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Played by ChairKicker.

Normal Information[edit]

Normal Name: Onigawa Aino
Mahou Shoujo Name: Arcane Cherub Eldritch Aino
Age: 14
Type: Hard worker
Reason For the Pact: I couldn't imagine living a normal life.
Wish: I wish my parents would love each other again.
Magical Element: Fear
Magical Weapon: A magical and suspicious-looking tome, nicknamed the Necronomicon.
Magical Power: Astral Projection - Aino can separate momentarily her soul from her body, with varying amount of control over the latter while the former is free to move, observe and attempt magic. She calls this spell "Eldritch Depersonalisation".
Mahou Shoujo Costume: Angel costume with a red invocation circle-like halo, small nonfunctional angelic wings, and bandages covering her forearms and lower legs. When these bandages unwrap, they reveal script in an unknown alphabet.
Crisis: I had a bad magical mutation manifest in the middle of school where everyone could see.

Primary Stats[edit]

Normal Attributes: Charm 3, Insight 6, Tenacity 6
Magical Attributes: Heart 6 (support), Fury 8 (attack), Magic 6 (defense)
Resolve: 18/18

[Two Tier 1 Advancements]

Magical Talents[edit]

Magical Specialization: Witch

Basic Talents[edit]

Boost - Once a round, Aino can add a die of Overcharge to any magical challenge action, increasing the likelihood of success, but also increasing the likelihood of Fallout once the battle is over.
Recovery - Twice per general episode when out of combat, Aino can summon up the power deep within herself to recover 1d6+2 Resolve.

General Talents[edit]

Karmic Fear (Inflict) - Opening the Necronomicon and showing it to her target, Aino can force it to confront either a horrifying sight or revelation, or an experience of the fear and misery it inflicted. Whatever it is, is has very noticeable effects on the target. After making a successful attack and at the cost of 1 Fury Overcharge, Aino can, once per scene, apply the Bound, Bleeding, or Stunned status to the target of that attack.

Witch Talents[edit]

Creeping Horror (Hex) - On creatures that do not feel fear like humans, Aino can nonetheless turn back on them the fear they've inflicted. Once per round as a minor action, she can put this curse upon a youma or other enemy within a range of 0-2, which does one point of damage to them every round. On subsequent rounds, she can use another minor action to strengthen the curse and make it do more damage per round that it is active. As a free action, Aino can either weaken the hex or remove it entirely.
Traumatophobia Seal (Amplify Magic) - Casting this spell puts a seal on a target, having a metaphysical and not necessarily conscious effect on one's fear of injuries. Put simply, her allies recover better from their wounds, while her enemies see damage caused by Creeping Horror aggravated.

An enemy takes double the normal damage from Hexes placed on it by Aino. An ally gains an additional 2 points of healing from any healing effect they receive. This effect lasts until the end of the scene or the target drops to zero Resolve

Terror Implosion (Magic Detonation) - Fear can build up like steam inside somebody or something, and be made to burst with only a little magic. At the price of 1 Fury Overcharge, Aino can make a basic attack; instead of the usual damage, the target takes damage equal to the amount of Overcharge (or Magic Overcharge if it’s a magical girl) they currently have.


Aino's life had been mostly uneventful until last year. First, her parents became cold with each other, growing more and more silent over the days. Then, they burst, and started arguing and yelling for petty reasons. The fights got increasingly more violent and exhausting for everyone, including their only daughter, witnessing their every shouting match.

Finally, some time ago, they sat with Aino and declared their intention to divorce. Alas, this was the only explanation she was directly provided; her mother and father were a lot more focused on accusing each other than comforting their daughter. In fact, they've been so caught up in their conflict they all but forgot their child.

Aino started cooking for herself, as her mother refused to cook for a man she accused of cheating on her, and her father would rather eat take-away for the same reason, but never thinking about bringing something back home for the girl too. She would work harder and harder at school, aiming for the best grades and approval from the adults around her, but her parents hardly paid any notice, even though she'd spend a lot more time studying than reasonable. Though they've talked about divorce, the Onigawa couple has hardly gotten anywhere; they're fighting about who should get the apartment, who should get the furniture, the money, the daughter, the fish, about who cheated on the other first, about who's the most despicable human being. Aino has heard a startling amount of accusations and insults coming from them.

Recently, they've acknowledged their daughter again, but only in order to try and manipulate her against accusing the other parent of something, anything. Aino is not playing along, but she does feel lonely. Fortunately, Aino can make a wish and help save the world in the process. She doesn't care who wronged whom; she just wants the three of them to be a family again.




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