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Campaign Log[edit]

Prologue: The Age of Sorrows, part I
Prologue: The Age of Sorrows, part II
Interlude: Touched by the Sun
Interlude: Ragara Sumire
Prologue: The Wild Hunt

Season 1[edit]

Prelude: Lady Kaori
Episode 01: Of Falcons and Falconers

(Posts 1-56) Ashadar Shan, traveling with a column of troops, meets the Guild Master Venerable Ibsen, finds much of Varsi massacred and burned by a DB named Sessus Lahor. Cathak Yuusuka, travelling through the scavenger lands on the trail of the Wyld Hunt, comes to the city of Puyo, uplifts a young street rat, then casts him down again. Meanwhile, Mnemon Orlando trains Kirika in the Willow Grove temple. An attempt on Yuusuka's life kills the boy instead, and he exalts as a dusk caste. Shan's column arrives in Wangler's Knob.

Interlude: A Day in the Life

Episode 02: Points of Departure

(Posts 57-106) The abyssal Noburo awakens and seeks retribution on Yuusuka. He is put down by Yuusuka, with the aid of Sifu Mnemon Orlando and his student Kirika, both from Puyo's Willow Grove temple. Between the pyrotechnic battle, and the earlier incindiery assassination attempt, the Great Fire of Puyo begins. The three flee the city before they can be charged. Shan finds the Wyld Hunt at Wangler's Knob includes his old classmates Ledaal Hakara and Tepet Kiriel. He also summons and converses with Twelve Fields Verdant, the city god. Jeradin, fleeing from the Wyld Hunt, meets Shan, and they recognize each other from a past life. The mercenary Ironhand Kel dies mysteriously in his sleep. Yuusuka and her travelling companions arrive in Wangler's Knob, and she runs into Shan.

Interlude: Her Brother's Keeper

Episode 03: Wangler's Knob

(Posts 107-200) Shan and Yuusuka discuss the local conditions, before Yuusuka leaves, offended. At midnight, a mysterious slumber falls upon the land. Kirika, Orlando and Jeradin confront wyldspawn and are wounded and separated. Shan and Yuusuka share an odd dream. Orlando and Kirika seek aid at Shan's tents and are granted hospitality and treated for their wounds. Shan presents himself as ordered to the Wyld Hunt.

Episode 04: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

(Posts 201-315) Lahor holds Jeradin prisoner, and seeks an ancient hidden Solar manse. Somewhere far away, Asherah pays a call to Ma Ha Suchi, meets his seer, and hears her prophecies. Shan sees Madame Mahina in passing, pays a visit to Miles Wangler, the town mayor, and arranges for a grand funeral for Ironhand Kel. Yuusuka meets Kiriel by accident. Shan, Yuusuka and Orlando eat lunch; their conversation is interrupted when Kirika is revealed as a solar. Lahor continues his torture of Jeradin. At midnight, the slumber falls over the encampment again, but this time, Shan shakes it off.

Episode 05: A Dream Given Form

(Posts 316-441) Shan awakens Yuusuka, and together with Kirika they face down a horde of Fair Folk. Kirika forges Shan's sword into a grace, allowing him to defeat the enemy, but while he stops Yuusuka from killing Kirika, he leaves the girl lying wounded after the battle to chase after Yuusuka. Funeral games consume the next two days, after which Shan and Yuusuka return to the Wyld Hunt's camp. Lahor summons his fae ally, Lady Kaori, and in the confusion Jeradin escapes. The Hunt turns on itself, Lady Kaori and her wyld horde are killed, and Lahor flees into the Wyld. Jeradin duels Cynis Marad, to whom Orlando gives quietus.

Episode 06: The Journey South

(Posts 442-666)

Episode 07: The Unquiet Past

(Posts 667-)

Supplemental Material[edit]

The Letters of Ozymandius[edit]

First Letter: My Dear Mithra
Second Letter: Mithra
Third Letter: I die, my sweet

Directives of the All-Seeing-Eye[edit]

Cynis Marad's communique: It is done, Master