Zal'Kazzir's Response to His Family being murdered

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Things to be done in Sharuun:[edit]

  • Meet with Sussar Shanduz (This conversation should be pretty straightforward)
    • Arrange for the Sussar to begin legal proceedings against Krell as we discussed.
    • Arrange a beneficial share-cropping arrangement with the Sussar.
    • Acquire proper traveling papers from the Sussar for Himself, as well as the authority to grant papers to his allies.
    • Make a formal request reporting all of his missing people, and petitioning for them to be returned, if discovered.
  • Meet with the Grand Legate of Sharuun (Perhaps less straighforward)
    • Arrange a deposit and letter of credit from the Temple.
    • Get the Grand Legate's endorsement for his travelling papers.
    • Ask if the Grand Legate can begin the political process to have Krell's ranks and privilages suspended.
  • Other Items
    • Use contacts (Perhaps Tomux-Gub) to get the name of any goblinoid mercenaries in the area around Eisin. Being a huge military hub, and given how readily goblinoids turn to mercenary work, there should be plenty.
    • Have Aisha and Zahir properly cremated, and feed their ashes to his horses (or hippogriffs, in this case) so that they might gain the departed ones' courage and strength.
    • Procure some parchment and inks for Kyuad (from Quadira, likely)
    • Send Dream messages to Eranon, Durgaz, Kyuad, Mi'sun, Zalma and Ahimia.

KEVIN'S - Initial thoughts/questions[edit]

One thing I wanted you to think about is the emotional impact of this on Zal'Kazzir. Some people WOULD just go into "robot" motion and supress the emotional stuff, setting out to "FIX" the problem. Is that what Zal's doing? I don't want you to only consider this a game challenge, but an experience that could likely MORE impactful than anything that's happened in-game so far. Then again, maybe it's not. Maybe Zal just was that distant from them/it.

I'd like to see you consider that some. Mostly because, as I told you - I DIDNOT just "kill" your family to make a plot point. This was something that a (now enemy) person came to take revenge on you with the potential for getting information from you regarding the other people in your group responsible for the death of HIS family.

What I'll do (soon as I can) is reply to your notes above "in-character". As if you've already asked the questions and such. Then you can take it from there. Unless you want to change them into in-character questions before I get to it... Your choice.

On "costs" or your use of your background "wealth" from your feats and such. Technically those feats only suggest a wealth. But I'm not going to challenge/begrudge you that. However, I do think it will be important (and fun in a way) to consider the costs and incomes of Zal's estate and legal costs, etc... I'm not going to go indepth with it, but it will be something I "talk" about in role-play... I think NOT doing so (with those type individuals) would take away the fun of the "politics" and diplomacy and financial ownership. Again - I'm not going to do anything to detailed... just enought for fun.

What do you think?

Dream Messages[edit]

  • Send Dream messages to Eranon, Durgaz, Kyuad, Mi'sun, Zalma and Ahimia.

I like this... How does this work again?

Is THIS the correct spell you're talking about?


Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind-Affecting]
Level: Brd 5, Sor/Wiz 5
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Unlimited
Target: One living creature touched
Duration: See text
Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: Yes
You, or a messenger touched by you, sends a phantasmal message to others in the form of a dream. At the beginning of the spell, you must name the recipient or identify him or her by some title that leaves no doubt as to identity. The messenger then enters a trance, appears in the intended recipient’s dream, and delivers the message. The message can be of any length, and the recipient remembers it perfectly upon waking. The communication is one-way. The recipient cannot ask questions or offer information, nor can the messenger gain any information by observing the dreams of the recipient.
Once the message is delivered, the messenger’s mind returns instantly to its body. The duration of the spell is the time required for the messenger to enter the recipient’s dream and deliver the message.
If the recipient is awake when the spell begins, the messenger can choose to wake up (ending the spell) or remain in the trance. The messenger can remain in the trance until the recipient goes to sleep, then enter the recipient’s dream and deliver the message as normal. A messenger that is disturbed during the trance comes awake, ending the spell.
Creatures who don’t sleep (such as elves, but not half-elves) or don’t dream cannot be contacted by this spell.
The messenger is unaware of its own surroundings or of the activities around it while in the trance. It is defenseless both physically and mentally (always fails any saving throw) while in the trance.

