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Active Games (GMing)[edit]

Active Characters (Playing)[edit]

In Development[edit]

Games in Development[edit]

  • N/A

Characters in Development[edit]

  • N/A


Inactive Games[edit]

Inactive Characters[edit]

  • Henrik "Ham" Mason played in Firefly: Leaf On The Wind, Cortex+ (Paused by GM, RL Complications)
  • Breeze Quentin played in brahnamin's Firefly:_Reavers of the Rim game using Cortex Plus/Prime. (Paused by GM, RL Complications)
  • Frac the Fluke played in Thorya's Keynes End 21313, a Shadowrun inspired game using the Resistance System. (Paused)
  • Scrap played in Karl Green's Savage Seattle, a Shadowrun game using SWADE. {Discontinued by GM)
  • Lokesh the Paragon of Air, played in Villainn6's Legend of the Avatars game, using Avatar Legends. (Disconinued by GM)
  • Allistar Atrivahn played in Borderlands Iskai Tiny Dungeons 2E (trial run of new system, Discontinued by GM)
  • Kross the Kitsune Tinker/Gunslinger/Thief played in Cosmic Hobo's A Slime Draws Near! game, as a playtest of the Fabula Ultima system. (Trial run of new system, Discontinued by GM)
  • Joshua Warren, playedg in Fallout: The FATE of Vault 96, FATE Core. (Discontinued by GM)
  • Malcolm Shaw Fifth Year Ravenclaw Prefect, played in Kokopelli's Well of Nimue, FATE Accelerated. (Discontinued by GM)
  • Silver Godslight a human Bard, played in Talisman's Salvage Operation, D&D 5E. (Discontinued by GM)
  • Barrett a honey badger with a mean sweet tooth, played in Talisman's Project Beta, SWADE. (Discontinued by GM)
  • Grim Highbattle played in Pandorym's SWADE Fantasy game. (Discontinued by GM)
  • Sister Serra Played in Herodarwin's Swordplay and Sorcery game using the Thirsty Sword Lesbian's system. (Discontinued by GM)
  • Kieran Galvaynes played in IMGoose's Skies of FATE, a JRPG inspired game using Fate Core.(Discontinued by GM)
  • Bulwark II played in thewizardguy's Gate City - Four Color Heroes campaign, using SUPERS!RED. (Discontinued by GM)
  • Keggers played in ncc2010's Blind Hope campaign, a Star Wars came using the West End Games D6 system. (stalled)
  • Raze played The Gang's All Here. DIE (stalled)
  • Daynen Caer'mos the Bothan Mercenary Marine playing in mistermisterw's Star Wars: Scoundrels Luck, using WEG Star Wars 2nd Edition.
  • Zeng Wei Marshall created for Gang City. Shadow of the Century (Failed to launch)
  • Gaar Makinaugh created for Neon Suns. FAE Cyberpunk (Failed to launch)
  • Corporal M. J. Irons, created for Shawn_Hagan's Masks - Teen Heroes and a Great War game. (Failed to launch)
  • Waryn, created for Brahnamin's Urchins Fantasy Mecha game, using Cortex Prime. (Failed to launch)
  • Milo the Tenderpaw, created for Nona's Mouse Guard campaign, using Mouse Guard 2nd Edition.(Failed to Launch)
  • Sir Bryce Crofton Bt KCMG, created for PSTJMACK's Gaslight Cthulhu game.(Bowed out during character creation)