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PLAYER CONCEPT of a Non-Standard Starting Character: Post follows[edit]

  • Since my character didn't start off with 100 Points or Amber Ranked Attributes, like a Standard Starting Character, it immediately became apparent that handling my character's Attributes and Points would be a bit different than a Standard Starting Character and it might get tricky, so tracking those Points Spent from 'selling down' the Attributes as well as those gained from Advancement would be very important... but I was unsure how best to do this as I was not sure how many points I actually had to spend or how you, the GM, would want this shown on my Character's Running Sheet. But you fixed that by accounting for the Sold Down Attributes as a Negative Point Group with Advancement Points Spent, Awarded or Assigned to Boost those Attributes noted specifically as well s points left in Storage. All of this got me to thinking about tracking Negative Attributes and Sell Down Points, again, but mostly about the concept of a Zero Point Character.
  • In my opinion, a Zero Point Character would most likely be an NPC, but could also be a different type of Starting Player Character, much like mine. This Character could be an average Amberite Commoner with Amber Ranked Attributes and no Points spent on anything else. Or an above average Chaosian (or equivalent Race/Being) with Chaos Ranked (or better) Attributes and some Points Spent on Powers, Skills, etc., up to 40 Points could be gained for 'selling down' to Chaos Rank in all four Attributes. Or an exceptional Human (or equivalent), with Human Ranked Attributes (or better) and up to 100 Points gained for 'selling down' all four Attributes to Human Rank. Other variations are certainly possible, like my character, where different Attribute Ranks were Assigned and Sell Down Points made available by you the GM.
  • In the case of a Character Selling Down Attributes for Points, it has become apparent that tracking the Negative Point Attributes as well as the Sell Down Points Spent is important, but even more important will be the Advancement Points Awarded or Assigned and the tracking of the Points Spent on Boosting Attributes, even after they have reached Amber Rank and above. By tracking both Negative (Sell Down) and Positive (Awarded) Points in this fashion, it becomes apparent that the Character's actual, positive number, Point Total is equal to Zero at the Start of the Game, but thereafter will be equal to the Advancement Points Awarded (by the GM).
  • In the case of my Zero Point Character, his starting Attributes were higher than the Human he Racially is/was; this effectively gave me 40 Points to spend on his Skills and what ever else you the GM would allow or Assign based upon Game Play Events. Initially, some Sell Down Points were spent on Skills and Good Stuff (17 in total), leaving the remainder (23) in Storage for later. The 2021 Advancement Points were then (effectively) added to Endurance (+3) and Storage (+10, total now up to 33). During Game Play, early on, Points were moved from Storage and Assigned to Powers (1) and Shadows (1). Then when the First Advancement came and Points were awarded, Points were Assigned by you the GM, based on Game Play Events and My Advancement Wish List, to Powers (3), Shadows (1) and Attributes (10). All of the Points Gained from Sell Down and Advancement, Spent to date and Stored, have been meticulously noted on my Character's Running Sheet so as to keep everything straight.
  • So, as an example, my Character's total Positive Points available to be Spent equals (58), based on the Sell Down Points Gained (40) plus Advancement Points Awarded (18). But the Character's actual Point Total is only equal to (18), based on Advancement Points Awarded (18) and Sell Down Points Gained (40), but minus the Negative Attribute Points (-40). So, he could be considered an (18) Point Character, but since my Character's Points Spent and Assigned only equal thirty-six (36) and Points still in Storage equal twenty-two (22), so he could also be considered a (-4) Point Character with (22) Points in Storage.
  • However, once all Attributes are raised to Amber Rank or higher, the meticulous noting may not be as necessary, but surely a general note indicating that the Attributes were Sold Down and subsequently Bought Up would be prudent.
  • There is also the possibility for NPCs and PCs to have Starting Points below zero; a Negative Point Character. Negative 40 for an Average Chaosian and negative 100 for an Average Human, each with respective Attribute Ranks in all four Attributes. (But both of those examples are conversations for another time.)


  • GM: ok, not in any particular order. 1 pip of ***** ******: that was pulled by the (medallion) because at some point **** will learn how to move in *****. Having picked up the medallion he went to Chaos rank immediately. 40 pips available / The stat system in the game I always thought wonky. I abandoned the Ranked Stat thing back in my first game back in 1990ish. The sell down thing I thought short sighted if players were born Amberites. I thought at the least an Amberite born should have Amber rank stats. Anything less meant some handicap. Brain damage. Missing lung, psyche burned. 2 pips in Fort G******. MY thought on that was that he did a little bit of stumbling around shadowwalking, a skill that the medallion has but not as an expert. So focusing on getting back to FG meant concentrating so hard that Pips were spent on Personal Shadow, and (Control of) Contents.
  • Player: Aahhh, 2 pips... AND Control of Contents... I don't recall seeing that on ****'s Running Sheet.
  • GM: my thought is that trying to use a power early on, he knew his own world well enough to get to it and drop off victor. Then leaving it the medallion wants him to go to a safe place so he found the safest one nearby, ****'s ******. Coming back to FG he wanted it so hard and had to focus on what was there to get there. so... Personal Shadow-Control of Contents
  • Player: makes sense and I agree. points well spent. I will edit the running sheet soon to reflect this. Also, speaking of FG and stuff... what about the Sigil? The Imprint? What is the cost of that? I mean other than the 3 pips to SS you assigned. cool BTW. Good way to start off SS...
  • GM: The cost of the imprint I have not worked out yet. it will be small. 2 probably, since it also pulled 3 for SS. It's a Low Order Sigil with a frame able to hold low order versions of sorcery spells
  • Player: but also 2 high order spells, you said. yeah, I guess 5 total for the Framework, SS and general minor Sigil related powers sounds right.
  • GM: yes. but those are two high order spells POWERED as low order spells. So a fire ball thrown from a amber pattern frame and a fire ball thrown from the Lake Lilly imprint will be vastly different in power.
  • Player: most certainly. I figured it was more about the variety or flavor than the raw power available. as you said, it IS a Low Order Sigil and Framework
  • GM: on skills and sold down stats. my thought is a human buys down from 100. gets 100 pips to spend. But he wants to be a triathlete so that's say 15 pips in strength and endurance for 30 pips.