Battle Club X: Shiko Kuroi

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Shiko Kuroi[edit]

High Concept: On the border of life and death

Trouble: Guardian of Death's Door

Aspect: Who was I before Death took me in?


Forceful +3

Flashy +2

Careful +2

Clever +1

Sneaky +1

Quick 0


Rise From The Grave: Because I am nearly dead, once per session I can automatically succeed at a defense as long as I appear to be taken out by it.

Lights Out: Because I can appear out of nowhere after the lights go out and then on, once per session, I can create the advantage of "shocked and stunned" in my opponents after the lights go off and I suddenly appear when they come back on again.

"Scary:" Because I am nearly dead, I gain +2 to Forcefully Attack someone who is scared of me.


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