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This is a Barbarians of Lemuria character played by Chronicler.

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Zhijun.jpg Quote: "Heed my words for I speak on behalf of the Khanate."
Race: Human Gender: Male Origin: Khanate
Lemurian, Sorceric, Valgardish, Zhou (N)
Strength: 1 Initiative: 0 Noble: 1
Agility: 2 Melee: 1 Warrior: 1
Mind: 1 Ranged: 1 Sorcerer: 1
Appeal: 1 Defense: 2 Spy: 1
Lifeblood: 11 Arcane Power: 11 Hero Points: 5
Pantherish Grace, Quick Recovery, Runemarked Skin
Runemarked Skin (1)
Bow (d6), Dagger (d6L+1), Sword (d6+1)

Born to a noble Khanate bloodline of only minor status, Zhijun nevertheless grew up cultured and well-versed in the art of war. His lean build and innate grace made him a natural at archery and swordplay, which allowed him to excel as an Imperial yunjiwei. The martial accomplishments he achieved during this early period gained him notice by his superiors who deemed him worthy of further training--this time in the esoteric arts. Under the tutelage of Taoist wu jen, Zhijun learned to blend sorcery and swordsmanship into a potent combination. Now armed with both steel and magic, he served faithfully as an Imperial-sponsored youxia all throughout the empire until he was eventually recalled back to Khansan City for an emergency.

A new menace had emerged in the west. From across the Frozen Tyr, within the untamed lands of Valgard, the dead of the Rot Kingdom had stirred once more. Spewing forth in great numbers, the abominations posed a direct threat to the Khanate as numerous hordes shambled their way eastward toward populated areas. The fight to contain them was bloody and fierce, and Zhijun even partook in several desperate battles on the front line. While his heroism was lauded by some, after the situation was finally under control, he was ordered to travel to Vintergart to secure an alliance with the barbarians against their common foe. However, during the border crossing, tragedy befell the newly-appointed envoy and his armed escort as a mob of undead swarmed them. Zhijun, the sole survivor of the deadly encounter, barely escaped and now finds himself alone as a stranger in a strange land.