Dawn of the Third Age/OOC Logs/Session 10

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Dawn of the Third Age

Session Start (Anshu:#celestialdeliberativeOOC): Sun Oct 31 10:58:57 2010 -0600
[10:58] *** Anshu has joined #celestialdeliberativeOOC
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[10:59] <dakkareth> Brazen called dibs on any army of mooks as well as the Hellstrider guy, he has ooc info about, right?
[10:59] <dakkareth> wb, Anshu
[10:59] <Anshu> odd.
[10:59] <Brazen_Sand> Cause if I activate Blazing Avatar of Destruction, everyone that comes near me is going to have to roll to avoid getting scorched
[10:59] <Brazen_Sand> within 5 yards
[10:59] *** Anshu is now known as Taurus_II
[10:59] *** Taurus_II is now known as Anshu
[10:59] <Brazen_Sand> Unless they can just stop Environmental Damage
[10:59] <Anshu> sorry
[11:00] <Anshu> I'm just wondering why it's not setting me to owner
[11:00] <Brazen_Sand> np
[11:00] *** You have been marked as being away
[11:00] <Brazen_Sand> MIRC literally doesn't like you, personally, it seems XD
[11:00] *** You are no longer marked as being away
[11:00] <dakkareth> you haven't identified your nick to ns?
[11:01] *** -to nickserv-: identify PC-01MS
[11:01] *** -NickServ- Password accepted - you are now recognized.
[11:01] <Anshu> usually it prompts me
[11:01] <dakkareth> because it shows you as status 1
[11:01] <Anshu> ah Session Close (#celestialdeliberativeOOC): Sun Oct 31 11:01:30 2010 -0600

Session Start (Anshu:#celestialdeliberativeOOC): Sun Oct 31 11:01:35 2010 -0600
[11:01] *** Anshu has joined #celestialdeliberativeOOC
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[11:01] <dakkareth> yay
[11:01] <~Anshu> there we go.
[11:01] <Brazen_Sand> Huzzah
[11:02] <dakkareth> mmhh, haven't managed to catch Hattori online during the week. Oh well. Talk later, fight now :p
[11:02] <Brazen_Sand> What do you need to talk to him about?
[11:03] * ~Anshu eats a quick breakfast
[11:04] <dakkareth> have a scene with NOmoe and Noldarr, discussing circle cohesion
[11:04] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Hmmm nope. No enviro effect avoiding here.
[11:04] <dakkareth> or more precisely, why Noldarr says 'Circle' while Nomoe takes pains to avoid that word ;)
[11:04] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> hehe
[11:06] <dakkareth> heh
[11:07] <dakkareth> mostly hoping OOC to find a way to promote a situation where we can continue to work together
[11:07] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> heh
[11:08] <Brazen_Sand> Well, I talked to a Sidereal and he told me that we should have this big dinner party
[11:08] <Brazen_Sand> on Calibration, actually!
[11:08] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Really? I'm busy those 5 days.
[11:09] *** Virgil has joined #celestialdeliberativeOOC
[11:09] * dakkareth waves
[11:09] <Brazen_Sand> Your friend, Taurus?
[11:09] <Virgil> Am I late?
[11:09] <dakkareth> that's Lost
[11:10] <dakkareth> no
[11:10] <Brazen_Sand> D'oh >_<
[11:10] *** Virgil is now known as Bright_Snow
[11:10] <Brazen_Sand> Sorry Lost
[11:10] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> No, I don't think you are
[11:10] <Bright_Snow> Yep it is Lost
[11:11] <Brazen_Sand> Should we go ahead?
[11:11] <~Anshu> I suppose we should.
[11:12] <Bright_Snow> When are we due to start? Clocks went back yesterday and it has totally thrown me
[11:12] <dakkareth> did you catch up on last time's log, Lost?
[11:12] <dakkareth> I think now, there was no change for them
[11:12] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> wha? DST has happened for some of us?
[11:12] <dakkareth> I think?
[11:12] <dakkareth> yeah, it has for me as well.
[11:12] <~Anshu> technically 12 minutes ago, but we never start on our official start time anyway :P
[11:12] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Geh >> Evil DST styem
[11:12] <Brazen_Sand> whuh?!
[11:12] <dakkareth> Probably a Europe/Britain vs America thing
[11:12] <Bright_Snow> Yep
[11:12] <Brazen_Sand> I'm confuuuused
[11:13] <~Anshu> well
[11:13] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Ya we don't DST change until the 7th
[11:13] <Bright_Snow> Doesn't Canada do Daylight Savings then Brazen?
[11:13] <Brazen_Sand> Yeah, just checked
[11:13] <Brazen_Sand> I mean, it's not til the 7th for us
[11:14] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Might be Western Hemisphere thing then XD
[11:15] <dakkareth> So, you up to speed, Lost?
[11:15] <Brazen_Sand> perhaps
[11:15] <Brazen_Sand> Or just legislation
[11:16] <Brazen_Sand> Until 4 years ago, we would fall back today
[11:16] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Oo
[11:16] <Bright_Snow> Mostly
[11:17] <Bright_Snow> I was going to suggest that perhaps I snuck in as an Air Immaculate to find an easy way of inserting me into the scene
[11:17] <Bright_Snow> I did after all eat the heartsblood of one and have a nice hearthstone to fake it
[11:19] <Brazen_Sand> makes sense
[11:19] <dakkareth> Yeah.
[11:19] <~Anshu> *making one last gaiatar*
[11:19] <Bright_Snow> Also do I get xp from the session I mished?
[11:19] <Bright_Snow> missed
[11:19] <Bright_Snow> even
[11:19] <~Anshu> yes
[11:19] <dakkareth> We do have Ruby in position as a Sniper, can't hurt to have one more already inside.
[11:20] <dakkareth> Before everyone else drops in through the ceiling or the windows ;)
[11:20] <Brazen_Sand> Actually, she's right behind the Empress with her Beamklave readied
[11:20] <~Anshu> ... I didn't think she was right behind the empress...
[11:20] <dakkareth> I distinctly remember her readying her essence cannon
[11:20] <Brazen_Sand> That's how I remember it. I could be wrong
[11:21] <~Anshu> it was her beamklaive as I recall
[11:21] <~Anshu> and she was lurking in a corner watching
[11:21] <dakkareth> mmhh
[11:21] <dakkareth> I was wrong
[11:22] <~Anshu> ah. She was heading toward the empress.
[11:22] <~Anshu> ok.
[11:22] <dakkareth>
[16:54] * Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby begins to make her uneasy way to the back of the Empress and holds her grand beamklave in her hand at the ready.
[11:22] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> ^
[11:23] <~Anshu> right, right
[11:23] <~Anshu> still under perfect stealth I assume
[11:23] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Yes
[11:23] <dakkareth> So. The Plan (tm) was - IIRC - to synchronize via comm bracelets as Veata flies the airship over the manse, cloaked by Noldarr's War charms, so that everyone drops down into their midst just a moment after the two embedded agents take their surprise shots
[11:24] <Brazen_Sand> *nod*
[11:25] <Brazen_Sand> But that doesn't seem to be an option now
[11:25] <dakkareth> And then Noldarr coordinates our effects, processing strengths and weaknesses of our enemies and directing us with his War.
