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NSC Backgrounds of Kindred in Amsterdam by Night.


Arthur Alten

Arthur is your average young punk, but with potential. He's brash and easy to anger, but with a smooth bit of charisma and a social air that could make him something to watch if he can survive his first hundred years.

Josee Vargas

It's not only his name that sounds Spanish. His looks shows this as well. Josee is a bit more on the intellectual and philosophical edge of his Clan. But also he sometimes shows some insight that some may not like.


Hope is a daughter of Malcom de Medici. Unlike what her name implies her fighting abilities are quite good. She and her sire seem to get along quite well - maybe a bit better then that.


Isabelle Richard

She is definitively more urban then others of her clan. Sometimes flashy, sometimes a lack of style. Definitively a feline predator - as some tend to see a special sort of women. She seems to be very moody in her tome, but that only stresses her feline reputation.


Strider is always on a trip. He's relatively new in town, hardly talks and really embraces the heart of all what people say a Gangrel would be. A looner, drifter and most probably a fierce warrior.


Dr. Frank Rassmussen

He is one of those Malkavians who probably were once professionals and now seem to treat themselfs as patients of a disease or psychosis.

Giuseppe d'Angelo

He speaks German as good as Italian. Probably his parents moved during the 60ies in times of the German Wirtschaftswunder. So he's young and what's worse: He is crazy and seems to have suicidal tendencies - at least sometimes.


Christine Buren

She is the kind of Nosferatu who will thrill your nerves as she enjoyes creepyness to a certain degree.

Klaas De Vries

Klaas De Vries alias Hellrazor is a young computer programmer / part-time hacker who has been embraced mostly for his skills with modern technology by Evert van Rypen, but proved exceptionally loyal and useful, and is groomed for some office in the city.


Definitively a sneaky personality. He prefers to let actions speak, not words and especially not pictures. Also you never know if he's here unless he wants you to know it.


Fiorenza Bermani

A Lasombra originally from Sicily. Claims to be tired of the Sabbat and thinking about switching sides. She is known to stay in contact with Evert van Rypen and is considered a reliable informant nonetheless, most of the time.


Kalidas Hayasiras

Not only that he bears an Indian name, he seems to have some connection to Indian diamond traders both in Amsterdam as well as Antwerpen. Kalidas usually appears in fancy suits - in European or Indian style - and displays a certain wealth by various jewels.

Louis Degere

Louis is a french toreador who surrounds himself with mortal servants in an almost unholy fashion. Further he seems to be some sort of charismatic cult leader. It seems to be a pretty real-live related cult of enlightenment.


Walter von Stahl

He is a pretty typical Ventrue finance dude and his mayor interest seems to be the interest rates of Amsterdams real estate buissness.

Karl Steveneck

Karl is a very witty and educated guy. He was probably embraced for his capabilities and knowledge rather then for his financial activities, as Karl does not embrace the love of money - as so many modern day Ventrue do.