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UPP: B610515B

Trade: Desert, High Technology, Non Agricultural

A nearly airless and waterless world with one of the best starports in the Aquila Sector. The world has 800,000 people, almost all employees of the massive Korean chaebol LG, and are mostly of Korean origin. The colony is a cluster of domed towns and factory units manufacturing or assembling all kinds of consumer goods. It is placid, calm and civilised, almost too civilised in the opinion of conspiracy theorists who are searching for the tranquiliser drug plant plumbed into the water system. Since there is no agriculture, food is at a premium and very expensive for anything beyond basic ration blocks. Kimchi smuggling sounds like the stupidest occupation going, but on Zephyr it is a thriving business. There is allegedly a secret pickling factory somewhere in the outer reaches of the system turning foodstuffs and spices from Epsilon into a crude but passable kimchi... but what do they use for fish sauce?


Computer 0 and Trade 0 are automatic education skills, and any career can be followed. Rank in Citizen: Corporate can be used as a bonus to SS on world, and half rank (rounded down) in Worker likewise.