[11:25] <dakkareth> Though without his player here that part is indeed difficult ;)
[11:26] <dakkareth> The cloaking thing he should be able to do in absentia, since that's just scene setup ;)
[11:27] <Brazen_Sand> I have high War
[11:27] <Brazen_Sand> I've got War 4
[11:27] <dakkareth> yeah.
[11:27] <dakkareth> But Nomoe for one would hesitate to even take friendly, polite advice from Brazen :p
[11:28] <Brazen_Sand> he'll learn
[11:28] <Brazen_Sand> Hey Taurus, where's your friend?
[11:28] <~Anshu> I dunno =(
[11:29] <~Anshu> it's possible there was some miscommunication about the time
[11:29] <Bright_Snow> What to spend xp on
[11:29] <Bright_Snow> So many charms
[11:30] <Brazen_Sand> Begin?
[11:30] <~Anshu> *opens up the many NPC statblocks*
[11:30] *** dakkareth is now known as Nomoe_Hideaki
[11:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> So, in absence of Hattori, how do we divide the tasks?
[11:31] <Brazen_Sand> I'll do the War stuff, unless someone has it any higher
[11:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Nomoe will set his DB Ally to sowing confusion among the mortals and distract the DBs.
[11:32] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Who attempts to capture the Empress? Who takes care of the Infernals, who of the Akuma, who of the other DBs?
[11:33] <~Anshu> oh, do you guys want to see the gaiatars I made for the Empress's escort?
[11:33] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I figure this is something we'd have worked out before, precisely so we can implement it without any discussion.
[11:33] <Bright_Snow> Want overdrive charms for lunars :(
[11:33] <Nomoe_Hideaki> the ones you put up on the wiki?
[11:34] <~Anshu> I don't think I put them up
[11:34] <Brazen_Sand> I guess Ruby should do it
[11:34] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Show them once everyone arrives IC?
[11:34] <Brazen_Sand> Capture the Empress, I mean
[11:34] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Well Snow or I are in prime Capture position. I have CounterMagics that can prevent up to Celetial Lvl (Curse the Solar lvl!!), so between the two of us we can put a sword to her throat and threat everyone else XD
[11:34] <Nomoe_Hideaki> you did upload a number of Infernal avatars, though ...
[11:35] <~Anshu> oh.
[11:35] <~Anshu> Well yes, I did upload them. I just haven't actually put them anywhere.
[11:35] <~Anshu> :P
[11:35] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> hehe
[11:35] <Brazen_Sand> Yeah
[11:35] * Nomoe_Hideaki stalks the wiki, checking Recent Changes :p
[11:35] <Brazen_Sand> Ahhhh
[11:36] <Brazen_Sand> A Lunar and Alchemical should be able to stop the Empress, even if she has ED charms
[11:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> well, to be fair, we have no idea what sort of charms she has
[11:37] <~Anshu> all of them :P
[11:37] <Brazen_Sand> Even better! : D
[11:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> or was it confirmed, that it was the ED Charms the Fiend learned from her, rather than the DB craft charms?
[11:37] *** Noldarr has joined #celestialdeliberativeOOC
[11:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yay
[11:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> welcome
[11:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> we have a general
[11:37] <~Anshu> it was not confirmed.
[11:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> :)
[11:37] <Brazen_Sand> hi
[11:37] <Noldarr> yo
[11:37] <Brazen_Sand> Well let's just get this going. It's late already.
[11:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> she refused to answer that?
[11:38] <~Anshu> oh right. I forgtot the offscreen interrogation
[11:38] <~Anshu> it is confirmed, she learned the DB charms from her
[11:38] <Nomoe_Hideaki> k
[11:39] <Brazen_Sand> I think we should do the stuff all at once
[11:39] <Brazen_Sand> BLITZKRIEG
[11:39] <Nomoe_Hideaki> So, it was suggested that our two stealth people - Ruby and Bright Snow - should take care of the Empress. What are your orders, General Noldarr? ;)
[11:40] <Bright_Snow> hi Noldarr
[11:40] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Obviously, Brazen, but who does what?
[11:40] <Brazen_Sand> We rush in from the front, Bright Snow and Ruby go for the Empress
[11:40] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Nomoe would like to murderize the Fiend who has been slandering him, but that may take a backseat to tactical conerns.
[11:40] <Brazen_Sand> Hit them from both sides.
[11:40] <Nomoe_Hideaki> *concerns
[11:40] <Noldarr> Well, what's the disposition of their forces?
[11:40] <Bright_Snow> The entire lack of Holy charms may become a problem
[11:40] <Brazen_Sand> btw, we need background music
[11:40] <Brazen_Sand> (Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4oli4_cSY4&p=659EB6F63B5B5001&playnext=1&index=12)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4oli4_cSY4&p=659EB6F63B5B5001&playnext=1&index=12
[11:40] <Noldarr> And does everyone have Holy?
[11:40] * Nomoe_Hideaki raises hand, totally holy :D
[11:41] <Brazen_Sand> Wait til I hit E6, then I won't need it
[11:41] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> nope, no holy.
[11:41] <Brazen_Sand> Lost, why don't you pick up a Holy charm?
[11:41] <Noldarr> She also probably has Unassailable Body of the Fire Dragon
[11:41] <Brazen_Sand> ?
[11:41] <Bright_Snow> Because the Lunar ones aren't all that great
[11:42] <Brazen_Sand> Can't you apply them to attacks as well?
[11:42] <Bright_Snow> Nope
[11:42] <Brazen_Sand> Well shit.
[11:42] <Bright_Snow> The first one in the tree is a defence
[11:42] <Bright_Snow> And the other two are social combat
[11:42] <Brazen_Sand> Defense might still be useful
[11:42] <Brazen_Sand> And the attacks are still unexpected
[11:43] <Brazen_Sand> (Is anyone listening to the music or did I link that for nothing? :<)
[11:43] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> no
[11:43] <Noldarr> =P
[11:43] * Nomoe_Hideaki is
[11:43] <Brazen_Sand> yay
[11:43] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> but most of you should know why I don't stream music/videos... things. XD
[11:43] <Brazen_Sand> yeah, I understand, Ruby.
[11:44] <Noldarr> Anyway, I was kinda hoping we'd have inkwell for this, but eh
[11:44] <Brazen_Sand> It's better we don't have Inkwell
[11:44] <Noldarr> Okay, so Nomoe and I have Holy
[11:44] <Brazen_Sand> He always ends up making things worse
[11:44] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> He on a plane... or atleast in the airport.
[11:44] <Noldarr> Do you guys have some way to acquire Holy?
[11:44] <Bright_Snow> I'm increadibly tempted to by knacks and turn into a swarm of something
[11:44] <Brazen_Sand> I'm an Infernal -_-
[11:44] <Noldarr> Does the Empress lack a surprised negator or something
[11:44] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Always. I say once cause he's never around for anything else. XD
[11:44] <Brazen_Sand> We don't know that
[11:44] <Noldarr> Wasn't talking to you, Brazen
[11:45] <Noldarr> I mean the Empress killteam
[11:45] <Bright_Snow> I
[11:45] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> capture team Capture Team
[11:45] <Bright_Snow> I'm just looking if there are any Holy charms I overlooked
[11:45] <Noldarr> kill, capture, same difference
[11:45] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> No One makes things dead, the other makes us have to jump through loops to make successful if at all XD
[11:46] <Brazen_Sand> How about the Incapacitate Team?
