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GURPS stands for Generic Universal Role-Playing Systems. This is a character for the base setting, "Infinity Worlds", in the 4 Ed. I am summing 500 Points for the character--not counting skills.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Messila Bitestone


ST: 10 DX: 11 IQ: 13 HT: 10

DMG: ST 1d-2/1d HP: 20 WILL: 13 PER: 13 FP: 20 Basic Speed: 5.25 Basic Move: 5 (Water Only), 0 (Land) Build: 10 (6 foot, 150 lbs) Age: 30 Appearance: Average Tech Level: TL +8 Language: English [Native] Wealth: Average [$20,000]


Acute Sense: LEVEL 4 (Acute Hearing) Ambidexterity: LEVEL 1 Amphibious: LEVEL 5 Dark Vision Extra Arm (Tail) Voice Perk (Honest Face)


Code of Honor (Mermaid) [Leave dead animal alone, clean up any dirty waterways, don't sing unless asked to, all water creatures are your friends, ] Duty (Infinity Corp) Enemies (Centrum Agents) No Legs (Aquatic) Quirk (Noisy)


Acrobatics (Special: Aquabatics) Acting Bow Carousing Disguise (Wheelchair-Using Human) Disguise (Mythical Mermaid) First Aid Force Entry Literature Singing Swimming Writting

Character Description[edit]

Background: Homeline calls Messila Bitestone's world, Siren-6. In this world, the ice age was longer then it was in Homeline--and when it melted it cover the entire world in water. Once flood era was over--sharks moved on to land--and started evolving into human beings with out losing their gills or tails--evolving into a group of mermaids and mermen. Each mermaid exploded the worlds finding other mermaids that come from the sharks near their own lands. After a few tense years of threat of a war--a ice cold war--as some news folks might have called it-all of them decide to create a council featuring one member of each country. This decide on the country--and the leader of the world would be voted by every country during the month of October.

Messila Bitestone was born in her time world on June 4, 1971. Messila had a normal life for a Siren-6 lifeforms--but on Sept. 21, 2001, she discovered agents from Centrum babbling in their odd French/English mess. She was able to bet the Centrum agents back--just as the I-Cops show up. Messila also bombed the Homeline Conyer that was being hold by Centrum agents, Messila thought it might lead to a different a world--and she didn't want problems with Centrum. She was visited by a Contact team a few months later--and got to become a member of Infinity Patrol. She learned while on a mission that lead to unattached Centrum agent revealing that Centrumy are very interesting in her world--but the mermaid really makes the higher ups at Centrum a little nervous.

Appearance: Siren-6 humaniods are descent of sharks--Messila appears to a blonde hair, red-eyed, and green tail mermaid. She is advantage woman from Siren-6, but that doesn't mean those clueless folks in medieval world won't confuse her with a mythical mermaid from their own universe.

Personality: Messila is hungry for knowledge of the seas of many worlds--from her own world to that of Homeline's and Centrum's own seas. Her favorite world so far is United States of Lizarda. The higher-ups are thinking of using Messila to contract the lizards of the Universe. She has likes tail-punching Centrum agents and Reich-5 world-jumpers.


I can see where people get headaches for GURPS. It took me 2 hours to do this.