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Misugi Haruka is a character in Wind Colored Magical Girls, played by rbingham2000.

Normal Information[edit]

Normal Name: Misugi Haruka
Mahou Shoujo Name: Eternal Starlight Valkyrie Haruka
Age: 16
Type: Driven Warrior
Reason For the Pact: My mother, who disappeared when I was four years old, was a mahou shoujo long ago, and I want to live up to her legacy.
Wish: I want to see my mother again.
Magical Element: Light
Magical Weapon: Haruka's primary weapon is a double-edged sword similar to the kind that knights liked to use, which she uses in melee. She can also manifest light-swords, which she can either wield alongside her regular sword, or propel at high speed for ranged combat.
Magical Power: Portals - Using her sword, Haruka can create portals between two points, just large enough for a person to step through.
Mahou Shoujo Costume: Haruka wears a navy blue armored dress with silver plates and golden runes. When she transforms, her hair and skin go white, and her eyes turn a brilliant light blue.
Crisis: I keep dreaming of a night with a crimson sky, and of a powerful youma destined to bring about the end of this world. I have to stop it. With or without my mother.

Primary Stats[edit]

Normal Attributes: Charm 4, Insight 5, Tenacity 5
Magical Attributes: Heart 8 (Attack), Fury 6 (Defense), Magic 4 (Support)
Resolve: 18/18

Magical Talents[edit]

Magical Specialization: Witch

Basic Talents[edit]

Boost - Once a round, Haruka can add a die of Overcharge to any magical challenge action, increasing the likelihood of success, but also increasing the likelihood of Fallout once the battle is over.
Recovery - Twice per general episode when out of combat, Haruka can summon up the power deep within herself to recover 1d6+2 Resolve.

General Talents[edit]

Teleport - An extension of her power over portals, Haruka can incur one Magic Overcharge to teleport once a scene anywhere on the current battlefield as long as there is not a magical barrier separating her and her target.
Fight for Friends - Haruka does not like it when friends and family are put in danger, and will go the extra mile to keep them safe and punish those that threaten them. Twice per general scene, Haruka can add the rating of a Relationship to any challenge that she makes, as well as any damage that she does if the challenge is an attack challenge.

Witch Talents[edit]

Curse of Judgement (Hex) - Haruka's primary means of punishing youma is a curse that visits the pain of those the youma has hurt upon it. Once per round as a minor action, she can put this curse upon a youma or other enemy within a range of 0-2, which does one point of damage to them every round. On subsequent rounds, she can use another minor action to strengthen the curse and make it do more damage per round that it is active. As a free action, Haruka can either weaken the curse or remove it entirely.
Aetherius (Blast Strike, Melee) - Haruka's sword sweeps with a blaze of silvery light across the battlefield, cutting down her enemy. This attack incurs one Heart Overcharge to attack all enemies in her current position.
Blades of Starlight (Blast Strike, Ranged) - Haruka conjures a multitude of shining swords of silvery light before letting them loose at high speed upon the enemy. Like Aetherius, this attack incurs one Heart Overcharge to attack all enemies within a longer range than her current position.


Haruka spent most of her life without a mother. She doesn't have very many memories of her, since she disappeared when she was quite young, but what she does remember of her was that she was a very kind and caring woman who carried a very heavy burden that she did not share with her father. One memory, however, stands out as clear as the sun in a bright blue sky. The night before her disappearance, Haruka's mother came to her and gave her an ornate silver locket, telling her to keep it close to her at all times. And then, before Haruka's very eyes, silvery light began radiating from her mother, shortly before she transformed. Haruka's mother stood before her in a beautiful silvery gown that wouldn't have looked out of place in one of those old-school Disney movies. But she also wielded a sword of silvery steel, one that told Haruka immediately that she was a warrior.

"For years, I have protected you and your father, and everyone in this city, from evil from beyond this world," she said to her daughter. "And now, I must go and fight one last time. I don't know when I will be seeing you again. But keep me always in your heart, as I have with you. And should you ever be called upon to fight as I have, do not lose heart and do not forget the people who are important to you. I love you, Haruka."

Haruka has never forgotten that night, nor has she forgotten her mother. And twelve years later when her tsukaima appeared to her, wanting to make her a Mahou Shoujo, she knew what she had to do.


Misugi Shizuo (Level 3) - Shizuo is Haruka's father. He works at a steakhouse as one of the chefs, and has a particular love for teppanyaki. Before her tsukaima came to her, Haruka had an interest in following in her father's footsteps, and even now, she knows how to cook a mean teriyaki. While Haruka loves her father dearly, both of them miss her mother badly, and it doesn't help that Haruka has two secrets to keep in the form of both her and her mother being Mahou Shoujo.
Amano Mika and Ayumi/Astronomy Club (Level 2) - Amano Mika is Haruka's best friend in the astronomy club. Mika and Haruka love tracking constellations and observing the movements of the sun and the moon. Mika's little sister, Ayumi, is in middle school, and often comes to see her big sister after class.
Grace Nakamura (Level 2) - Grace Nakamura is Haruka's science teacher and one of her favorite ones in her class. Things are never boring when class is in session, and she's one of the few bright spots in what would normally be a dreary or boring day. She's also the faculty advisor to the Astronomy Club, which is another big plus in her book. On a personal note, she's also one of the few teachers that will sit down and listen to her when she talks about problems, though Haruka is always careful to leave the magical stuff out when she talks about them, as she knows that no one other than someone initiated into the magical world would even know about such things.
Hanagawa Yuu (Level 2) - Yuu is a good friend to have, and a solid ally to have against the youma, but their outlooks couldn't be more different. Haruka has a more realistic assessment of her mortality and that of the others than Yuu seems to have (having a missing mom who was once a Mahou Shoujo will do that to you) and thus stresses the importance of staying alive. During those occasions when Yuu gets in over her head, Haruka will be the first to pull her out of the fire or otherwise offer help.
Mizuno Ami (Level 2) - Another fellow mahou shoujo, Ami is one of those sweet-natured girls that Haruka likes being around and who she's just a little bit protective of, particularly since she doesn't have any place to call home other than the orphanage, which puts her in mind of her missing mom and her still-alive dad. She doesn't know about Ami's ties to the Kogoshisasorikai as of yet, but everything that she knows about Yakuza in general marks them as Bad News.
Onigawa Aino (Level 2) - Haruka primarily knows Aino as one of the younger members of the Astronomy Club, and as one of the spookier members of her general team with some rather eldritch powers. Sometimes they like to compare notes about magic with each other when they're not doing their stargazing, though both of them tend to get a bit quiet when the subject of their respective missing parents comes up. Both of them are holding out at least some hope that they are still alive and all right, but at the moment, things aren't looking too good.
Midorikawa Eri (Level 1) - Eri is the resident big sister among the group, and as far as she knows, the other orphan among them aside from Ami. Haruka worries about Eri having to raise her little sister all by her lonesome with her father gone, and wishes that she could do something to help her.
Shirayuki Hikari (Level 1) - Hikari is a fellow mahou shoujo, and the other girl besides Haruka herself who wields light powers. She's also the most serious-minded of the group, even more so than Haruka herself is. She doesn't know much about her aside from this, unfortunately.