[11:46] <Noldarr> Well, I can buy 9 Charms
[11:46] <Noldarr> Does anyone know any Solar Charms that make the attacks of other people Holy?
[11:46] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Incapicate will be hard if she has those ED charms
[11:46] <Brazen_Sand> Yup.
[11:47] <Brazen_Sand> If it was going to be easy, we wouldn't be doing it.
[11:47] <Brazen_Sand> Nomoe, you just walked into a wall of sand.
[11:47] <Nomoe_Hideaki> on the inside
[11:47] <Brazen_Sand> Ah
[11:47] <Brazen_Sand> Nuts
[11:47] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Too bad I don't have time to raise my Clarity to godawful high ><
[11:47] <Brazen_Sand> THINK COMPUTER THOUGHTS : O
[11:47] <Nomoe_Hideaki> since we were planning to take the air ship on the approach with Noldarr's war stealth charms IIRC
[11:47] <~Anshu> isn't there a protocol for that?
[11:48] <Noldarr> We were?
[11:48] <~Anshu> for raising your clarity quickly?
[11:48] <Brazen_Sand> yeah, with ropes and stuff : D
[11:48] <Noldarr> I thought we were going to just send in our stealth troops and then
[11:48] <Noldarr> just attack
[11:48] <Brazen_Sand> We don't have any troops, it seems.
[11:48] <Nomoe_Hideaki> unless we synchronize the attacks the stealth people will stand alone
[11:48] <Noldarr> Ruby and Bright Snow
[11:48] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> No protocols that I know of. Certainly a charm or two.
[11:49] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and the air ship is the best way to drop everyone off at the same time
[11:49] <Brazen_Sand> Ah yes.
[11:49] <Noldarr> Well, they're only going ahead to check that it is what it is, aren't they?
[11:49] <Nomoe_Hideaki> plus, coolness factor!
[11:49] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> mind you I'm not sure which charms XD
[11:49] <Brazen_Sand> they did. Now they're in the perfect position to strike
[11:49] <Noldarr> My impression was that they are checking if it's a trap or not, and then they'll radio in to confirm, and then we kill some ass
[11:49] <Brazen_Sand> That's what's happened
[11:49] * Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby confirmed
[11:50] <Noldarr> Okay, so let's go kill them
[11:50] * Brazen_Sand likes the way you think.
[11:50] <Noldarr> We all have uber movement effects
[11:50] <Noldarr> Can't we just hit them from here?
[11:50] <Nomoe_Hideaki> We could, if you take Brazen along and Nomoe takes Inkwell along
[11:50] <Brazen_Sand> That's what I thought we should do. You can cloak us as we hit the front
[11:50] <Nomoe_Hideaki> but that's just not as cool as dropping in from a cloaked air ship :(
[11:51] <Noldarr> Well, we'll be moving so fast that it's probably not an issue...
[11:51] <Brazen_Sand> Makes it unexpected.
[11:51] <Noldarr> I mean, if you guys REALLY want this Airship thing, we can do that too
[11:51] <Noldarr> lemme just mark those charms on my sheet
[11:51] <Brazen_Sand> I'm fine either way, although flanking them would probably be more tactically wise.
[11:52] <Brazen_Sand> If we hit the front while Ruby, Bright, and that DB mess with the back, they'll need to split their forces
[11:52] <Noldarr> 'salright, I just bought 'em
[11:52] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Oh, I thought you already had them :o
[11:52] <Brazen_Sand> It's all gooood
[11:53] <Brazen_Sand> Taurus, is the Empress still talking?
[11:53] <~Anshu> I'm writing
[11:54] <Brazen_Sand> Hope you don't mind me smashing a few Manse walls
[11:54] * Nomoe_Hideaki has OFoB (JC version) active
[11:55] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Not this time ;)
[11:55] <Brazen_Sand> Aren't those constantly active?
[11:55] <Bright_Snow> Still increadibly tempting to become the swarm
[11:55] * Nomoe_Hideaki was half thinking about doing that himself
[11:55] <Bright_Snow> Some type of small biting insect
[11:55] <Bright_Snow> I think
[11:55] <Brazen_Sand> Oh wait, we need this song too
[11:55] <Brazen_Sand> (Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COmMCEMppi8&feature=related)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COmMCEMppi8&feature=related
[11:56] <Brazen_Sand> The second half totally fits : D
[11:56] <Noldarr> Alright, using Cover-Shrouding Movement
[11:56] <Noldarr> with the Sun as cover
[11:57] <Brazen_Sand> Hope you like :)
[11:57] <~Anshu> ... crap. >.< Can't think of a word.
[11:57] <Brazen_Sand> Any word? I know lots!
[11:57] <Nomoe_Hideaki> So, again, who will be hitting whom?
[11:57] <Brazen_Sand> Bright and Ruby should go all Special Forces on their asses
[11:58] <Brazen_Sand> We'll jump in through the ceiling, the rest of us
[11:58] <Brazen_Sand> All at once.
[11:58] <Nomoe_Hideaki> And after that, out of the rest of us, what are our targets? Or just general chaos?
[11:58] <Brazen_Sand> General chaos, yup
[11:58] <Brazen_Sand> Other then trying to get the Empress
[11:58] <Noldarr> Well, if we know what their forces are
[11:59] <Noldarr> Do we know what their forces are?
[11:59] <Noldarr> We should distribute in the manner best suited to taking them down
[11:59] <Brazen_Sand> It's mostly mortals and some DBs
[11:59] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Fiend and five others who Ruby descirbed as 'mostl likely tainted DBs'
[11:59] <Brazen_Sand> About 500 mortals and DBs
[11:59] <Noldarr> Akuma DBs?
[11:59] <Brazen_Sand> Unknown
[11:59] <Noldarr> the Fiend being the SE?
[11:59] <~Anshu> no
[11:59] <Nomoe_Hideaki> nah, the one we already know
[11:59] <Brazen_Sand> No, the Fiend is there with her.
[11:59] <Noldarr> there's two fiends, okay
[11:59] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> No our friendly Fiend who we captured and escaped
[12:00] <Brazen_Sand> It's really her.
[12:00] <Noldarr> Okay, the DBs...well, they can't really do anything if we shock and awe them
[12:00] <Noldarr> that's Brazen's job
[12:00] <Noldarr> see if you can include the mortals in collatoral damage or something so they don't get in the way
[12:00] <Brazen_Sand> *cracks knuckles and grins***
[12:00] <Noldarr> Though I'd prefer you didn't kill them
[12:00] <Noldarr> Since they are just mortals
[12:00] <Noldarr> they don't know what's up
[12:00] <Brazen_Sand> I don't like it either.
[12:01] <Brazen_Sand> Hopefully most will run at the sight of me
[12:01] <Brazen_Sand> I'll Crowned with Madness them
[12:01] <Noldarr> The Fiend DB...as I recall she was rather strong defensively but not very strong offensively
[12:02] <Brazen_Sand> ED charms. Good for sneak attacks
[12:02] <Noldarr> We'll have to use Blockade Movement like we did last time to corner her, it'll take four of us which we can't spare at the onset
[12:02] <Brazen_Sand> not for stand-up fights
[12:02] <Noldarr> I think we should deal with the Empress
[12:02] <Noldarr> And have someone fast tie her up
[12:02] <Noldarr> hmm, Nomoe?
