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Chaotic Neutral Half-Orc (House Tharashk) Male Fighter 6/Berserker 2/Warblade 4

Appearance: Trent Carlyle is a huge man. Pretty much well above six feet and almost entirely muscle. Even amongst Half-Orcs, he's large and looks like he could probably tear most people a new one. The signs of his Half-Orc parentage are mostly around his exaggerated canines that resemble tusks when he opens his mouth along with his slightly pointed ears.

One of Trent's most noticible aspects is that his left arm is entirely mechanical. This is a reflection of the fact that he had his natural arm cut off and promptly replaced with a Warforged graft. Those in the know may be surprised to find that it also contains a Wand of Fireballs

Roleplaying Hints: Trent Carlyle is an interesting study in contrasts. Despite the fact that he's fairly well educated in history, strategy, tactics, legal affairs, politics, and religion.....he's a lummox. Trent's primary interests are coin, women, food, and killing people. The order varying on what time of day it is. The fact that he's congenial and pleasant during the frequent altercations he involves himself in is one of the great amusements in Shadowfast.

One thing that should be noted is the fact that, despite Trent's ridiculously unpleasant life, he refuses to brood about it and mostly just focuses on finding the people that wronged him before putting them six feet under.

Background: Trent was born in the Shadow Marches to a beautiful Princess of the Tharashk nobility before she turned him over to a set of simple farmers who raised him. Trent, unfortunately, became too much of a mouth to feed and he was turned out at age seven into the winter to fend for himself. Killing animals for his food and living in a cave with a hibernating bear, he was adopted by House Tharashk.

His experiences with House Tharashk weren't exactly pleasant as the band he was kept in was one that ruthlessly abused him and treated him with abject scorn. They, eventually, started treating him better when they noticed that several members of the band that had treated him poorly were dead despite being cautious fighters.

Still, Trent discovered his remarkable intelligence wasn't especially revered amongst the Bounty Hunters and it was some time before he learned to read. Indeed, at fourteen, he was transformed into a voracious reader as he spent his time off from a bodyguard job at the Morgrave Library. The fact that he still lived with a bunch of killers, trappers, and hunters kept his unpleasant demeanor still.

Eventually, Trent's employment brought him into the service of the Red Hawks as he was offered an exclusive contract with Colonel Cassius Du'Shadowfast. Swiftly, the foreigner rose to become second in command of the organization as he learned everything the Half- Elven Warleader knew. Trent, eventually, decided to part ways with his mentor when he discovered he had strong feelings for the man's daughter.

Trent gained a respectable position as a lawyer for his House's legal affairs, despite the fact that no one took the seasoned soldier very seriously as a legal analyst. Nevertheless, he felt that it was time for him to ask Mina to run away and be his bride. This turned out to be a mistake as Cassius promptly murdered most of his allies, cut off his arm, and sold him to Demon Wastes traders.

Trent spent the next two years toiling in a Demon Wastes gladiator arena before he freed himself and joined the Ghash'kala Orcs for a time. Eventually, he grew homesick and ended up burning bridges behind him as he killed two tribesmen who prevented him from leaving.

Trent's attempts to track down and destroy Cassius Cato hit a snag when he discovered the man's home had been burned to the ground by the evil Strahd and he'd gone off to fight in the Cyrean battles. The half-orc, ironically, ended up enslaved again after encountering a group of Black Lotus Society merchants that had recently looted Thelia's tribe. Instead, Trent ended up a battle soldier on the fields of Darguun. He won his freedom, this time, by just killing every one of his captors and leading their enemies to finish them off.

Believing Cassius killed in the Mourning, Trent made a significant name for himself as a mercenary. He's since re-established his ties with his house, despite their disbelief at his existence and only there learned that Cassius Cato is still alive. Trent believes in revenge but only when he's successfully brought him low in a way that makes him pay for the ten years of Hell he's suffered.

Shadows over Cyre