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  • Winter 499: Inspector William LeRoy, Sergeant Berg Vasilovich, Constables Dar'ana Beaudelaire, Neron Akol, & Tazaerich assigned to a squad together (henceforth referred to as the "RHC squad").

Adventure 1[edit]

  • 1 Spring 500: The Coaltongue is launched. Attempted sabotage foiled by the RHC squad.
  • 2 Spring 500: King Aodhan delivers his speech.
  • 9 Spring 500: The RHC squad assigned to infiltrate Axis Island.
  • 11 Spring 500: RHC squad arrives on Axis Island at night.
  • 12 Spring 500: RHC squad successfully makes their way across the island, opening the fortress' sea gates for the invading fleet, capturing Duchess Ethelyn & Nathan Jierre.
  • Late Spring 500: Inspector William LeRoy & Neron Akol reassigned to Slate RHC. Inspector Jerixx & Rosalia Savory reassigned to RHC Flint & the RHC squad.

Adventure 2[edit]

  • 1 Summer 500: (the start of a very busy week)
    • Morning: Nilasa Hume murdered at the Danoran Embassy. She passes classified documents to Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghaus (a bystander) before dying; the doctor flees the scene. RHC squad assigned to investigate Nilasa’s death.
    • Evening: RHC squad makes contact with multiple informants at Thinking Man’s Tavern. Rosalia begins formation of first RHC union chapter in concert with Thames Grimesly and the Dockers. RHC squad arrests several Falconer bandits and Kell Guild goons in the Cloudwood on the way to meeting extremely-senior Skyseer Nevard Sechim. RHC squad agrees to assist Sechim in scrying atop Cauldron Hill in exchange for an introduction to Hana “Gale” Soliogn. Squad interviews spirit of Nilasa Hume at RHC HQ.
  • 2 Summer:
    • Morning: Berg promoted to Inspector. RHC group A visits Mayor MacBannin and receives permission to climb Cauldron Hill at night. RHC group B makes initial contact with Kell Guild and interviews Lorcan Kell.
    • Afternoon: RHC squad interviews Blander & Danica Waryeye, uncovering details of a smuggling operation. Squad also tracks down Dr. Lynn Pendleton of Pardwright University and places her in protective custody.
  • 2-3 Summer (Overnight): RHC squad escorts Nevard Sechim up Cauldron Hill. They fend off an attack by a shadowy assassin, before making their way back down and take out a pair of dragonborn arsonists attempting to burn Howard Sechim's factory to the ground.
  • 3 Summer:
    • Morning: RHC squad tracks down Dr. von Recklinghausen in the "protective custody" of the Kell Guild. They successfully infiltrate the Guild's lair and extract the doctor, fighting their way out before escaping.
    • Afternoon: RHC squad makes contact with Hana "Gale" Soliogn, who gives them a ritual and magic item. She agrees to cooperate and to tell her followers to ease off attacks in Flint. The squad uses the retrieved documents and information to begin uncovering the winding conspiracy.
    • Evening: RHC squad intercept and arrest the smugglers, working for the Family, who are attempting to bring in magical wands and treasure. They also intercept and arrest the attempted recipients, Kell Guild members.
  • 4 Summer:
    • Morning: Morgan Cippiano, capo of the Family, invites the RHC squad to coffee to discuss business. Berg & Jerixx interrogate the captured operative. Rosalia & Dar'ana continue to track down the arson thread by contacting and interviewing the arsonists' contact. Taz arranges for a temporary truce between Flint PD and the Dockers' Union in order to protect Skyseer Sechim's upcoming speech.
    • Midday: Berg & Jerixx arrange for search warrants on Mayor Macbannin and his butler, Cillian Creed (actually the shadowy assassin). The RHC squad reconvenes at the site of Skyseer Sechim's speech; they uncover a factory engaged in Bleak Gate-related activities and defeat an enemy golem powered by the rare substance witchoil. The squad proceeds to foil an assassination attempt. Skyseer Sechim delivers several prophecies to the crowd, before calling for an evacuation of the Nettles. He also gives the squad several more prophecies.
    • Afternoon: The squad, with military backup, deliver the search warrant to Mayor Macbannin, who claims not to know anything... shortly before his front yard dissolves into a geysering pool of witchoil. He employs several sadistic curses that shunt damage to his employees, as well as disguised Kell Guild assassins, but the RHC squad is eventually victorious. They capture Macbannin, kill Creed, and permanently disable the witchoil-creating factory hidden beneath the mayor's manor, saving the Nettles and much of Flint from a flood of witchoil.
  • 5 Summer: The RHC squad investigates the money trail leading to Allied Trust Bank.
  • 6 Summer: Mayor Macbannin is to receive a hearing on whether to be stripped of his position, but bashes his own head in against a brick wall, killing himself before the trial can commence. His spirit has already moved on and cannot be summoned.
  • 7 Summer: The RHC squad meets with Morgan Cippiano, reaching a tentative agreement easing the jail sentence for his Family members in exchange for information.
  • 24 Summer: Skyseer Sevard Nechim passes away of old age. His funeral is practically a state affair.

Adventure 3[edit]

  • 1 Autumn 500: RHC squad assigned to monitor Kaybeau Armament and Technology Exposition in Central District, Flint.

Adventure 4[edit]

  • 26 Autumn 500: Inspector-Sergeant Berg promoted to Assistant Chief Inspector. Chief Inspector Stover Delft assigns RHC squad to go undercover in order to do reconnaissance on potential Obscurati activity aboard Danor Express.
  • 16 Winter 500: Train arrives in Vendricce. RHC squad ambushes an Obscurati squad, capturing several enemy operatives before escaping.
  • 23 Winter 500: RHC squad returns to Flint with Obscurati prisoners, begins debriefing process.

Adventure 5[edit]

  • 8 Spring 501: King Aodhan arrives in Flint for Risur-Danor peace summit. Kell Guild attacks RHC again. Asrabey requests/demands assistance from the Crown. Terrorist eschatolgist dwarves bomb the Flint subrail, launching sniper attacks into a crowd before the RHC takes them out.
  • 9 Spring 501: Operation "Kick Kell's Ass" initiated. Present Date.