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Basic Information

Character Sheet

Race: Half-Balashir

Class: Time Warrior (Paladin)

Level: 12

Hit Points: 88

Proficiency Bonus: +4

Armor Class: 16 (leather scale armor +2, Dex +4)

Speed: 40 ft


Ability Score Bonus Save
STR 10 +0 +0
DEX 18 +4 +4
CON 12 +1 +1
INT 8 -1 -1
WIS 13 +1 +5
CHA 18 +4 +8

Weapons & Gear:

  • Straightened Scimitar +8, 1d6+6
  • Dagger +8, 1d4+6 piercing
  • Throwing Knives +8, 1d4+4 piercing, range 20/60

Boots of Riding- 1/day Casts Dominate Beast as a 7th level spell (DC 15 Save), but you can only issue two commands to the beast “Go to a specific location” and “Allow me to ride you”. You also gain advantage on Animal Handling ability checks to control a mount.

6 Cards from the Deck of Illusion- Ogre, Joker (whoever throws the card), Bugbear, A Clay Golem, A Ten-by-ten Wall, Old Soldier


  • Acrobatics +4 (Dex)
  • Animal Handling +5 (Wis) (Proficiency from Boots of Riding)
  • Arcana -1 (Int)
  • Athletics +4 (Str)
  • Deception +8 (Cha)
  • History +3 (Int)
  • Intimidation +4 (Cha)
  • Investigation +7 (Int)
  • Medicine +1 (Wis)
  • Perception +5 (Wis)
  • Performance +4 (Cha)
  • Persuasion +8 (Cha)
  • Religion -1 (Int)
  • Sleight of Hand +8 (Dex)
  • Stealth +8 (Dex)
  • Survival +1 (Wis)


  • Armor: Light
  • Weapons: Simple and Martial
  • Saves: Wisdom and Charisma
  • Languages: Common, Balashir, Old Tongue
  • Tools: Forgery (kit), Warriors (game)


  • Temporal Healing (Lay on Hands) 60 HP/long rest
  • Divine Sense 60 ft, 5 times/long rest
  • Immune to Aging
  • Fighting Style - Dueling +2 dmg
  • Extra Attack
  • Temporal Slash (Divine Smite) +2d8 damage for level 1 slot, +1d8 each additional level.
  • Improved Temporal Slash (Improved Divine Smite) +1d8 on all physical attacks
  • Aura of Protection 10 ft, +4 to Saving Throws
  • Chrono-Boost Grant an ally within 10 feet of you an extra action they take immediately. 1 time/short or long rest
  • Chrono-Surge (Action Surge), 1 time/short or long rest
  • Circle of Sending/Recall (Using a circle you create, and one prepared earlier, up to 100 lbs of equipment can be transported between the two locations provided they are within 10 miles. This can be used once per short or long rest.

Background : Rebel Scribe

  • History
  • Investigation
  • Forgery Kit Proficiency
  • Inside Informant


  • ASI (4th) +2 Dexterity
  • ASI (8th) +2 Charisma
  • ASI (12th) Prodigy: Stealth, Warriors, Old Tongue Proficiency, Expertise in Investigation.


Spells Prepared: 11
Spell List:

1st Level: 4/4 slots

  • Bane (C1M, AS, TE3, R30, SI)
  • Divine Favor (C1M, AB, T/RS, SN)
  • Earth Tremor (NI, AS, T?, R10, S?)
  • Expeditious Retreat (C10M, AB, T/RS, SN) <PREPARED>
  • Feather Fall (N1M, AR, TC5, R60, SN) <PREPARED>
  • Identify N
  • Detect Magic (C) <PREPARED>
  • Longstrider N
  • Shield of Faith (C)<PREPARED>
  • Shield <PREPARED> (NI, AR, T/RS, SN)

2nd Level: 3/3 slots

  • Augery N
  • Blur (C) <PREPARED>
  • Enlarge/Reduce (C)
  • Enhance Ability (C)
  • Misty Step N <PREPARED>

3rd Level: 3/3 slots

  • Blink N
  • Dispel Magic N
  • Haste (C) <PREPARED>
  • Slow (C) <PREPARED>
  • Sending N <PREPARED>
  • Revivify N <PREPARED>



Llayne's Creation

Name: Lannax (goes by Lann?)

deep golden tan skin, faintly enlarged canines, lean build, full head of prematurly silver hair, spiky and somewhat wild.

Mostly human, but both parents had mixed heritage:

  • Father - 1/4 something? sensitive nose, deep golden tan skin, faintly enlarged canines (barely noticeable)
  • Mother - mostly human, with with trace amounts of multiple different races. (16ths? 32nds?). (Lannax is judged by his mostly human appearance.)


