Shadows over Cyre

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Shadows over Cyre[edit]

A Role-playing game page devoted to the Eberron Play by Post The Shadows over Cyre. Here the main characters may post their backgrounds and anything relevant to the storyline that will be worth preserving for posterity.

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Setting Information[edit]

Abbey of the Abyss (Saint Alice's Sanitarium)

Boar's Head Tavern

Caer Shadowfast

Castle Shadowfast


St. Maries School of Adventuring and Heroics

The Tail End Inn and Bath House

The Warehouse

Warehouse 42

Other locales[edit]

Sigil - The City of Portals in Eberron's cosmology.

The Fifth Dimension - Home of the Gods in Eberron

Kasshta Keep - The city of refuge.

Castle Staff[edit]

Royal Household

Maya Ir'Wynarn - Unstable Paladin, Hunter of Evil, and lover of all things Cute and Fuzzy

Regular Soldiery

AR-2-Whee! (Patch's first homunculus)

Fracture- Racist Warforged, Psion, 2nd in command of the fortress

Gladius - The Bard

Machina- Fracture's Apprentice, shapeshifter

Gortuck - Sheriff of Caer Shadowfast, possible future Batman

Patch- Mute medic.

Count Sparda - Totally not Siber.

The Bleeding Rabbits

Aust D'Thuranni - Bleeding Rabbit

Min - Totally not Rupin's girlfriend.

Rupin - Commander of the Bleeding Rabbits and former smuggler and Dark Lantern

Tacono- Bleeding Rabbit

Twitch - Bleeding Rabbit

Court Wizard

Doctor Ankh


Amethyst - Cute Widdle Woof Girl Scientist.

Benjamin Greywood - Gatekeeper and head of The Tail End Inn

Gerald Greywood - Warrior, statesman, Bruce Willis

Kaira - Renounced Enemy of Siber.

Karin - Avatar of the Fox Lord

Kirielle "Kiri" D'Vadalis - Artificer, tinker, and part-time adventurer.


Megan D'Deneith - Melissa's Clone, defender of Light

The Seven Shifters - Female Cat-type Shifters seeking the Gatekeeper of All Gatekeepers

Thelia Vulpes - Highly deadly fanservice, last remaining Fox Shifter, and possibly biggest Kicked Puppy of the setting

Thunk - Hugger of all things fuzzy

Xiang - Freed host of a Mad Quori

Yari No Name, Sarin No Name, Johnny Carter - Young group of children that have taken up residence in Shadowfast.

Zeke - Lovable Warforged and breaker of many things


Residents who engage in all manner of scoundrel-like behavior both good naturedly roguish and evil.

Delake- Xen'drick traveler

Jan -Delake's mate


Samantha - Delake's ward

The Fury - Insanely cute evil Child.

Verei d'Lyrandar - Pirate and Airship Captain

Xrillia - Delake's cousin


Because of it's importance as a trading post, there is always someone coming or going. Most are merely passing through or delivering goods, but a significant number call Caer Shadowfast home.




Chantal's Sisters

Damp Bouchevelue d'Medani

Drake d'Cannith - Leader of the Brelish branch of house Cannith

Finnel d'Thuranni - Drake's diviner

James d'Orien - Drake's right hand

Julia Exonal

Kael and The Cabal

Lhesh Dhakaan




Nacon - inactive

Quantesh - inactive


Alexia Tairden - Member of the Twelve Deadly Gods

Elita Scuro - inactive

Rylien Onsokomaru - Resident Ninja.

Saggio Scuro - inactive

Ted Sprangler - Prone to survival.

Varash Sverrgrit - Half Dragon warrior.

Past Adventures[edit]

Khorvaire - YK 900 - A glimpse into the early years of the Last War


Action Points - Breaking the RAW in style

Campaign Themes and Recommended Reading

Campaign Timeline

Divine Sparks

Eberron Equipment - Objects that are interesting from a in-game Artificer's Perspective.

Eberron Primer

Eberron Classes and Levels - Or why you can't play as Minmax, the Unstoppable Warrior

Ecology of the Rabbit Shifter by Rhubardin on White Wolf's forums.

