Will for Barstuhl the Tall

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Barstuhl left his will with his cousin in Husbaleve. It is written in the heavy hand of Errata the Easterner but signed and sealed by Barstuhl. Horldore knows where it is, and knows exactly what it says.


To my faithful friend and countryman Horldore, my personal wardrobe except my jewellery, and his choice of one of the following: either

1. all of my arms, armour and horses, plus up to 10 gp in metal coin of any denomination; or

2. two gems of combined worth 150 gp that I recovered from the 'no man's' land of Husbaleve on <date of adventure> and deposited with my cousin soon after

To Errata the Easterner, also of my country, her choice of any one other of my possessions or treasures.

To my cousin, who holds this will on my behalf, the balance of my possessions, to be distributed among our kin according to custom.


If it is convenient, burn my body and bury the ashes in an urn and return it to my homeland for burial in the cemetery of mother.

Barstuhl the Tall, son of Barstahda the White