[12:02] <Brazen_Sand> She's the only priority. Everyone else is collateral damage.
[12:03] <Noldarr> Well, as for the Fiend, I wouldn't like her to go warn whoever
[12:03] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Nomoe can join in in dealing with the Empress. Though of course Bright Snow is rather fast as well.
[12:03] <Noldarr> Okay, so Brazen will nuke the infantry and the rest of us will go for the Empress, try to get her down as soon as possible
[12:04] <Brazen_Sand> Ruby should make the first shot and block off exits
[12:04] <Bright_Snow> The only attacking Holy charm for a lunar I can find is in Intellegence
[12:04] <Bright_Snow> But it is nasty
[12:04] <~Anshu> Dakk, I'll let you control your Ally, if you don't mind
[12:04] <Nomoe_Hideaki> ok
[12:04] <Brazen_Sand> Bright can follow her into a nearby hall or something.
[12:04] <Noldarr> Is Rising Sun Slash still Holy?
[12:05] <Nomoe_Hideaki> though I'm not really clear on what charms he has apart from Air Dragon, nor do I have much expertise with DBs
[12:05] <Brazen_Sand> Just get her to cause confusion and stuff
[12:05] <Brazen_Sand> Encourage mortals to flee, etc.
[12:05] <Brazen_Sand> C'mon, let's make that jump!
[12:06] <Bright_Snow> Nope
[12:06] <Bright_Snow> Rising Sun Slash lost Holy and just became fuck their shit up
[12:06] <Bright_Snow> Dawn Solution Errata
[12:06] <Noldarr> I'm considering buying it
[12:06] <Noldarr> Though I don't want this fight to result in anticlimax or something
[12:07] <~Anshu> alas, all I gave him was Defense-From-Anathema Method and Air Dragon Style
[12:07] <~Anshu> in fact
[12:07] <Noldarr> since RSS + Holy = dead ED
[12:07] <~Anshu> I'm thinking I'll simply handwave the larger battle
[12:07] <Nomoe_Hideaki> no dodge charms at all?
[12:07] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yeah, that was actually my assumption
[12:08] <Brazen_Sand> Just scare most of them off, yeah.
[12:08] <Nomoe_Hideaki> wrong channel ;)
[12:08] <Brazen_Sand> XD
[12:08] <Brazen_Sand> Sorry
[12:08] <~Anshu> okay, so
[12:09] <~Anshu> this is the Empress's honor guard, the five who arrived with her
[12:09] <Brazen_Sand> Don't tell us. Show us : O
[12:09] <~Anshu> I am
[12:09] <Brazen_Sand> Mostly by having us jump out of a ship
[12:09] <Brazen_Sand> RUBY SHOOT THE BYATCH! : O
[12:09] <~Anshu> I was going to give you the gaiatars
[12:09] <Brazen_Sand> But think of a snappy one-liner
[12:09] <Brazen_Sand> Oh, right
[12:09] <Brazen_Sand> D'oh >_<
[12:09] <~Anshu> (Link: http://wiki.rpg.net/images/b/ba/Shiori2.png)http://wiki.rpg.net/images/b/ba/Shiori2.png
[12:10] <~Anshu> that's the fiend in her Air Aspect disguise
[12:10] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> The funny thing with Shoot the Bitch comes with the complication that swords do not shoot. XD
[12:10] <~Anshu> and the rest should be fairly self-explanatory :P
[12:10] <~Anshu> (Link: http://wiki.rpg.net/images/7/75/Malefactor.png)http://wiki.rpg.net/images/7/75/Malefactor.png
[12:10] <~Anshu> (Link: http://wiki.rpg.net/images/4/41/Defiler.png)http://wiki.rpg.net/images/4/41/Defiler.png
[12:10] <~Anshu> (Link: http://wiki.rpg.net/images/6/6e/Slayer.png)http://wiki.rpg.net/images/6/6e/Slayer.png
[12:10] <~Anshu> (Link: http://wiki.rpg.net/images/5/58/Scourge.png)http://wiki.rpg.net/images/5/58/Scourge.png
[12:11] <Bright_Snow> And I'm an idiot
[12:11] <~Anshu> ?
[12:11] <Bright_Snow> The wrong channel thing
[12:11] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Mmh, a word on male/female status for those? Since it's not immediately apparent from the gaiatars.
[12:11] <~Anshu> eh don't worry about it
[12:11] <Bright_Snow> Sorry was rushing to make sure my supper didn't boil over
[12:11] <~Anshu> Defiler + Slayer are male
[12:11] <Noldarr> okay, this honor guard
[12:12] <~Anshu> the others are female
[12:12] <Noldarr> I think we should just ignore them and gank the empress ASAP
[12:12] <Brazen_Sand> Slayer is FAAAAAAAAABULOUS :B
[12:12] <Bright_Snow> The fact that I got Brazen to reply was funny
[12:12] <Noldarr> Actually, hm...
[12:12] <Brazen_Sand> Don't plan too much
[12:12] <Noldarr> Try to get them to attack me, I haven't used Ready in Eight Directions Stance yet =D
[12:12] <Brazen_Sand> No plan survives contact with reality fully intact!
[12:13] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I'll comfirm: Ruby is going to go up to her back and drive that weapon through her... in an odd attempt to knock her out? Or shall I play the dudette with the large knife in her hand against the kidnappee's neck? XD
[12:13] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Knowing ED charms... I see neither happening myself but...XD
[12:14] <Brazen_Sand> Who cares, just stab her already. Do what you think is right.
[12:14] <Noldarr> Yes, gank so we can all join battle!
[12:16] <Noldarr> I'm going to go get lunch
[12:16] <Noldarr> um, my join battle roll is
[12:16] <Noldarr> *checks*
[12:16] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> 0
[12:16] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> ^^
[12:17] <Nomoe_Hideaki> join battle, Anshu?
[12:17] <Noldarr> 20 or so
[12:17] <Nomoe_Hideaki> The surprise attacks should go before the JB, though.
[12:17] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> 20? for JB?
[12:17] <Noldarr> and on my actions I will Iron Whirlwind the Empress with Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgment and Golden Destruction Cut on attacks 1, 2, and 8
[12:17] <Noldarr> If an enemy flurries at me I will raise Ready In Eight Directions Stance
[12:17] <Noldarr> okay, going to eat
[12:18] <~Anshu> nearly ready
[12:18] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Noldarr is now on Auto attack (like some of those Free to Play MMOs do XD)
[12:19] <Brazen_Sand> might be afk occassionally
[12:19] <Noldarr> oh, and my attack pool is like
[12:19] <Noldarr> 34 or 36
[12:19] <Noldarr> something like that
[12:21] <Brazen_Sand> I'm in DTAS mode now.
[12:24] <Nomoe_Hideaki> remember to stunt no further than your JB, Brazen ;)
[12:24] <Brazen_Sand> But we aren't even inside yet.
[12:25] <Brazen_Sand> Unless there's no roof.
