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The Civilian City Cohorts are a controversial subculture in Amber and often mocked by the nobility and royalty. Yet it is also well attended and respectable for members of the general population to be part of.

The population of Amber is familiar with weapon and military affairs. Frequent forces out of shadow attack the city. Unruly visitors, merchant caravans, undercover puma cults, and any number of other violent forces find their way to Amber. The general populace are comfortable wearing and using weapons but sometimes a dagger or cudgel is not enough.

The Civilian Cohorts are enthusiastic amateurs when it comes to military matters. They function as a volunteer fire department and are often involved in emergency services.


The CCC also is a very active social community and is involved in many volunteer activities. There are many local clubs or chapters. A Chapter may be formed by 10 individuals who have placed in past CCC events.

Commentary on the CCC

While the CCC is widely and openly mocked by the nobility and members of the various royal families in Amber and the Golden Circle, among their strongest supporters are Prince Benedict and Prince Gerard and Baron Wyndham Feldane-Chief of Police.

  • Prine Benedict says the CCC is vital in time of war in organizing the general public and maintaining order. They keep spectators away from military actions and are often vital in the transportation of the injured, and to dealing with looters. They often manage fires that occur during warfare.
  • Prince Gerard claims that the information that a responsible citizenry can provide the military can often be vital. Maintaining developing situations helps keep tragedies from expanding before the military can become involved. The CCC navel chapters are especially helpful in reporting areas of piracy.
  • Baron Wyndham says the CCC interacts with the city police as volunteers and provide necessary support.
  • Prince Bleys says some of the CCC chapters throw incredible parties.
    • The CCC is a point of contention among the royal family of Amber. Eric, Corwin, Caine, and Brand were all vocal detractors of the group. Julian, Gerard, Bleys and Flora have been big supporters, with Julian acting as a judge at the Pas de Arms and Flora often hosting the Grand Ball. Benedict traditionally attends the Pas de Arms, The Jousts, and the Closing Ceremonies. He supports the organization in general but is clear about them not being part of the organized military of Amber.

There is a large amateur military culture in Amber that the CCC are part of. Considering how long lived people in Amber can be there are many people with long military historys now in other businesses.

Royal Interactions with the CCC

  • Benedict & Gerard are the most well known of the supporters of the CCC and their regard gives the CCC a lot of respectability even among the nobles who twitter about it.
  • King Random has attended Opening Ceremonies for the Festival several times but has found his presence is something of a distraction.
  • Lord Vance, Lord Truman, Lord Zachary and Lady Doria participated in CCC events soon after their various arrivals in Amber.
  • During King Eric's Reign his son Prince Arloxedra won the Pas de arms twice as well as participating in other activities. He was not well liked by the membership but was respected for participating.
  • Lord Banidoc, Benedict's son, participated in CCC events as a Free Fighter and gave master class training.
  • Princess Flora has participated as a Free Fighter and participated in Trick Archery events as well as instructing in archery. Her skill with archery rivals all her brothers except Benedict.
  • Recently Lady Yalla Ganth, Daughter of benedict was elected to the Organizing Committee. The Ganth family have a long history of participation in the ccc

Notable Events

Many members of the civilian police participate in the CCC.

Civilian City Cohorts Festival

Much to the chagrin of the Amber military, one of the most well attended events in the city of Amber is the CCC Festival. A 5 day mid-summer event that features many tournaments, Archery contest, dance, singing, vendors, instructions, classes, speeches, promotion ceremonies for the CCC memberships.

It is well attended by elements of the CCC in other Golden Circle kingdoms. Members of the military and royal families of Amber, Rebma and GC kindoms are well represented. CCC Festivals occur yearly in any realm that has the CCC.

Pas d'Arms

These are stylized tournaments that are as much theater as combat. They are designed in many ways and under many rules. There are events nearly every weekend somewhere in the Cities of Amber. Some more popular then others. (In a way the CCC are like the SCA)

Fire Company Gatherings

The CCC interacts often with the Amber City Fire Department. There are quarterly gatherings where training is provided for the CCC to help them cooperate in times of troubles. Many CCC chapters are built around Fire brigades. These events include family gathering, picnics, races and games. there is substantial cross training between the organizations.

Notable Members

  • Lord Trundel Dros: Current General Commander of the Civilian City Cohorts
  • Even of Hale.[[1]] A retired Elite and arms instructor to the general public.
  • Sir Kimal Kirt. A Halfling from the Tandalin shadows. An organizer of hunting expeditions. A recent member of CHAD
  • Baron Godmund Norwolf. New Nobility-Post Patternfall. The House Norwolf has a long history of service in the CCC. Their new respectability has opened many doors for the CCC.
  • Dame Fres Mira: Served in the Elites. Currently manages Princesses Deirdre's manor house, in the city.

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