A Trip to Soldier Port

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"A Trip to Soldier Port"

Soldier Port.png

Dramatis Personae

The Pangolin

Player Characters


Frederick Carver

Aaston Reld

Non Player Characters

Pavis Price List

Pavis Price List


House Rules

Note; A Griffin has an Intelligence of 6, not nearly high enough to see a difference between a horse and a pony. Thus griffins eat all horses and horse-like creatures.


Character Generation

Standard PWB Character Sheet Format

Note this sheet is for the finished Parade Way Blues game. Ignore references to Pavis Constabulary.

Combat Rules

  • Shortswords, Broadswords, Scimitars, Bastard Swords and Greatswords all do 1d8+1 damage on a thrusting attack, they retain their existing damage for cutting attacks.
  • All spears do 1d8+1 damage.
  • Any Two Handed Weapon uses the next higher Damage Bonus.
  • At Negative Fatigue Points the next lower Damage Bonus is used.
  • Pila (the plural of Pilum) are Javelins that have 15AP, but cannot be used as melee weapons.

Special Attacks: RuneQuest 2 Slashes, Impales, and Crushes can be declared instead of a knockback on a Special Attack roll. Shield or Weapon Special Parry rolls Bind the parried object for 10 Strike Ranks, but the parrying weapon may not be used in that time, nor may the attacker or parrier close or lengthen range in that time.