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PC Contacts[edit]

Bosum Strand[edit]

Central District[edit]

  • Jeremiah Larson, Professor of Planar Studies at Pardwright University, orignally a street kid who ran in the same "gang" as Tazaerich


  • Sereh Taragos, a middle-aged lightfoot halfling matriarch and friend of Dar'ana

The Nettles[edit]

  • Sergeant-Major Mahal Sturgeon, the senior NCO at the district fort and old comrade of Berg
  • Goodwife Irma, halfling proprietress of Hearth's Rest Boarding House and a one-person community support network. Jerixx has previously used her connections to help with a case.
  • Tommy Three-Tusks, half-orc teen, psuedo-little brother of Rosalia

North Shore[edit]

  • Raxxef, a changeling information broker, who gathers intel by working as a cleaning person among the rich and influential.

Parity Lake[edit]

  • Guerni Bonvenida, a hobgoblin, rescuer of street kids, local gossip, and contact of Dar'ana through their fathers
  • Kozak Bronzetooth, dragonborn vendor of sausages at Sharga's House of Meat who hears all the local rumors, contact of Tazaerich

Pine Island[edit]

  • Erin Zanna, another old comrade of Berg and instructor at the Battalion academy

Recurring NPCs[edit]


  • Thames Grimsley, unionizing senior Docker
  • RHC Chief Inspector Stover Delft, the PCs' boss
  • King Aodhan, His Majesty, King of Risur
  • Principal Minister Harkover Lee, Royal advisor and top mage in Risur
  • Roland Stanfield, Governor of the city of Flint
  • Julia Pemberton, RHC technologist, daughter of a wealthy industrialist
  • Petty Officer Second Class Fitzcairn Luckshore, Surprisingly martial technician, now a member of the RHC
  • Howard Sechim, Factory owner, surprisingly labor-friendly for a manufacturer
  • Hana "Gale" Soliogn, Flying eladrin ex-slave, potential terrorist, and Tazaerich's significant other
  • Dr. Xambria Meredith, Former two-fisted archaeologist, now a helpful voice in Rosalia's head
  • Constable Artur Terrence, RHC Constable, good-natured Risur noble & warlord, Taz's mentee


  • Lya Jierre, Danoran Minister of Outsiders, member of the Conspiracy/"Obscurati"
  • Lorcan Kell, Brutal gang lord and pain in the PC's collective ass, now deceased
  • Nicodemus, Body-hopping (apparently) high-ranking member of the "Obscurati"

Somewhere In Between[edit]

  • Morgan Cippiano, Head of the Family in Flint, friendly (for a mobster) with refined tastes
  • Benedict Pemberton, Just a simple country industrialist, sounds like Foghorn Leghorn
  • Asrabey Varal, Rogue eladrin warrior of legend
  • Kvarti Gorbatiy, Dwarven gunsmith and sniper-for-hire
  • Julian Lebrix, ex-security chief of Danoran consulate & pen-pal of Jerixx

Chapter 1[edit]

  • Dafton, Docker and attempted provocateur
    • Iscalio, Mercliffe, & Coulton, his accomplices
  • Duchess Ethelyn of Shale, Treasonous sister of the king
    • Sokana Rell, Eladrin wizard and loyal servant of the Duchess
  • Geoff Massarde, Tiefling engineer
  • Captain Rutger Smith, Commander of the RNS Impossible
  • Captain Hazel Barker, War hero and friend of Berg
  • Nathan Jierre, Lya Jierre's cousin
  • Nicholas Dupiers, Danoran miner
  • Lieutenant Hessar Marseine, Understandably cranky Danoran officer

Chapter 2[edit]

  • Officer Alfred Bellastair, Flint cop & squadron leader
  • Hennet Rinus, college student and tavern patron
  • Jered Lawman, ironically-named long-haired halfling ocarina player

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