[12:25] <Nomoe_Hideaki> precisely
[12:25] <~Anshu> okay
[12:25] <Bright_Snow> Activating DBT, RLF and Instinctive Dexterity Unity
[12:26] <Bright_Snow> For 7m and 2 wp
[12:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> the two sneak attacks should be resolved first, then JB and things go downhill from there. IMO.
[12:26] <~Anshu> yeah
[12:26] <Brazen_Sand> Yeah
[12:27] <~Anshu> so Snow is attacking the Empress as well?
[12:27] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Lost, true DBT or Beastpower concentration?
[12:27] <Bright_Snow> Beast Power Concentrationed
[12:27] <Nomoe_Hideaki> So you'll show your true human form :)
[12:27] <Brazen_Sand> Too bad you're not there, Nomoe : P
[12:27] <Brazen_Sand> When she goes all SUPER SAIYAN
[12:28] <Nomoe_Hideaki> brb
[12:28] <Bright_Snow> I get to use Devestating Ogre Enhancement too
[12:29] <Bright_Snow> Just doublecheck I have to shift back to my True Form to pull it off
[12:30] <Bright_Snow> I'm going to do it either way though
[12:30] <Brazen_Sand> Check on the Wiki
[12:31] <Bright_Snow> It doesn't say I need to be in my True Human shape. Just human shape. Though I would query the ST that I'm interpretting it right
[12:31] <~Anshu> I'm gonna say you need to be in your human true form.
[12:32] <Bright_Snow> Fair enough. Will be in my True Form then
[12:32] <Brazen_Sand> Oh shi-
[12:32] <Bright_Snow> Though actually going DBT could be fun
[12:32] <Brazen_Sand> Do you mind if I slice a hole into the roof with GSNF?
[12:33] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> That doesn't... look good. Oo
[12:33] <Brazen_Sand> It says it ignores soak
[12:33] <~Anshu> hang on, Brazen
[12:33] <Brazen_Sand> You know, you can call me by my real name here : P
[12:33] <~Anshu> I'm still resolving Snow's attack.
[12:33] <Bright_Snow> Yeah Snow is attacking
[12:33] <Nomoe_Hideaki> doesn't do enough damage for a manse wall though, brazen. Unless I'm misremembering.
[12:34] <Brazen_Sand> I have a Strength of 13 for Feats of Strength
[12:34] <Brazen_Sand> Plus stunting
[12:34] <~Anshu> okay, just had to check what charms and knacks you were activating.
[12:35] <Bright_Snow> I'm also buying a couple more dice with the Dex Excellency
[12:35] <Nomoe_Hideaki> With a stunt sufficient to do a Feat of Strength reflexively rather than as a dramativ action taking one minute, sure ...
[12:35] <Bright_Snow> And you know what DBT it is. No True Form here.
[12:35] <Bright_Snow> I rarely use it
[12:35] <Bright_Snow> And it is like 7 foot high
[12:35] <Brazen_Sand> brb
[12:36] <~Anshu> hmm. Snow, what sort of attack? Thrust? Slash?
[12:36] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Aww, no true form ... still, DBT should be interesting :)
[12:38] <Brazen_Sand> back
[12:38] <Bright_Snow> Thrust
[12:38] <~Anshu> ok
[12:38] <Bright_Snow> Which means I need to rapidly actually describe a chameleon dbt shape
[12:38] <Brazen_Sand> What did the SE use ot block Ruby?
[12:38] <Bright_Snow> Doh!
[12:39] <Brazen_Sand> Oh great, you get a Chameleon with boobs. Enjoy, Nomoe : P
[12:39] <Brazen_Sand> At least I get a robot
[12:39] <Bright_Snow> I've seen that charm, I just don't remember where. Or what its called.
[12:39] <Bright_Snow> Crystal Chameleon too
[12:39] <~Anshu> It was Unassailable Earth Body
[12:39] <~Anshu> just stunted a bit
[12:39] <Noldarr> back
[12:39] <Brazen_Sand> ahh
[12:40] <Noldarr> Okay, this confirms my suspicions
[12:40] <Noldarr> we need to use undodgeable attacks
[12:40] <Noldarr> I will buy Rising Sun Slash
[12:40] <Bright_Snow> Actually that charm is expensive
[12:40] <Bright_Snow> And Air Aspected shit will screw it up
[12:40] <Bright_Snow> IIRC
[12:40] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yeah, wp cost unless there are ultra-high ess upgrades to take that away
[12:41] <Bright_Snow> Should have put Crystalline form in there
[12:41] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and Brazen, say that IC :p
[12:41] <Bright_Snow> Curses too late now
[12:41] <Brazen_Sand> Why?
[12:41] <Brazen_Sand> Would I say that IC?
[12:41] <Bright_Snow> He might at that
[12:41] <Noldarr> she probably has all 5 Unassailable Bodies
[12:42] <Brazen_Sand> But we don't know that.
[12:42] <Noldarr> of course not, I'm guessing
[12:42] <Noldarr> But I don't want to stick around and find out if we have to wade through that honor guard while also fighting her
[12:42] <Nomoe_Hideaki> lost, it would have been difficult to assume a form without anyone around the Empress noticing, though
[12:43] <Nomoe_Hideaki> say what you will about immaculates, but they do know their martial arts
[12:43] <Brazen_Sand> Not if she took that knack that makes it reflexive
[12:43] <Bright_Snow> True. Curse not having the quick change knacks
[12:43] <Brazen_Sand> nvm
[12:43] <Bright_Snow> I'll buy those instead
[12:43] <Bright_Snow> It makes life easier
[12:43] <Brazen_Sand> yes
[12:43] <Brazen_Sand> It sure does with DTAS
[12:43] <Bright_Snow> Swarm can wait a little while
[12:44] <Brazen_Sand> *sigh* We've already lost almost 2 hours
[12:44] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I thought you meant Crystal Chameleon Form
[12:44] <Brazen_Sand> Why would you do that!?
[12:44] <Nomoe_Hideaki> precisely.
[12:45] <Nomoe_Hideaki> But naturally it might have been nice to have it up now.
[12:45] <Brazen_Sand> Shoulda slipped into another room
[12:45] <~Anshu> okay
[12:45] <~Anshu> join battles
[12:45] <Bright_Snow> I haven't put my form up
[12:45] <~Anshu> .ex 12
[12:45] <Noldarr> .ex 20
[12:45] <Pattern_Spider> Noldarr rolled 8 successes against TN 7: [1, 6, 2, 3, 7, 5, 1, 4, 3, 10, 2, 9, 6, 7, 7, 5, 9, 7, 1, 5]
[12:45] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 8 successes against TN 7: [4, 4, 8, 9, 8, 6, 10, 2, 10, 2, 8, 4]
[12:45] <Brazen_Sand> You have now.
[12:45] <Bright_Snow> I'm just stunting the change
[12:45] <Noldarr> lol
[12:45] <Brazen_Sand> Too bad. Let's get shit done!