If so - here's what I'd like you to do.

Please type up the dreams as you would like them to be. Describe them as best you can from the point of view of the individual. Post them HERE. I'll then take them and send the reciever a SPECIAL Dream Bluebook - SINCE it is one-way I'd like to give it to them privately!

This will be FUN.

I need you to do the same for NPCs and PCs alike.

You're welcome to use the same basic premise (copy/paste) for all of them. But try to change them a little bit... as if you're "going into" their dreams. I may add to your dream notes, but I will NOT change your content. I'd like this to possibly be mysterious at first - ie. don't TELL the other players you can do this!!

COOL?  :)

The Court of Farah Shanduz, Sussar (Traitor Prince) of Sharuun[edit]

More than 177,000 souls stand beneath the head of the Shanduz family in Sharuun. 67% matter. (ie. Sarcosans)
To outsiders of his court the aged Traitor Prince Farah Shanduz is known simply as Prince Shanduz... You call him Farah, or at least he continually reminds you to call him such. But at the same time Zal'Kazzir KNOWS that his mouth offers the intimacy of first names yet his ego demands you speak his title in every other sentence said to him... Farah is a man of minor girth, dusky and stout. His lack of fitness attends to his rugged build. His fingers seem prepetually glazed in honeys and oils from the delicacies that he loves so very much. Yet the man is perhaps on of the finest "amatuer" horsemen you have ever seen. His eye for the Sarcosan steeds are matched by none other, it is this that aided his rise amoung the ruling caste. Taking a new born colt for which he knew would be a stallion with no peer has been his fortune since boyhood. These skills make up for his lack of care to his appearance when lounging in his den of women, booze and pleasures known only to a rare few.
His family has ruled the city of Sharuun for the last 600 years, and surprisingly, the coming of the Shadow did not change that. The Shanduz family was already among the most loyal supporters of the Shadow as the Third Age came to a close, many of their scions having been indoctrinated into the Order of Shadow. Wishing to offer up his city to his dark god but knowing that less than a tenth of the city’s soldiers and defenders would support him, Farah Shanduz himself sent his armies out to face the Shadow in the Last Battle . . . sending with them poisoners, assassins, and disguised legates. As the Shadow’s armies struck, these valiant defenders fell to spell, sickness, confusion, and dagger, all from within their own midst. As a reward, Izrador blessed Farah Shanduz with the essence of his Shadow, granting him long life and dark powers; the less-than-human prince still rules the city 100 years later.
His 'court' resides overlooking the merchant quarter of Sharuun, it is hot and smells of the vapors that escape the merchant stalls, masked slightly by the scent of oil and candles.

It is with great joy that he greats his old 'friend' Zal'Kazzir...

ROLL: Zal'Kazzir (Sense Motive +15) rolls 12+15 = 27.

...yet you can sense a touch of dispair in his demeanor. Your 'friend' already knows why you come this day...

Question from Adam: How much weight should I give to the apostophes around the word "friend" above?

"...TELL ME young Master Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne - what brings you to my door this day?"

"...ah... yes... I mourn for you brother. I will do what I can to aid in your justice against the Wolfen Witch Captain Asama'han. But I fear his reach goes far toward the Shadow in the North. While our Sarcosan law may beg justice, the Shadow holds no accordance with it. Though Captain Asama'han is Sharu and with that he swore an oath to the south... I cannot say how the wind will blow here in this old friend, but I can say for my part I will get you audience with Prince Mezim."


"A thousand thanks, your grace. I pray that Prince Mezim will find wisdom in upholding the ancient laws."

