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This is a page for Battle Club X, a play-by-post game on

In Battle Club X, the players are a professional wrestlers, playing larger-than-life characters that travel all over the globe putting on simulated combat spectacles in front of hordes of rabid fans. They’ve just joined a brand new promotion called Battle Club X. This promotion is owned by Gil Pierce, son of legendary basketball player/owner billionaire. J.C. Pierce. This upstart company has made some definite waves in the wrestling business, which is currently dominated by the behemoth corporation, Wide World Wrestling. Characters need to put on the best show possible and give the fans the portrayals of violence that they crave.

Oh, and one more thing...THEY ALSO FIGHT CRIME!!!

While wrestling performances for championship titles may be the character’s primary goal, there are plenty of adventures and mysteries outside of the ring as well. Whenever and wherever there’s a need for a well-placed superkick or powerful bodyslam (and there always seems to be plenty of opportunities), the characters will be there to deliver it!

Battle Club X: Rules

Battle Club X: Background

Example Characters

Battle Club X: Craig Alpha

Battle Club X: Austin Norvell

Player Characters

Battle Club X: La Valquiria Enmascarada

Battle Club X: Missy Bee

Battle Club X: Shiko Kuroi

Professional Wrestling Organizations

Battle Club X: Battle Club X (BCX)

Battle Club X: Wide World Wrestling (WWW)

Rising Sun Professional Wrestling (RSPW)

Battle Club X: Administrar Accion de Luchar (AAL)

Wrestling Factions

The A-List

The Gun Crew