[12:45] <Nomoe_Hideaki> .ex 10
[12:45] <Pattern_Spider> Nomoe_Hideaki rolled 5 successes against TN 7: [10, 3, 6, 3, 8, 2, 9, 9, 2, 3]
[12:45] <Nomoe_Hideaki> 10 sux
[12:46] <~Anshu> .ex 13
[12:46] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 2 successes against TN 7: [6, 4, 3, 2, 5, 2, 6, 6, 2, 7, 8, 3, 2]
[12:46] <Brazen_Sand> I'm gonna cut a circle through the roof that we can jump through
[12:46] <~Anshu> >.<
[12:46] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> .ex 6
[12:46] <Pattern_Spider> Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby rolled 4 successes against TN 7: [8, 9, 3, 8, 7, 5]
[12:47] <~Anshu> .. okay, I think that's everybody I need to worry about
[12:47] <Bright_Snow> .ex 8
[12:47] <Pattern_Spider> Bright_Snow rolled 4 successes against TN 7: [9, 5, 3, 9, 9, 1, 9, 5]
[12:47] <Brazen_Sand> Hey D:
[12:47] <Bright_Snow> Sorry was a little late
[12:48] <Brazen_Sand> Noldarr, you stole my stunt
[12:48] <Nomoe_Hideaki> hey, teamwork ;)
[12:48] <~Anshu> .ex 9
[12:48] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 7 successes against TN 7: [10, 1, 4, 8, 1, 4, 7, 8, 10]
[12:48] <~Anshu> .ex 9
[12:48] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 9 successes against TN 7: [7, 10, 10, 4, 2, 5, 10, 1, 10]
[12:48] <~Anshu> .ex 10
[12:48] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 5 successes against TN 7: [3, 3, 1, 10, 9, 1, 10, 5, 4, 4]
[12:49] <Noldarr> I thought we were just kool-aid-manning our way through the roof
[12:49] <Noldarr> I mean, we're falling from
[12:49] <Noldarr> a great height
[12:49] <~Anshu> .ex 9
[12:49] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 5 successes against TN 7: [8, 7, 1, 5, 1, 9, 7, 7, 4]
[12:49] <Brazen_Sand> .ex 12
[12:49] <Pattern_Spider> Brazen_Sand rolled 6 successes against TN 7: [2, 3, 10, 2, 9, 8, 10, 6, 3, 3, 4, 2]
[12:49] <Nomoe_Hideaki> well, it's ok with me if you use your first attacks to blast that hole
[12:49] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I'll just use my attacks on our enemies ;)
[12:49] <Brazen_Sand> Phew
[12:49] <~Anshu> ok
[12:49] <Noldarr> what's the order?
[12:49] <~Anshu> brb
[12:50] <~Anshu> currently
[12:50] <~Anshu> Nomoe, Malefactor, Empress, Noldarr, Fiend, Brazen, Slayer, Scourge, Defiler, Ruby, Snow
[12:50] <Brazen_Sand> It was part of my JB stunt, actually
[12:50] <Brazen_Sand> >_<
[12:50] <Brazen_Sand> brb
[12:50] <~Anshu> and now brb
[12:51] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> let's see how much more of the Manse you can mess up before it blows up XD
[12:51] <Nomoe_Hideaki> heh.
[12:51] <Bright_Snow> Also assume Snow is still moving, as we move every tick right?
[12:52] <Noldarr> Empress and I are the same tick?
[12:52] <~Anshu> yes, Noldarr
[12:52] <~Anshu> and yes, Lost
[12:53] <~Anshu> Nomoe is up
[12:56] <Brazen_Sand> back
[12:57] <Brazen_Sand> I think I'll scare away the mortals first
[12:57] <Brazen_Sand> when it's my turn
[12:57] <~Anshu> not rolling, Nomoe?
[12:58] <Nomoe_Hideaki> four attacks
[12:58] <Brazen_Sand> :O
[12:58] <Nomoe_Hideaki> all supplemented with SFP
[12:58] <Brazen_Sand> What's she been saying about Nomoe?
[12:58] <~Anshu> SFP?
[12:59] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Sledgehammer Fist punch
[12:59] <~Anshu> Ah
[12:59] <Nomoe_Hideaki> also starting out with a re-establish surprise via Striking Sunbeam Dance
[12:59] <Nomoe_Hideaki> .ex 20
[12:59] <Pattern_Spider> Nomoe_Hideaki rolled 8 successes against TN 7: [5, 7, 7, 7, 10, 1, 6, 9, 7, 6, 2, 4, 6, 9, 3, 4, 4, 2, 1, 3]
[12:59] <Nomoe_Hideaki> 8 sux on the surprise, Red gets per+ware+2 against it
[12:59] <Nomoe_Hideaki> .exf 35 34 32 32
[12:59] <Pattern_Spider> Nomoe_Hideaki rolled [16, 25, 16, 14] successes against TN7
[13:00] <~Anshu> *wonders if an Awareness specialty in Assassins would apply*
[13:00] <Nomoe_Hideaki> probably
[13:00] <Brazen_Sand> I would say yes./
[13:00] <~Anshu> yeah, me too.
[13:01] <~Anshu> .ex 21
[13:01] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 17 successes against TN 7: [4, 7, 7, 9, 7, 2, 1, 8, 7, 8, 10, 6, 4, 10, 10, 9, 2, 5, 9, 6, 10]
[13:01] <Brazen_Sand> Ouch
[13:01] <Nomoe_Hideaki> ok, so no surprise attack
[13:01] <Nomoe_Hideaki> just a flurry of three normal attacks
[13:01] <Noldarr> rofl
[13:01] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and one against the fiend
[13:01] <~Anshu> right
[13:02] <~Anshu> *sigh* brb
[13:02] <Brazen_Sand> Drama?
[13:02] <~Anshu> no
[13:02] <~Anshu> somebody at the door
[13:02] <Brazen_Sand> On Halloween?
[13:02] <Brazen_Sand> INCONCEIVABLE!
[13:03] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Total expenditure: 9m
[13:05] <Brazen_Sand> Regaining 1 wp from stunt, btw.
[13:05] <Bright_Snow> Turn out the lights and pretend not to be in
[13:05] <Bright_Snow> And damnit now I want sweets
[13:05] <~Anshu> heh
[13:05] <Nomoe_Hideaki> heh
[13:06] <Brazen_Sand> hah
[13:06] <~Anshu> I already answered
[13:06] <Brazen_Sand> (I don't follow the crowd)
[13:06] <~Anshu> and it's 1pm here
[13:06] <~Anshu> a little early for trick-or-treaters
[13:06] <~Anshu> anyway
[13:06] <Brazen_Sand> Sometimes the wimpier parents and/or kids go early
[13:06] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I'm happy that I don't have to deal with such things.
[13:07] <Brazen_Sand> That's a nice thing about living in the boonies, I guess
[13:07] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Sometimes I suppose my isolation lends to something desirable XD
[13:07] <Noldarr> hmmm
[13:08] <Noldarr> I think the Empress is still too useful to kill >_> Maybe we should just like amputate all her limbs or something?
[13:08] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yeah.
[13:08] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Definitely capture.
[13:08] <Brazen_Sand> For the last time, you only incapacitate if you empty her health levels
[13:09] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Break the Purist movement wide open, and break their morale in a public confession followed by execution, at the LEAST.
[13:09] <~Anshu> and those attack are holy, aren't they?
[13:10] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yes
[13:10] <Brazen_Sand> oops
[13:10] <Brazen_Sand> :P
[13:11] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> grand... NOW I'm sleepy. This bode ill for the rest of the day. >>
[13:11] <~Anshu> Aww
[13:12] <~Anshu> (Pardon my delay)
[13:12] <Brazen_Sand> Sooooo, Bright, what's her DBT look like?
