D&D5E: Scourge of the Slavelords

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Ruvyana d'Amasku Tiefling Warlock kokopelli 5
Gev Human // Rogue stinkyfool 5
Thora Dassan Half-Elf // Sorceress Stormraven 5
Tokli Grayborn Dwarf // Barbarian Talisman 5
DM Shenanigans // Misdemeanors Karl Green

Combat Table[edit]

Character INIT AC HP Spell












Ru +2 15 33/33 L3 0/2 16 7 Hellish Rebuke 0/1

Darkness 0/1

Water Breathing 0/1

ST +0

DE +2

CO +1

IN +2

WI +0/3*

CH +5/8*

Gev 17 +4 34/34 n/a 7 ST +0

DE +4/+7

CO +1

IN +2/+5

WI +1

CH +2

Thora +3 17 37/37 L1 0/4

L2 0/3

L3 0/2

7 Sorcery Points 0/5 ST +0

DE +3

CO +2/+5

IN +0

WI +1

CH +4/+7

Tokli +1 14 60/60 n/a 7 Rage 0/3

Pipes of haunting 0/3

ST +4/7*

DE +1

CO +4/7*

IN +0

WI +1

CH +0

* indicates featured saves

Player Resources[edit]

Houserule the only big one is we are using Hero Points (DMG pg. 264) instead of Inspiration Points.

Recruitment Thread

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OOC Thread

Orokos Online Dice Roller.

Roll 20 5e Online.

Absences Thread If you can't post for whatever reason let us know here or in OOC.


Post Frequency

  • I am asking for a daily posting commitment for this game as a general rule, with the understanding that posting might be less frequent on weekends and holidays.

Post Absences

  • If you will NOT be able to post, for whatever reason, please ping us in OOC so we know what is going on or post to the Absences Thread (I pretty much check that thing every time it lights up).

Post Formatting

  • Please bold your character's name at the top of each IC post or bold the first instance of your character's name in the body of the post. We all game with lots of folk, sometimes with the same players in different games; this just makes it easier to keep track of which character we're addressing.
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  • Please link your results back to your dice roller.

Setting Notes[edit]

The classic World of Greyhawk (pre-Greyhawk wars) CY579

Map of Greyhawk (CY576) [1]

The lands surrounding Woolly Bay and of the Wild Coast have always been plagued by pirates and buccaneers, raiders and marauders of the worst kinds. But in recent years this plague has been more organized and more deadly. It has spread north onto the shores of Nyr Dyv, the Lake of Unknown Depth and into the the lands between... under the Yellow Sail and the symbol of crossed fists bound by chains. More blazes and powerful then ever the so-called Slavelords have instigated a deadly harvest on the peaceful folk of this region and after so many raids and death these folk have decided to do something about it.

The heroes were hired by many of the regions merchants and city officials whom have pooled their resources together to put and end to this scourge. These Slavelords are based somewhere in the lands of the Pomarj, a wild, mountainous region overrun by Humanoids and dark forces. No one really knows where exactly these Slaverlords are based out of but it is believed that one of their most important ports is the old ruined city of Highport. The heroes are to head to the city, incognito like, and figure out where the Slavelords base is. Their mission includes destroying this base of operation if possible but more importantly figuring out where the Slavelords themselves are located and stopping them any way possible.

The port-city itself had been raided on and off for years by the humanoids of the region and finally was overrun in CY513 by a combine forces of Orcs and Gnolls and Hobgoblins (the Night of the Bloody Spears). It had been mostly abandoned until the late CY560's when a fanatical group of warriors know as the Iron Templar seized control of it and rebuilt the docks. Over the next ten years black trade was established here and it became a base for pirates of both the human and humanoid kind. Recently the Slavers have also been operating here and it is believed that they were behind the Black Templar seizing the port in the first place. Now a few humanoid tribes inhabit parts of the city and the Templar maintain an uneasy peace between them. Slavery is practiced openly here along with other dark trade but no one knows exactly where the Slavelords operate from or even the base of power in the city.

In order to reach Highport without arousing suspicion, the various officials and groups that hired the heroes also hired a ship of ill repute by the name of the Ghoul captain by one referred to as the Mad Elf. The captain proves to be a Drow, a semi-mythical race of underdark dwellers. Most people don't really believe that Drow exist but the captain fits the supposed description of one (even most Elves don't believe in Drow at this time, in this world and my setting).

The Ghoul has agreed to transport the heroes to the city of Highport under its guise. The heroes will probably have to act careful and under disguise -- not displaying openingly any holy systems of good allying deities or fellowships.

The Mad Elf also shares some information about Highport with the heroes as they sail down the Wild Coast towards the city, entertaining them with his Captain's Meals. The Iron Templar control the docks and warehouses around them. They have also rebuilt the southern fort and maintain strong control here and some pockets around the city. They have partially rebuilt some of the towns wall also but most remain ruined.

There are four main humanoid tribes that inhabit the rest of the city -- the Orc tribe of Crooked Claw, the Hobgoblins of the Rottin Kraken, the Gnolls of the Bloody Axe and the Goblins of the Night Lotus. The Orcs control the southern section of the city around the fort the Iron Templar control and a few random building towards the center of town. It is also rumored that they control or run the old city dungeons located near the center of town. The Gnolls the eastern parts, the Hobgoblins the northern part and some of the docks (where the host their own pirate ships), and the Goblins in the western parts of the city. A few other tribes often appear here as the Iron Templar maintain it as a neutral ground for all of the tribes to visit.

The docks also contain many dark merchant shops that sell almost anything (especially illegal or forbidden items) and numerous taverns of ill repute. While there is a slave market in this dark market region no one really knows (at least not openly) where the slaver's base is located in town. If one wishes to go their directly one has to gain permission from one of three sources -- A strange tavern/restaurant by the name of the Quiet where it is said that one can only speak in whispers or risk sever bodily harm; the Black Tome a scroll and book shop; and the Slaves Market during its daily auctions.

The Mad Elf does believe that the Slaverlords base is an open secret and if the characters are careful they could also learn where it is by buying the right people drinks. He cautions them to be on guard if they go either route as the Slavelords are said to have spies and informants operating throughout the city.

The game will start as the Ghoul docks at Highport and starts unloading cargo. The heroes are presented as passengers and allowed into the city by the harbor master without any real questions



ELOIS, female Halfling (Lightfoot) Ranger 5 (Hunter)

STR 10 (+0/+3), DEX 18 (+4/+7), CON 12 (+1), INT 12 (+1), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 12 (+1)

Armor Class: 16 (studded leather)

Speed: 25 feet

Hit Points: 39

Attacks: Short Sword (magic +1) +7 to hit, 1d6+7 piercing damage

Proficiency: +3

Skills: Athletic +3, Medicine +5, Perception +5, Stealth +7, Survival +5

Racial Features: Lucky (re-roll 1's), Brave (advantage on saves vs. the frightened condition), halfling nimbleness (pass through space of creatures M+), naturally stealthy (can hide behind creature of M+)

Class Features: Favored Enemies (Beasts), Natural Explorer, Fighting Style (dueling), Spellcasting (spell slots: four 1st level, two 2nd level), Primal Awareness, Extra Attack

Archetype Feats: Colossal Slayer (creature under full HP suffers +1d8 damage/once a round)

SPELLS (Save DC 13, Magical Attack Bonus +5

1st level: Cure Wounds, Detect Magic, Hunter's Mark, Longstride
2nd level: Lesser Restoration, Silence

Gear: Shortsword +1, studded leather armor, travel cloak

Interested Alternate Players[edit]