Flags of Eberron

Human Forged --- Replicants in Eberron.

Legends and Heroes --- Who's who.

Magnificent B*stardry

Motivational Posters

Mournland Scavenging Rules - Ignore at your own peril

Regular Citizens- A reference sheet for those who live in the town and aren't terribly of importance to your average Eberron adventurer.

Relics of the Gods- Major Magical Items.

The Dragonic Prophecy

The Origins of Lycanthropy

The Thirteen Shifter Types

Tv Tropes

Minor NPCs[edit]

Family Members




Students of Saint Marie's Academy

Deceased NPCs[edit]

Dead PCs

Dead NPCs

Non-Evil Groups[edit]

The Animal Lords - Ancient Spiritual Beings created by Eberron herself and corrupted by Nyarlathotep

The Bearers of the Crimson Flame - The fanatical eyes, ears, voice, and claws of the Chamber throughout Eberron

The Bleeding Rabbits - War relief subsection of the Watchmen

The Chamber - Secret society of Dragons that seeks to advance the Prophecy

The Draconic Congress - And you thought OUR world had treasure-hoarding, secret-loving, affair-having, world-dominating *WHAM* Owie... Fine, I'll stop.

The Dragon Knights - Caer Shadowfast's elite standing forces, the trained Military branch of the guerrilla-like Watchmen, and in no way an attempt by Gerald to counterbalance Cassius' political ambitions

The Druidic Sects - Just don't call them hippies.

The Iron Band- The elite warforged troops of Caer Shadowfast

The Knights of the Silver Chalice- A lot of secrets for the Last Order of Paladins. (Extinct)

The Pack- Wardens of the Wood/Gatekeeper Werewolves.

The Protectors of the Avatar - Couatl who seek to fulfill one of the Prophecies greatest foretelling of good.

The Silver Flame - NO ONE EXPECTS THE THRANISH INQUI- Oh, wait. Yeah they do...

The Watchmen- A Secret Society devoted to peace! That's good, right?

Causers of Evil[edit]

New Gods

The Avenger

Evil Groups

Brelish-Storm Reach Company - Formerly Merrix III's company, now the primary holding of the Aurrum.

Black Lotus Society (Nearly annihilated but mostly scattered)

Brotherhood of the Kraken (reduced to 50%)

Githyanki in Eberron

Minor Villains - Villains from the First 50 pages of the thread of the first thread.

Minor Villains 2 - Villains from page 51 to 100 of the first thread.

Mordain's apprentices - What's worse than the apprentices of a powerful, evil wizard? Immortal apprentices of a powerful, evil wizard!!

The Dark Cabinet - The SS and KGB mixed together with none of the charm.

The Ebon Dragon's Rogues Gallery

The Holy Order of the Sword

Twelve Deadly Gods - Twinked out group of warriors

Zenobaal and the Dragonmarked

Canon Villains

The Dreaming Dark- The Lords of Dreams.

The Emerald Claw- Undead Nazis, I hate em.

King Kaius- The Lord of the Vampires. (deceased)

Lord of Blades- A description of Eberron's chief master villain.

Individual Villains

Addwealth - Who is he, and what does he want?

Brutus Gato - King Kaius' Champion

Christoff D'Cannith - Delake's nemesis. (deceased!)

Fenrir - Gerald's Lycanthropic madness made real

Kazandra- 2nd in Command of the Emerald Claw.

Lindsey Baron - Former Librarian and local knower-of-various-obscure-and-surprisingly-relevant-things, now creepily sexy chibi Lady of the Vampires working for the Emerald Claw

Lagrash Ornrek- Leader of the most powerful Heirs of Ohr Kaluun cult. (deceased?)

Melissa D'Deneith - Fallen hero and resident seeker of bloody anime-esque vengeance

Merrix D'Cannith III - Heir to an evil legacy.

Morbid Peacock - Bats*** insane cyborg clown assassin!

Patric Blach - Rupin's former comrade.

Rhael and Maiet- Bounty hunters.

Sword of Khyber - Infamous and mysterious knight of darkness. (Vanished)

Vice Admiral Ramirez- Head of the Dark Lanterns