*Zal'Kazzir bows deeply*

"I do understand, of course, my Lord, that Captain Asama'han seeks colder lands, where the righteous fire of justice might not reach him, but I humbly submit to you my intention to see that he does not succeed in this. That he and I both belong to the Sharu makes this a matter of honor, and a matter that demands satisfaction, to say nothing of the low crimes of murder, theft and kidnapping."

"I would also humbly submit, my Lord, my intention to seek audience with our Master under the Shadow, the Grand Legate. My wife and son were sister-in-law and nephew to my sister, and the Lady Zalma is at least Krell's equal in the Dark Lord's heirarchy; the attack on my family was an attack on both servants of the church and servants of the state.

Sussar Shanduz[edit]

"... you'll have your time with the Master of the District, 'Kazzir... Now SIT let us speak like masters in the luxury of my home..."

Prince Shanduz takes no time to make himself at home. Walking with you toward his open 'office', a small writing table overfilled with papers, fruits and meats crowd his way as he sits and offers Zal'Kazzir his own pillows to lounge on.

"...SHARE-cropping??? What do you think we are 'Kazz? Farmers?!?!" the man says with a jest in his voice.
" of course I will aid you in this time of grief brother. As he has taken great interest in the misfortune that's befallen your family, I have asked Master Zerith Danibel to attend care of the details of your estate's service to my landholders. With the tensions that cast you in a good place to deal, may the Sahi give rest to your family's souls, I have seen to it that he will offer you a good boon. Zerith will take on your lands for the next three cycles or until they've repaid the profit for which you take abroad with you, if the yeilds are particularly good in the coming seasons.
Payment of the mercenaries that you spoke of retaining should be somewhere in the nature of 1300 Mezims (gold-minted Sharuun coins) if you wrangle a coral of 20 Beeshi mercenaries at 2 Mezims a day for salary and feed the overture accounting for supplies.
Do you plan to have them bring their mounts?
This will increase your expense to a good 6 Mezims a day. For the arc that'd come in around nearly 200 Mezims a head for 4,000 Mezims for the stable of 20 per arc.
How does that sound?"

As the Sussar accounts for the cost with beads spread across his desk raking them into piles with his prized ivory horse brush he begins to draw up papers for Zal'Kazzir's travel plans...

"...remember... this is a boon that I offer out of kindness and memory for your lost 'Kazzir. I hate like the Demons that your lovely wife and only boy had to die in this. But as you will understand, future issuances will require favors...
I cannot claim full acknowledgement of your whereabouts, and your troupe for which YOU assign papers to are of your own accounting. Under these papers you will not shame me I trust...?"


"With all humility my Lord Sussar, I must decline your wise and generous suggestion; I must travel with great haste, and I have nither the time nor luxury to gather men here and lead them to the pelluria. I must find soldiers closer to my destination, and, of course, soldiers less 'affiliated' with our fair city. All the better to help private arrangements between 'friends' to remain confindential and unsuspected."

"Also, your grace, you have my word of honor that no shame shall come unto you through the actions of those in my charge. If, however, my skill is unequal to this task, the offender shall answer to me, and then I shall answer to you."

Sussar Shanduz[edit]

"no no... you misunderstand my intent 'Kazzir..."

Going over the notes the Prince suggested regarding number and prices of said mercenaries, Zal'Kazzir can quickly see that the notes he has finished writing is an 'order' that Prince Shanduz would offer you to GIVE to his contact in the Bluff... [contact to come later, unless you know of or read of a GOOD one from the Under the Shadow book that you can offer Adam]

Reaching into his boot, Farah pulls out his family crested ring. One his finger he wears a false ring, to cause alert to anyone using the authority of Farah not granted in goodwill. He stamps the parchment in wax with a droplet of his blood pricked from his middle finger. Looking up to hand you the materials he continues...

" regarding your missing people. I will put a petition out for them. All families bond to them will be requested to return to your estate where my man will account for them and the losses incurred. There is little to nothing I can do on those stolen into slavery by Captain Asama'han unless he is brought in and those Asara found with him. I will do what I can 'Kazzir..."


