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Werewolf:the Forsaken Articles Page - Overview[edit]

The idea of this page is to serve as an index to various articles, stories and ideas created to enhance White Wolf's 'Werewolf: the Forsaken' setting. If you create a Werewolf: the Forsaken themed page on the wiki, link it back here! Or, if you've got something on another site, include a link as well. Try and help keep this page organised to make it easier for people to add stuff and find things.

Any articles created on this wiki should start with 'WtFArticles:' just to keep things neat, e.g. 'WtFArticles:Running_Social_and_Political_Games'.


The Urlu (Wolf Hosts) by Belinda Kelly

Storyteller Advice[edit]

WtFArticles:Running_and_Political_Games by Belinda Kelly