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Felix Wyse's Bookmobile Reading Room.



Felix Wyse

Felix Wyse is a librarian adventurer. Born in a world of the Antheris Sway. During his life he served in the military, gained doctorates in history, languages, anthropology, folklore, political science, Library sciences and botany as well as graduate degrees in many other fields. He was a perpetual student. His life path was remarkable for the world he was born in but not remarkable on the shadowwide scale until two incidents changed everything.

The first incident occurred when he was at the age of 112. The Black Road War came crushing through his shadow. His nursing home was destroyed and the elderly, decrepit, and deeply senile Felix wandered through the ruble wounded and delirious. In his crawling and staggering he fell on a Medallion of Mesob. The medallion melted into him and began the processes of healing him. He crawled first and the medallion's power of shadowshifting followed the command to find someplace safe that the man's mind was able to manage.

Soon after he awoke from a deep peaceful sleep. The medallion had healed him and was in the process of making him young. His strength and endurance improved. In time the man's brilliant mind recovered and he began his new adventures.

The second occurrence was a meeting with a Chaosian wizard who was badly damaged in the war. Felix took the time to tend the man and in gratitude he saw Felix through a Woven Logrus. He then instructed him in Sorcery, Conjuration, and the basics of several low order magic systems.


In time Felix created a traveling kit as many shadow travelers do. It was unusual in its purpose. As a scholar he collected books wherever he went, trading for them. He customized an Airstream Classic into a research library.

He trades for books and items of interest.


Along the way he found a barrel that refills with lemons daily.

He also gained the ability to produce one lemon ever day by hand.

He gained the ability to grant the lemon-production power to others once a year.

So he trades in lemons and serves lemonade.


Running Sheet Felix Wyse