"Again, my sincerest gratitude, my Lord Sussar. I worked long and tirelessly to earn the loyalty and devotion of my Beeshi and Asara, and it is my responsibility to protect them."

Sussar Shanduz[edit]

Lurching back into his great thrown, that is more plush pillow than wood and steel from all you can see - Prince Shanduz slips his ring back into his boot and pushes his old frame to a stand. He stretches his hand and arm out to post it on Zal'Kazzir's shoulder. Much like the old Prince is squaring up a high-strung stallion, he looks into Zal's eyes...

" friend... sharu... If you take anything of my influence and advice with you beyond our friendly borders - take this. Watch yourself. That which is beyond our land can sometimes be beyond OUR ways. The bastard Baden is not as...... diplomatic... in his ways as you or I. His city is not like our Sharuun, it smells of the old world - just as dangerous as the southlands were back in the years before our hand's 'shadow' laid down the rule of law. The Bluff and those that seek it out are of the wild wild west up there 'Kazzir. So consider how you ... appreciate... that which they take offense to. If there is one phrase that old Baden and the Legates that walk the streets of the Bluff might have it's 'status quo'. They live for the day, and live to keep it that way. Be careful old son of the south. Be careful old friend..."

As the Prince smirks and pulls his arms down turning slightly to see you to his door he pats you on the back ushering you out with good will...

"Ride well Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne. Sit straight in your saddle and remember that your family still looks to the same stars that your shy shares, no matter where you are in this blasted world... Ride well 'Kazzir..."

The silk curtains fall behind you as he speaks moving back and forth you can see the Prince smile for a moment before barking out to his man for the "NEXT APPOINTMENT!"...

The Fortress-Villa of Mazish Mezim, Greater legate of the Sharuun District[edit]

A short 23 miles North East of Sharuun, some 50 miles before the Ruins of the Benuadi Monastery, lies an estate of massive proportion... It is called Hashu'shef (Heaven's Host) and it's stretch rivals the size of the walled town of Mish in sheer land mass. Thousands of the finest horse-stock roam freely here ready to be wrangled for the call of the Frozen Horsemaster (Izrador). The master of this fortress-villa is master to all of the Sharuun District, he is simply Mazish Mezim, Greater Legate of the Order.
In the role of greater legate Lord Mezim sits near the top of the order’s power structure, below only Sunulael himself. Today, he has only 14 rivals who bear his rank. Lord Mezim takes responsiblity for overseeing the entire region of Sharuun, governing over Mish, Sharuun, Shuvrel, Benuadi Monastery and The Seals of Dal Henye.
He serves the Shadow in the North personally when called upon to do so. Unlike the petty temple legates, his role affords very broad duties and responsiblity for all the order’s activities throughout the Sharuun region.
Lord Mezim and those who are fortunate and ruthless enough to reach the rank of greater legate count themselves among the most dangerous mortals in the world, and they do not take the security of their positions for granted. Each supporting extensive networks of underlings—channelers, temple and soldier legates, personal retinues of warriors, thugs, informants, and spies. All well defended against rivals and rebels. Mezim practices this caution that comes well-founded, for those such as he are among the most hated and feared mortals on the continent as well. And while these villains take pains to protect themselves, greater legates are not invulnerable.

Your Master Under the Shadow, Lord Mezim has agreed to have an audience with you... Prince Shanduz has paid his boon to your family well!...

As Zal'Kazzir makes his way to the villa, Mi'shun splits off - she suggests that the two of your 'free' several of the horses from their cells that are the plain lands of Lord Mezim... Nearly 20 minutes after Mi'shun departed from your company Zal'Kazzir is approached on the fortified road leading to "Hashu'shef" ... Four riders in black-mail, with red and brown cloaks touched slightly with gold and silver thread, their horses and themselves adorned in regal armor befitting Knights of the Dark Templars, infamous for this rune-etched black armor, rumored to be charged with the hateful malice of the Enemy.
At a glance the riders move from their 'arrowhead' riding formation to take up a 'line abreast' shield wall filling across the highway. Lowering their lances in syncronise tapping the ground ahead of them as they continue to ride slowly, their lances are pulled and stand straight in the air as the column moves within earshot... with an audible:
"HAA-RU! the horses halt, awaiting Zal'Kazzir to approach...


