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A Woven Logrus is a shadow of the Logrus.

Etymologically equivalent to Broken Patterns which, however they are expressed, include a little less Order then the Pattern, a Woven Logrus contains a little less Chaos the the Logrus.

The Logrus is a constantly moving initiation that requires excellent skill at shapehanging to assay. Different shapes being required for different moments in the passage through the construct. Woven Logruses have sections of the construct that are stable, not requiring constant shapeshifting to effect.

The percentage of divergence from the true chaos of the Logrus is called its degree of "Knotting" or how "Knotted" it is. The more "Knotted" a Woven Logrus is the easier it is for someone to assay it. In general a person needs the power of Shapechange to assay the Logrus. The more "knotted" the Woven Logrus is it might be enough to have some shapechange powers, perhaps even a powerful shapechanging artifact or a powerful shapechanging spell. The GM will determine for each Woven Logrus in his game what the required ability to shapechange is required.

Examples of a Woven Logrus might be expressed thus: "Gutsedvem has a well known Woven Logrus. It is 88% "Knotted" and can be assayed by someone skillfully using a shapeshifting artifact since the construct does not attempt to effect items carried by the walker. It does not erase standing spells so a powerful shapechanging spell might allow a person to assay it."

"Ang Ri has a powerful Woven Logrus. It is 8% "Knotted" and requires a basic shapechange power to asay because of its nearly complete state. It does erase any standing spells so a shapeshifting spell will not be usable to assay the construct."

Powers of the Woven Logrus

  • 25 pips Basic Woven Logrus Imprint.
  • 40 pips Advanced Woven Logrus Imprint.
  • 80 Pips Master's Woven Logrus Imprint.
  • Shapechange is required to assay a Woven Logrus but each version will have specific requirements.