[13:12] <~Anshu> .ex 13
[13:12] <Brazen_Sand> *takes notes*
[13:12] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 7 successes against TN 7: [1, 10, 7, 9, 3, 6, 1, 6, 4, 7, 2, 10, 2]
[13:13] <Nomoe_Hideaki> 19:38:29] <Bright_Snow> After the flashes of light, gone is Tepet Argona replaced with a large shimmering shape, hissing through the cycling colours that hide it from easy viewing. Its eyes each shimmering with a different light focus on the dire lance and adjusting its plunge towards the Infernal Empress.
[13:13] <Brazen_Sand> That tells me nothing D:
[13:13] <Brazen_Sand> That tells me "whoa sparkles." For all I know, Yog-Sothoth just stabbed her
[13:13] <Nomoe_Hideaki> heh
[13:16] <~Anshu> hmmm
[13:16] <~Anshu> you can move before your tick comes up, can't you?
[13:16] <Noldarr> uh
[13:17] <Noldarr> I think you can take reflexive actions
[13:17] <Noldarr> yes
[13:17] <~Anshu> ok
[13:18] <Brazen_Sand> But not infinitely, obviously
[13:18] <Brazen_Sand> Otherwise a Scourge would be impossible to stop
[13:19] <~Anshu> obviously.
[13:19] <Noldarr> well, you get one reflexive move per tick
[13:19] <Noldarr> but so does everyone else
[13:19] <~Anshu> and for those with reflexive dashing....
[13:20] <Brazen_Sand> FFFFFFFUUUU
[13:20] <Brazen_Sand> Oh it's ON now, bitch!
[13:21] <Nomoe_Hideaki> what defenses do they each declare?
[13:21] <Brazen_Sand> Crap, motherfucking Adorjan charms.
[13:21] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Hmmm. Anyone have a couple 10 Total Anniahlations at the ready?
[13:21] <Bright_Snow> Yeah sorry had to go AFK
[13:22] <Brazen_Sand> oh good, you can answer the question, Snow ; P
[13:22] <Noldarr> ...should I get World-Scarring Solar Glory and destroy the Manse?
[13:22] * Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby just wants to blow things up.
[13:22] <Bright_Snow> YES
[13:22] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> XD
[13:22] <Noldarr> That would prevent her from running for a few ticks, right?
[13:22] <~Anshu> Empress used First Ebon Dragon Excellency + stunt to raise Dodge DV to 20, then used Safety Among Enemies three times
[13:22] <Bright_Snow> Get WSSG
[13:22] <Bright_Snow> And an Overdrive Charm
[13:22] <Noldarr> ouch, she just left them to die =/
[13:22] <~Anshu> Fiend was dashing and used Who Strikes The Wind
[13:23] * Nomoe_Hideaki goes again on tick 5
[13:23] <~Anshu> and the Empress knows Total Annihilation! =D
[13:23] <Bright_Snow> Actually WSSG
[13:23] <Brazen_Sand> *sigh* this again...
[13:23] <Noldarr> ....wat
[13:23] <Brazen_Sand> She's an Akuma
[13:23] <Noldarr> okay guys, don't get distracted by the fiend, she's small potatoes compared to the Empress
[13:23] <Brazen_Sand> She can get SCCS
[13:23] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Still, SaE costs wp IIRC :)
[13:23] <Noldarr> we just focus the empress down
[13:23] <Noldarr> and get the hell out of dodge
[13:23] <~Anshu> oh... so it does.
[13:23] <Brazen_Sand> You mean dodge out of hell
[13:23] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> kill her wp then social attack her XD
[13:24] <Noldarr> lol
[13:24] <~Anshu> Stupid DB Charms >: (
[13:24] <Noldarr> I really don't want her honor guard to power up
[13:24] <Noldarr> I bet they all have shintai
[13:24] <Noldarr> and the Slayer probably has Driven Beyond Death =/
[13:24] <Brazen_Sand> Good. More for me to humiliate
[13:24] <Brazen_Sand> Someone get in there and fuck up the manse, make it explode
[13:24] <Brazen_Sand> Just need to get to the hearthroom, I believe.
[13:25] <Noldarr> can't you do a billion points of damage
[13:25] <Noldarr> to the manse
[13:25] <Noldarr> that should collapse it
[13:25] <~Anshu> okay
[13:25] <~Anshu> Malefactor's up!
[13:25] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Exploding it would be bad for all of us. XD
[13:25] <Brazen_Sand> Pft, wimp
[13:25] <Brazen_Sand> Besides, all of the Infernals know who I am.
[13:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> does anyone here not have a perfect defens`?
[13:26] <Brazen_Sand> Think Malfeas would reward them for bringing Brazen in?
[13:26] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I have a PD, I don't have on that protects me things like Explosions or the like. XD
[13:26] <Noldarr> I don't think Malfeas is that stupid...
[13:26] <Noldarr> PDs can defend you against environmental effects
[13:26] <~Anshu> the Empress and all the Fiends have a PD, if that's what you mean.
[13:26] <Bright_Snow> As for how my DBT looks, it is a 7 foot tall, smi Lizard/Chameleon made of colour changing crystal.
[13:26] <Brazen_Sand> What do you mean?
[13:26] <Bright_Snow> With a tail.
[13:26] <Bright_Snow> And I need a much better description than that
[13:26] <Brazen_Sand> That's pretty cool, Bright.
[13:27] <Nomoe_Hideaki> And pretty strange to suddenly fight alongside :D
[13:27] <Brazen_Sand> how'd you get the crystal effect?
[13:27] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Mine doesn't protect me at the moemnt from enviro. Me needs Trans Phase Engine for that XD
[13:27] <Noldarr> ahh
[13:27] <Noldarr> hm
[13:27] <Brazen_Sand> You didn't get TPE!?
[13:27] <~Anshu> *ponders who to attack*
[13:27] <Brazen_Sand> palmface!
[13:27] <Noldarr> attack me!
[13:27] <~Anshu> Nomoe
[13:28] * Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby is glad that Nomoe is the great threat here. XD
[13:28] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I did make myself a target, yeah :D
[13:29] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I just stuck a big knife through her, minor potatoes compared to the killing blows of the Solar XD
[13:30] <Brazen_Sand> And the Lunar
[13:30] <Brazen_Sand> Keep in mind that this is all happening over seconds, though.
[13:30] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Flexible seconds, though.
[13:30] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Comic panel seconds.
[13:30] <Noldarr> seconds in Exalted are like
[13:30] <Noldarr> hours
[13:30] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Since we do have time for speeches ;)
[13:31] <Brazen_Sand> Unless they're social attacks, then they take longer for some reason
[13:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> really?
[13:31] <Brazen_Sand> Cause you have to flurry them
[13:31] <Brazen_Sand> if you're doing it in battle
[13:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> that doesn't mean it takes longer, though
[13:32] <Nomoe_Hideaki> well, not much
[13:32] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and only if you're annoyingly fast to begin with ;)
[13:32] <~Anshu> .ex 22
[13:32] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 9 successes against TN 7: [1, 2, 6, 6, 6, 8, 4, 8, 9, 6, 8, 9, 6, 2, 3, 10, 3, 8, 4, 4, 9, 5]
[13:32] <~Anshu> >.<
[13:32] <Nomoe_Hideaki> attack declaration?
