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The president of the MZP, most powerful man in Blue Sun, and owner of You Corp, (Parent company of You Go: Gas and Service, as well as several other large enterprises, including Pericles Station) was assassinated in his home March 15th it is believed to be by one of his own security personnel. The alleged assassin Michael Cameron Carter has long ties to the Independence movement, and insurgents in the post war era. It is unknown whether Carter acted alone, or in conjunction with others. Although some people in the MZP and PDF accused the Alliance of sending Carter in, there is considerable animosity and infighting from within the Independence movement. Many Browncoats expressed distrust of You Ge, calling him power hungry, and others expressed disappointment with the willingness of the MZP to settle for autonomy in the relatively sparsely populated Blue Sun System instead of carrying the independence movement to the whole Rim and Border.


Although details are somewhat vague, it appears that Carter was apprehended trying to leave the scene of the crime. He is in PDF custody, awaiting trial.

Medical Examiners indicate You Ge was killed by a single head shot from a low caliber pistol at close range. There was no evidence of a struggle.

Anonymous sources in the PDF claim that Carter was in PDF custody less than a year ago but somehow managed to escape. Without acknowledging this, the PDF has ordered an extensive review of it security systems. However as with many insurgency based organization, governing the sorts of people who are zealots one and convinced someone has betrayed the cause the next, it is unlikely that significant changes in the organization are even possible.

You Ge died without an heir, speculation over the estate of You Ge has also begun. As one of the richest people in the 'Verse You Ge has a sizable fortune, enough to compare to some of the larger regional governments in the Border and Rim. The laws applying to his estate are now in question. Should the Alliance and the MZP differ (not even mentioning the other regional and planetary governments his empire possessed resources in) on the distribution of his estate, there is no legal precedent to handle this. Y