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Yaj, also called Yal, or Jal, is the northernmost city on the western edge of the continent of Amber. Yaj is the Amber city. Yal is the Rebman, but both are often spoken of interchangeably, causing confusion.

The Two cities of Yaj and the Rebman city of Yal create one symbiotic industrial-commercial hub for both nations. Because of the proximity and interactions of the two cities there is considerable overlap in Noble houses, commercial interests, and social activities.

While many coastal cities and villages have common traffic between counterparts in Rebman water, Yaj/Yal is a metropolis that blends from land to water with dwellings, businesses, streets and activities flowing over the shore.

Yaj is known for its fabrication and production areas that resemble large sale Renaissance era businesses.

  • yal fishing concerns transfer fresh fish to Yaj facilities for canning and freezing for shipping over land based routes.
  • products like, glass, mirrors, craft-works, silver items, are commonly traded by companies with stakes in both the water and land realms.
  • The slat production industry is mostly a land based operation but has a lot of water-side activity to it as well.
  • Yaj trades extensive jerked and salt preserved meats with Yal for waterside eating.
  • Plentiful botanicals, including Junipers, help create the famous Green Gin of Amber.[[1]]