  • Can become irritable or frustrated
  • knows how to read/write and search a library
  • Interested in a noble family that has 'illicit dealings' (why?)
  • likes history? Politics?
  • Has some bias against Ebankh's 'people' but works to overcome it.
  • May have a thing against demons? (why?)
  • inexperienced/bad with women?

Abilities - Knowledge

  • read symbol (noble houses?) ++
  • underworld knowledge
  • Identifying the hellhounds? +
  • architecture --

Abilities - Physical

  • hide in a crowd/creeping -
  • quick hands +
  • rapid strikes
  • quick reflexes (defense roll) +
  • roof leaping

Abilities - Social

  • gauge reactions ++-+
  • cheating/conning +
  • convincing people +
  • project confidence/hard stare +

Abilities - Mental

  • Iron Mind Defense Technique!
  • Notice details/detect doors ++

Abilities - Temporal

  • temporal slash (advantage granting?) +
  • tactical time dilation
  • enhanced speed
  • temporal healing +

Abilities - Magical

  • cancel magical effect -
  • arcane strike +
  • sense magic
  • aport object
  • short teleport
  • banish -
  • aura (vs evil?) --
  • gigantification ++

Thorya's Creation

First draft of the character below. None of this is set-in stone. We can tweak to get Lannax to be the way you pictured him or even go back to the drawing board if this doesn't work for you.

My random notes to start with in making the character (might explain my thought process).

Spoiler: Hide

Mixed Human

Doesn’t know about architecture, but knows history and heraldry. Also has some knowledge of magic. Blending in with a crowd - Sleight of hand + Depends on reflexes for defense + Reading people++ Lying + Persuading + Project Confidence+ Perception ++ Iron Mind Defense (some mental defense) Time manipulation Enchance speed, temporal slash, enhanced speed, healing Dispel - Arcane Strike (magically empowered blade) + Sense Magic / Teleport objects to himself, short teleport Banish - Protective magic – Enlarge person spell++

Notes: High charisma, High perception (maybe high wisdom) High Dex Medium or light armor? Does some sort of time magic, but not very good at abjuration/dispelling effects. Maybe your spellcasting ability is different than charisma. (Maybe intelligence?) So buffs and spells that don’t depend on the ability work fine for you, but things like dispel magic where you have to roll your ability fail? If we make your casting stat bad, we might need to balance out things to help you in other areas. Not stealthy, but otherwise dexterous?

Time Warrior Mechanics for Lannax Spoiler: Hide

Stats Strength 10 Dexterity 18= 14 +1 Balashir Racial + 1 Human + 2 Attribute Increase Constitution 12 Intelligence 8 Wisdom 13 Charisma 18 = 15 + 1 Balashir Racial +2 Attribute increase

Proficiencies Light Armor, Martial Weapons, Saving Throws Wisdom, Charisma, Athletics, Persuasion, History, Perception, One tool proficiency, One skill from your race?

Class Abilities Start with Paladin as Base (HP, anything I missed), Modify as follows:

Lay on Hands = Same Mechanically, but described is turning back time to do the healing. Divine Sense = Same. Fighting Style = Same. Dueling? Spellcasting = Same progression, but different spell list and intelligence is your spellcasting ability. Divine Smite = Temporal Slash Divine Health = Cut. We’ll replace with something else, but doesn’t really make sense and disease doesn’t really come up. Maybe immune to aging instead? Extra Attack= Same. Aura of Protection = Hmm, I would be okay with keeping this the same and reskin it as altering space/time to help protect your allies. Alternately, you could give people advantage on any save against ongoing effects instead. Aura of Courage = Maybe change for something else? How about action boost, once per short rest use your bonus action to grant an ally within 10 feet of you an extra action they take immediately. Very time control based and feels like a nice buff to be able to throw out. Up to you if you’d rather have aura of courage.

Alternate Spell List (There are probably other spells that fit thematically with the space/time magic thing, so let me know if there are other things you think should be on here) 1st- Bane, Dissonant Whispers, Divine Favor, Earth Tremor, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Heroism, Identify, Longstrider, Shield of Faith 2nd- Augury, Blur, Enlarge/Reduce, Enhance Ability, Misty Step 3rd- Blink, Dispel Magic, Haste, Slow, Sending,

Oath = Oath of the Timekeeper

Two "Oath" Abilities

3rd level abilities Circle of Recall- Recall Items (Custom, the item teleportation thing you used for your equipment). Items prepared beforehand can be call to your location from up to 10 miles away. A maximum of 100 lbs of equipment can be transported this way. You can use this ability once per short or long rest.

Speed increased +10 ft per round.

7th level ability Temporal Surge – Action Surge, like the fighter ability.