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Active Characters[edit]

Characters in Development[edit]


Inactive Characters[edit]

  • Henrik "Ham" Mason playing in Firefly: Leaf On The Wind, Cortex+ (Paused by GM, RL Complications)
  • Zeng Wei Marshall created for Gang City. Shadow of the Century (Failed to launch)
  • Gaar Makinaugh playing in Neon Suns. FAE Cyberpunk (Failed to launch)
  • Raze playing The Gang's All Here. DIE (stalled)
  • Allistar Atrivahn playing in Borderlands Iskai Tiny Dungeons 2E (trial run of new system, discontinued by GM)
  • Kiarran, playing in Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG. (Left due to differences in pacing expectations.)
  • Joshua Warren, playing in Fallout: The FATE of Vault 96, FATE Core. (Cancelled by GM)
  • Malcolm Shaw Fifth Year Ravenclaw Prefect, playing in Kokopelli's Well of Nimue, FATE Accelerated Edition. (discontinued by GM due to RL)