*Slowly and purposefully, Zal'Kazzir rides toward the Dark Templars, making the standard signs of obiedience to Izrador*

"Hail noble Templars, and well met in the name of the Most Holy Lord of All Shadows. I seek audience with our master under the shadow, the most pious Lord Mezim.; I believe he has word of my coming."

the Knights of the Dark Templar[edit]

the master horsemen acknowledge the Sarcosan's obiediant nods... Stopped abreast of the highway the third to Zal'Kazzir's left speaks up, nudging his helm point that crowns down across his nose up just a bit adjusting in his saddle and finally tugging tightly down on his tunic straightening the silk layered over armor.

"What BUSINESS do you have at 'Hashu'shef' man of the south? You wear the cloth of the clergy good sir. What is your rank? And where are your papers? Present them quickly or pray your mother said her goodbyes to you when last you spoke. Who gives you time with the Great Lord Mezim?"

Beyond and behind the horsemasters you can see their squires. One young boy begins to step between the horses. So masterful the riders are, that one missed command would crush the boy between the mighty steeds. His master knight has given him a finger twitch and the boy steps between and before the horses toward you. He bows some 6 feet before Zal'Kazzir and stretches out his hand waiting for the papers...

ASSUMING Zal gives the papers...

"Ah. Master Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne, sharu caste. Yes. The Great Lord has been waiting for you to bless him with your pressence. Come..."

The Knights turn at this command. The two to the outer edges of the highway hold back and seperate to allow Zal'Kazzir to walk through following the lead horsemaster. Two in front and two behind. The squires run a distance behind the parade, scooping up the dung made by the horses.

Nearly 20 minutes later you can see the fortress. Spread out across an uprising along the plains. Horses of the wildest make run freely here. It's an oasis in the hot lands of Sarcosa. Before long you find yourself in what might seem like a small village, the homes of the many servants, laborers and spies of the Greater Legate. Beyond no less than 3 gates up a slow rising glade the Knights part again, rejoining in line abreast formation again behind Zal'Kazzir. One of the other Knights belts in the Black Tongue...


Looking up quickly before kneeling (as you have before) you quickly glance at the balcony some 50 feet above. You stand out in front of what must be the abbey-like fortress within the Fortress-Villa of Mazish Mezim, Greater legate of the Sharuun District. With a slight voice (think Micheal Jackson) you here the godling speak...

"Ghulvenne, sharu caste? Whyyyyyyyyy do you call on me this day? It is so beautiful a day and I do not wish to be boooored with dry business. The 'old man' of Sharuun offered a boon returned to me to allow you these ticks of sand falling in my timer now. So speak Ghulvenne of the sharu caste... My time is more valuable than you know....."


[Kev, you scared the living crap out of me here. "Avatar"!? I seriously hope Sunalael is not here. I've never seen him, and I've only ever heard the titles 'Avatar' and 'godling' used to describe Night Kings. I would be both exceedingly badass, and exceedingly bad if this were the case and he were here.]

At Quadira's Shop[edit]

Somewhere deep in the dark markets tents, hovels and sand-brick shops of Sharuun Zal'Kazzir finds himself making his way through the maze of vendors. Now and then stepping over drunks vagrants and dodging guardian animals that protect their shop owns from theft. In the recesses of this hole he can see the gray stone that's slightly larger than a human head - the stone has been carved to small hollows on either side, the colors of hand-crafted paints adorn the stone forming the strange hanging 'eyeball' sign known to all that frequent Quadira's Shop... the "eye of the witch" they call it, you know this to be home and business of Qadira - self proclaimed mystic, competant herbalist and charliton fortune-teller...

