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Diana Knight[edit]

Country of Origin: Canada
Diana Knight used to be part of the JTF2; Canada's premiere special forces unit. She even fought back against the initial invasion. Until the invaders won and the world surrendered. But while they might have, Diana never did. She traveled the world, fighting back against the occupiers and training resistance group in combat, survival and sabotage techniques. She continued like this for years, trying to maintain the loyalty to the cause and country she once had, to their ideals.

Her work came to a head when the outpost of Angel's Point was attacked by ADVENT forces while she was present. She assisted the resistance force in the defense of the haven, but it was clear they were going to be overrun, and casualties were heavy. However, at a key point in the battle, a squad from the reinstated XCOM unit arrived and played a pivotal role in forcing the attacking forces back; allowing for the remaining civilians and resistance fighters to be evacuated. This was what she'd been looking for, all these years. Organized, global resistance. When XCOM moved out, she went with them.

From there, her work was mostly the same, training new recruits, but with more intensity, more focus. She had a goal, and working with the people around her, she had more faith than ever that they could do it.


OUTLAW is a dark skinned woman, standing an even six feet. She is heavy muscled, with blue eyes and dark hair. Scars occupy the left side of her face, a testament to the many fights she's been in and survived. There's a simple blue tattoo under her right eye, a shared mark with an old friend.

She wears a suit of jury rigged armor, pieces of Kevlar and metal taken from a dozen different suits and carefully pieces together. When she's on the job, she's never far from her shotgun; and there is always a carbon fibre tactical sword sitting in a sheath on her back.

OutlawXCOM.jpgOutlaw BackXCOM.jpg


  • Courage d8
  • Tactics d8, Trait Statement "I've been through too much to believe in detailed plans."
  • Force of Will d8


Ranger d8
Specializing in Close Quarters Combat

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you step down to a d4 from a d8.
  • You're Mine: When you charge the biggest/baddest foe with your sword drawn, step up your Courage die on the attack.

Teacher of War d8
I need to pass my skills along

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you step down to a d4 from a d8.
  • War Instruction: Take a Target Their Leader! d8 Complication to create a Battlefield Tactics d6 Environmental Asset that your squad (not you) can use for the scene.

Great Singing Voice d8
Maybe if things were different, I could have done something other than violence

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you step down to a d4 from a d8.


  • Civilians d6
  • Resistance d10
  • X-Com d8
  • Reapers d6, Trait Statement "Nobody better at stealth; but they let their obsessions define them."
  • Skirmishers d4
  • Templars d6


  • FOXHUNT d8
  • RISKER d6
  • SNOW d6
  • CATHAR d6
  • Civilians d8
  • Resistance d8, Trait Statement "I've trained so many; they're like my children."
  • Reapers d6
  • Skirmishers d4
  • Templars d4

Signature Assets[edit]

  • Elegant Carbon Fibre Tactical Sword d8
  • Home Cooked Explosives 3d6 (resource)
  • Reinforced Vest d6


    • ORG: JTF2: Special forces, her former unit. The survivors might be scattered around the world and no longer a unified force, but they're still around. 'Deeds not words'
    • SIT: Surrender of the World: 'They gave up, but I never will.'
    • Lt. Rosemary-Anne Taylor: A colleague from JTF2, they served on numerous missions together and fought against the aliens together. And when the old world ended, they both joined the resistance together. 'I owe her my life and she owes me hers.'
    • Bernhard Gunter: A retired fencer living in an ADVENT city. Supportive of Diana's cause, he taught her how to use the blade.
    • SIT: Massacre of Angel's Post: ADVENT forces wiped out a group of civilians and resistance fighters that Diana was sheltering with outside the city. Everybody would have died, but XCOM operatives arrived and pulled enough firepower away from the resistance fighters to allow the civilians to escape. 'That's when I discovered the global resistance network'
    • Connect The Hunter and Lt. Rosemary-Anne Taylor
    • Connect Bernhard and Euro-Elite
    • Connect Refugee Camps to Rookie Squad