that agriculture is either difficult or that population has been rising faster than crop production. Scenes shown indicate that Whitefall is semi-arid to arid in climate. However this may be a regional climate. Whitefall is considered inhospitable and is commonly stated as a death sentence for greenhorn travelers.

  • Summer 2522 - Major landholder Patience was granted complete rights to developing the planet by the authorities on Athens with a stipulation requiring her to lease land to existing property holders. These rights end entirely when she dies and then will be ceded to Athens. Patience is without heirs, but this deal prevents her from selling her land in the meantime.