Before making your way to the entrance nearly three attempts are made at your purse, had you not known to hold it tight it would already be gone. The den of the shop is dark and smokey with the familiar scent of brimstone and formaldahide...

Only a glimpse of the hobgoblin peddler is gotten before he disappears into the crowded streets from the back of the shop - Togumx-Gub knew that dealing with you this day wouldn't be the smartest thing... but before you can think to care, the matronly middle-aged propriator of Quadira's Shop speaks up...

"...don't min' 'em master, e's jus a jumpin loon scared a his shadow..... Ooh my my my my... As I live-n-breath! Masta 'Kazzir... tis good ta see yas again. Wot can I do fer ya?..." 'the Witch' quickly gathers up the things thaty Zal'Kazzir is in search of - parchments, inks, quills... all illicit materials here in Sharuun, but a welcome home they find in your pouch. As per usual Quadira reminds you that you ain't knowin where this stuff came from... She quickly hands it over, taking the goat that you (likely) brought from your estate as payment. Her long finger nail slowly drags on your hand as the reigns of the animal is given over... It's of minor attention to Zal'Kazzir - for you're having another conversation... a goblin has heard that you might be needing some hired help - sitting bluntly on the counter as the Witch fills your order, Lakz is at your service.

"eh... yu right 'Kazzir... thems is hard times. i hates the manz that killt yer kin, hates him, hates him hard! Anyting ol Lakz cun do to hep yu out in dis gorboodled time, Lakz does fer yu, trustz Lakz yu kan. i's has familias up dare n Eisin, yu i du. Lakz kin hep yu alrite. Yu kin give da boon boon tu ma mate up dare in Eisen, he guud hepper tu!
Yu jus lukkin fer him, he go bys 'Sdob Lustbelch', he es gud hepper fer yu, im sur of et.
Es sur es gud ta cee yu 'gin 'Kazzir, sur em sorree tu here bout yer familias gittin killt. Sur hopes yu kilz dem bak... harharhar..."

The little Shadow minion means well, he's smarter than he lets on - Colonial is his second language, it's hard for his sharp teeth to get around the tongues. But his help has always been solid. (Any questions, talk with Lakz?)


*Zal will use tongues here (pathwalker ability) or simply speak black speech, orcish or erenlander (whichever one is his first language) to facilitate conversation.*

"Lakz my friend!" *Zal'Kazzir smiles broadly and genuinely* I had feared for your safety, but I should've known you would've been to crafty for them! And you are speaking my language, my old friend; thank you for the reccomendation, and I'll seek out your friend Sdob. I think a little Goblin cleverness is just what the situation requires."

*Zal'Kazzir's tone becomes more somber, and he begins to speak again very earnestly and with obvious concern*

"Do you know if your people were able to escape? Or did the bastard Asama'han take them as well? If he did, I will do all in my power to see them returned; they were my people as much as any of the others, and more loyal than many."


with the tongues in place the broken colonial that little Lakz spoke clears up nicely. His speach, while not on pare with the likes of men, elf, princes and godlings that Zal'Kazzir has spoken with recently - it is clear and more intelligent than others of his kind.

"hehe... No no Master Zal'Kazzir, you misunderstand. Sdob Lustbelch, is one of my boys. Forgive. How do you say... Son. Lustbelch is his mother's surname. He hasn't earned my name as yet. He's a stout boy though. He knows the best of 'people'. He'll be able to help you. He is a greedy little son of shadow though. I will say that. But then again so's his mum. And well... there's the finders fee as well for me Master Zal'Kazzir. Perhaps he doesn't come by his need for pay unfairly. hehe.
No, Master Zal'Kazzir, the little bastard is running for the tribe for me. Him and a few of his mates, took off after them clergy bastards. Last I heard from Sdob, he's headed up past the Zorgetch. Just about got himself caught up in a Bugbear Slaver band there he did... Him and his mates were ta leave word back for me to know if I should give our tribe up for dead. You'd be able to find their whereabouts by stopping in any one of the villages goblin friendly up the Road of Ruin. The squire pole at the center of the villages will have the tribe mark noting how long since they've been there. Shouldn't be difficult to find them were you to care to look - knowin what to look for 'acourse.
I thank you for looking out for the tribe. The tribe will look out for you if we can Master Zal'Kazzir.
(for a price obviously) Whatchu gonna be doing with all that paper and ink sir? You done made yourself one of them clergy now that your wife's ashes, no offense sir?"

