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Zhou Quan[edit]

Background & Image[edit]

Zhou Quan.jpg

Zhou Quan is junzi by birth, one of the privileged of Dulimbai. He trained under hard expectations, to pass the examinations in the full manner of an absolute cultured gentleman... and he did so with flying colors. Until he also found he was also capable of breaking the examination hall quite literally. That had been a great embarrassment, not to mention being a Godbound made him an essentially disruptive figure and his family had plenty of intrigues and enemies as it was.

So it was made clear to him that a 'special fact-finding mission' was in order... an effective exile for the time being.

Level Tracker[edit]

  • Level: 3
  • Effort: 5
  • XP: 10
  • Influence: 4
  • Available Dominion: 2
  • Spent Dominion: 4
    • Project #1: Introduced Agricultural Techniques
    • Project Scope: The settlement of Alad.
    • Project Effects: Enables a solid harvest, despite the swampy surroundings.
    • Project #2: Mass Education
    • Project Scope: The settlement of Alad.
    • Project Effects: The inhabitants of Alad become well educated in a number of fields.
    • Project #3: MIMIR
    • Project Scope: MIMIR's system.
    • Project Effects: Dominion spent towards MIMIR's restoration.
  • Wealth: 3


  • Junzi by Birth: Quan was born a member of the junzi of Dulimbai, and so had all the status, authority and education afforded to him by rightful birth.
  • First-Class Scholar: Even before becoming Godbound, Zhou Quan was one of the brightest and best scholars of his generation, one with immense academic prowess.
  • Past Acquaintance with the Academicians: Certain friends of Zhou Quan are members of the Academy of Thought, and even though he has chosen to avoid their works and questionable studies, he is on good terms with the school.
  • Administrative Adept: Zhou Quan is a master of navigating, running and formulating bureaucracy.
  • TBD:


  • Strength 19 (+4) [Check: 2+]
  • Dexterity 13 (+1) [Check: 8+]
  • Constitution 16 (+2) [Check: 5+]
  • Intelligence 18 (+3) [Check: 3+]
  • Wisdom 18 (+3) [Check: 3+]
  • Charisma 13 (+1) [Check: 8+]

Saving Throws[edit]

  • Hardiness 9+
  • Evasion 10+
  • Spirit 10+

Combat Info[edit]

  • HP: 20
  • AC: 2
  • Fray Die: 1d8
  • Attack: Unarmed +7 [Damage 1d12+4]

Words & Gifts[edit]

Endurance: Constitution raised to 16, no need to eat, sleep, drink or breathe.

  • Body of Iron Will: Your natural armor class is 3. You are impervious to any natural environmental damage, such as that caused by extreme heat, cold, pressure, radiation, or vacuum. Such forces used as a weapon or hazard against you function normally. Armor or shields don't benefit this base AC.
  • Defy the Iron: Commit Effort to the end of scene. Negate one physical attack or instance of bodily injury. This gift can't ward off mental or spiritual damage types, or magical effects that would normally provoke a Spirit save. This immunity extends only to one round worth of damage when facing an ongoing peril that does damage each round.

Knowledge: Intelligence raised to 18.

  • Effort of the Word: Your maximum Effort increases by one point.
  • Excellence of the Word (Wisdom): Wisdom is raised to 18.
  • The Omniscient Scholar: You always know the answer to any question involving such learning, if any mortal sage knows it and automatically succeed on attribute checks to accomplish intellectual tasks if they're within mortal capabilities.

Might: Strength raised to 19.

  • Fists of Black Iron: The Godbound's unarmed and weapon attacks are fueled by their tremendous strength. One-handed weapons do 1d10 damage in their hands, and two-handed ones or unarmed attacks made with both hands free inflict 1d12. These attacks count as magical weapons.
  • Stronger Than You: Whenever the Godbound is in an opposed Strength check or contest against another creature or opposing it in a grapple or other exercise of strength, the Godbound always wins. If two Godbound with this gift struggle, the test is resolved normally. As an action, the Godbound can confer the benefits of this gift on an ally for one contest or action.
  • Thews of the Gods: The Godbound is always able to pick up anything smaller than a large building and punch through, smash, or break loose any non-magical substance as a free part of their movement or other actions. This might is quickly deployed, but not finely-controlled enough to help damage rolls or other attacks.


  • The accoutrements of a scholarly junzi.