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Faidon Pan[edit]

Country of Origin: Brazil
Faidon Pan was probably human at one point; his first concrete memories are waking up in an ADVENT Forge, with vague memories of being physically frail and tormented by occasional visions he now recognizes as uncontrolled telepathic reads. He doesn't think it matters, even now; it matters that his first clear days were being given white armor and a comforting mental voice telling him he was the first of a new breed of hybrid, the future of the human species as the Gift was amplified and kindled to become the embodiments of the Void. He would be the voice of the new species, he was told; that was why his brow ridges were small and largely unnoticeable, his eyes built like human ones. He would be among the first true Priests; not just Officers, but embodiments of the beneficence of the Elders instead of just their emissaries, able to serve as foundations for a new psionic network rather than just disseminating information effectively.

As it turns out, part of the reason he was a prototype was controlling the unfortunate (for the Elders) tendency of psionics to develop empathy for those they repeatedly interacted with. The more he administered to the flock of followers, the more he started to notice faults in the logic of the "benign" intentions of the Elders. Really, it was the mission to investigate possible Skirmisher spies that resulted in his own flipping over; he learned the extremely delicate art of extracting deeper memories, and upon realizing that the Skirmishers included people who had no trace of being human, he understood the true purpose of the hybrids was not uplifting, but eradication and replacement. The sheer hypocrisy of the sentiment, especially with his indoctrination of "all are equal before the Void", broke his conditioning and caused him to resent the Ethereals and their lies; he secretly had his chip removed and leaked the identity of several moles to the Resistance in exchange for extraction. From there, he found his way to XCOM and became their "token heroic Priest", as a nickname he's since come to enjoy.


Deliberately made to look like a bald but mostly normal human of mixed Indian-African ancestry, his most obviously hybrid traits being his prominent eyebrow ridges and some scales that are easy to confuse for cheek tattoos; in the dark, his violet eyes turn slightly phosphorescent, but that's the extent of his ocular mods. Most people generally describe him as what ADVENT wants people to think hybrids generally look like, or a heavily but expertly modded human (which is true, but besides the point). He generally favors armor tending towards white, the same he did when he was still loyal to the Elders.


  • Courage d6
  • Tactics d8
  • Force of Will d10


Ethereal-Trained Psi Operative d8
Emissary of the masters and example of their beneficence both.

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you step down to a d4 from a d8.
  • Stasis: Spend 1 PP to stun a target for 1 turn, also rendering them immune to any damage or attack.
  • Holy Warrior: Step back Force of Will for the scene to double a target's Courage die. You can change your target as you desire, moving the effect between your allies.

Trained Confessor d8
Equal parts psionic tutor and psychiatrist.

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you step down to a d4 from a d8.

Quirk: Concerned With the Future d8
The aliens and hybrids on Earth won't leave because the Ethereals did.

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you step down to a d4 from a d8.


  • Civilians d10
  • Resistance d6, Trait Statement "I need to prove that hybrids and humans have a place on Earth."
  • X-Com d8 (public relations d6)
  • Reapers d4
  • Skirmishers d6
  • Templars d4


  • SNOW d8
  • RISKER d8, Trait Statement "I'm concerned she'll forget her present for what happened in the past."
  • FOXHUNT d6
  • OUTLAW d4
  • Civilians d8
  • Resistance d8
  • Reapers d4
  • Skirmishers d8
  • Templars d4

Signature Assets[edit]

  • Advanced Psi-Amp d8


    • Custodian Laeran, connected to Skirmisher Rescue Raids (a muton communications officer who befriended Cathar over their shared hobby of RC racing, and who gradually came to suspect Cathar was harboring seditious sentiment long ago - though never reported on him)
    • ORG: Church of Sirius (the Void-worshipers the Ethereals set up to help find wild psionic talents; Cathar is still a believer, but he's since created his own heretical interpretation that the Ethereals are false gods who stole its authority rather than mortals-turned-gods)
    • PROP: Psionic Network Access Code, connected to Church of Sirius (As a Priest, Faidon was tasked with overseeing the Elders' mind network for signs of aberrant or heretical thought, and give counseling or censure as appropriate before the memes sparked into inefficiency or disunity. He's since disconnected, but he knows how to log externally, and how the Network functions - what's more, he also has a way in, due to the fact that the Network even needs an access code to prevent the rebellious natives getting in.)
    • SIT: Living Resistance Propaganda
    • EXTRA: Luke Santos
    • ??
    • Connect Custodian Laeran to Skirmisher Rescue Raids
    • Connect Luke Santos to Refugee Camps
    • Connect Church of Sirius to Vermont Wastelands