The little Lakz hops down and shows you the mark on his upper torso to remind you of his tribe's mark, to know what to look for if you are to find Sdob. He looks at some of the dried rat hanging from Quadira's pay table. Looking up at you as if asking you to BUY a bit for him, he goes ahead and snags a bite - offering you the meatiest portion, having ripped it from him naily teeth....

His arm stretches out with the drippy rat head that you're SURE is staring back at you.......


The pyre on the Whitefield Estate holds the remains of Zal'Kazzir's only son and his estranged wife... The marble collindors that sit below the small funeral structure await the ashes collected. Mi'shun stands watch some hundreds of yards in the distance, giving quiet solice to the mourning father and husband.
It doesn't take long for the lost to take to the fires, the cermonial oils prepared by Quadira for Zal'Kazzir see to that... For a moment, the sad hits... for a moment Zal'Kazzir thinks his son's arm moved. It could be his mind playing tricks, it could be the Fell taking hold for one last effort to break free - but neither can pull out of the pyre. And like hateful rain, the ash of Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne's loved ones gather in the bowls below...

In the distance, unseen by the bereaved father and husband stands a rider atop the blackest horse, tall and thin the rider watches not moving for the ceremony.

It wouldn't be until hours later when Mi'shun mentions this rider that Zal'Kazzir would wonder...
had he come to see his nephew and step-sister?
It's not likely, but the thought is nice for a moment...


Send Dream messages to Eranon, Durgaz, Kyuad, Mi'sun, Zalma and Ahimia.

  • Cool Into (Camera pan in to the sleeping character, describing location and emotions)
  • Odd sensation of hearing a voice (like a lucid dream)
  • Realization of what the voice is saying (words, perhaps accompanied by flashed images of scenes)
  • Realization of who is speaking/realization of context.

the general content would include:

  • What: Family Murdered, Daughter Kidnapped.
    • Kyuad = the wife
    • Durgaz = the son
    • Eranon = the daughter
  • Who: Krell
  • Why: Retaliation for the murders you committed
  • Where: Krell rides for Baden's Bluff, Father and Sister in Baden's Bluff

Also, in the dreams to the PC's, Zal would include that he will rendezvous with the group as soon as possible, but that he may need to drop off Eranon and re-seperate and meet then in Baden's Bluff. The specifics for each person (And I am open to suggestions on others here) would be as follows:

  • Kyuad: Nothing specific
  • Durgaz: Durgaz is a soldier; I will give him any info I can on Krell's numbers, projected path, stuff like that.
  • Eranon: I'll give Eranon the same info as Durgaz. I'll also remind him that I rescued his sister, and remind him to show mine the same kindness should we encounter her. (Intentionally vague, but I feel it wise to begin broaching the subject; we'll need Zalma's help to save Zia)
  • Ahimia: Same info as above, plus sincere thanks for her help, and Zal's desire to see her. I'll give her my general strategy, and tell her that I will meed her in Baden's Bluff (I'll give the name of a good inn, or other neutral location where we can meet up.)
  • Zalma: Inform her of the news, tell her of my plans, including the sussar and grand legate information, make sure she knows about Ahimia, and make sure she knows to keep an eye open for Krell. I'll also let her know about the letter of credit at the temple, and to use any funds she needs at her discretion. (I need everyone working on this, and if she's already in or close to Baden's Bluff, she can have a warm welcome waiting for Master Asama'han.