[13:32] <Nomoe_Hideaki> what sort of attack is this?
[13:33] <~Anshu> Simple Charm, Sandstrike Blast
[13:33] <Brazen_Sand> Sandstrike blast, I think.
[13:33] <~Anshu> sorry
[13:33] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> 9 out of 22 is kinda sad. Its like my kinda sad, but only with more dice XD
[13:33] <Brazen_Sand> : (
[13:34] <~Anshu> hmm
[13:34] <~Anshu> wish I'd remembered the TN reducer
[13:35] <~Anshu> that'd give me 5 more successes
[13:35] <~Anshu> oh well
[13:35] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Immortal Blade-Deflecting Palm
[13:35] <Nomoe_Hideaki> next!
[13:35] <Nomoe_Hideaki> :p
[13:36] <Brazen_Sand> Ouch, Cecylene has a good Excellency addition
[13:36] <Noldarr> lol
[13:36] <Brazen_Sand> motes AND willpower on successful stunts
[13:36] <~Anshu> Tick 2! Starring The Empress! Co-Starring Noldarr!
[13:36] <Brazen_Sand> Hey, looks like Nomoe's got Wood! *tard-smile*
[13:36] <Noldarr> You mean starring the soon to be unconscious Empress!
[13:36] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Co starring. Haha
[13:36] <Nomoe_Hideaki> recovering essence from all stunts so far
[13:36] <Noldarr> alright, let's do this
[13:36] <Brazen_Sand> Don't blow up the manse, it's full of mortals
[13:37] <Brazen_Sand> Also try not to hit Brazen.
[13:37] <~Anshu> Empress uses Noon As Night Evocation and Dragon's Lair Obtenebration, plunging everything in a 3-mile radius into unnatural darkness!
[13:37] <Brazen_Sand> ...: O
[13:37] <Brazen_Sand> Holy shit
[13:38] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Oh ... damn
[13:38] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Oh.
[13:38] <Brazen_Sand> Good thing I've got AESS
[13:38] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yeah, is that enough to see through it?
[13:38] <Brazen_Sand> Won't all the mortals panic?
[13:38] <Brazen_Sand> It's essence sight. I don't need light.
[13:38] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Their problem :p
[13:38] <Brazen_Sand> So says Mr. Stewart
[13:38] <Nomoe_Hideaki> supernatural darkness, though
[13:39] <Brazen_Sand> ALL-ENCOMPASSING
[13:39] <Brazen_Sand> It encompasses ALL
[13:40] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Anshu?
[13:40] <~Anshu> it says "blinds all who lack magic to see in darkness"
[13:40] <Brazen_Sand> And even so, I've got Enhanced Hearing and Smell
[13:40] <~Anshu> does AESS normally let you see in darkness?
[13:40] <Noldarr> alright
[13:40] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I think so.
[13:40] <Noldarr> This is a lot of charms
[13:40] <~Anshu> hmmm
[13:40] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yeah, essence sight penetrates natural darkness
[13:40] <Noldarr> Iron Whirlwind Attack, Rising Sun Slash, Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgment, Golden Destruction Cut
[13:41] <Brazen_Sand> Ouch, hope that hits
[13:41] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and unless the darkness charm doesn't say supernatural perception doesn't work either ...
[13:41] <~Anshu> I wonder, does being in the area of effect when it's created count as entering the effect?
[13:41] <Noldarr> GDC + E-CSJ on attacks 1, 2, and 8, RSS on attacks 1 and 8
[13:41] <Noldarr> total mote expenditure: a lot
[13:41] <Brazen_Sand> I would say yes.
[13:42] <Noldarr> well, remember how simultaneous actions resolve in Exalted
[13:42] <Noldarr> oh, and channeling Compassion for +5 sux
[13:42] <~Anshu> okay
[13:42] <Noldarr> .exf 36 x8
[13:42] <Pattern_Spider> Noldarr rolled [16, 18, 13, 17, 20, 13, 17, 16] successes against TN7
[13:43] <Brazen_Sand> Yow
[13:43] <Brazen_Sand> I wonder how that looks D:
[13:43] <Noldarr> *hopes it hits*
[13:43] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> watch her use Safety among enemies and slice -us- up with it XD
[13:44] <Brazen_Sand> What'll yuo do if it doesn't?
[13:44] <Noldarr> she can't use SAE
[13:44] <Noldarr> it's undodgeable and unblockable
[13:44] <Noldarr> and Holy
[13:44] <Brazen_Sand> Water Dragon Style :Empresstrollface:
[13:44] <~Anshu> which weapon mode are you using?
[13:44] <Noldarr> if she does that, I'm so buying all the reflexive attack Charms
[13:44] <Noldarr> Speed 3
[13:44] <~Anshu> ok
[13:45] * Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby plays a card game with Snow... well that was until we are plunged into darkness and so sleeps instead XD
[13:45] <Brazen_Sand> Ruby's gone into Hibernation mode
[13:45] <Brazen_Sand> like a laptop without enough battery : <
[13:45] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> A little red light pulses softly. XD
[13:45] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Heh, now she is invisible and in darkness.
[13:46] <Noldarr> well, she will be after this tick
[13:46] <Nomoe_Hideaki> No wait, she did attack, so not invisible anymore
[13:46] <Brazen_Sand> Hmmm, I think I know what Brazen will demand for helping with this...A full pardon
[13:46] <Brazen_Sand> Errr, ask for.
[13:46] <Nomoe_Hideaki> heh
[13:46] <Noldarr> a pardon from what?
[13:46] <Brazen_Sand> I wanna be un-CoD'd
[13:46] <~Anshu> I think you were being more honest the first time :P
[13:46] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Heh.
[13:46] <Brazen_Sand> Look, there's a very thin line with Brazen.
[13:46] <Noldarr> did we talk to UCS?
[13:46] <Nomoe_Hideaki> You can try asking Sol :p
[13:46] <Noldarr> 0_o
[13:47] <Brazen_Sand> He might just go like INFERNAL? SHOOP DA WHOOP! *LASER*
[13:47] <Nomoe_Hideaki> :D
[13:47] <Nomoe_Hideaki> ahem
[13:47] <Nomoe_Hideaki> did I think that out loud? </Nomoe>
[13:47] <Noldarr> then you'd just...ablation of brass and fire it
[13:47] <~Anshu> brb, sorry
[13:47] <Brazen_Sand> I took Cecelyne's PD
[13:47] <Noldarr> oh yeah, then you're screwed
[13:47] <Brazen_Sand> ...DON'T HIT ME D:
[13:47] <Noldarr> =P
[13:48] <Brazen_Sand> Holy hell, this is going to be a late game x_x
[13:49] <Brazen_Sand> even if we stop the Empress, we'll still have to deal with the GSPs
[13:49] <Bright_Snow> It should be noted Rising Sun Slash has been Erratted to not be Holy I think.
[13:49] <Noldarr> I know
[13:49] <Noldarr> that's why I used ECSJ
[13:50] <Noldarr> as well
[13:50] <Bright_Snow> Cool cool
[13:50] <Noldarr> I thought the plan was
[13:50] <Noldarr> gank the empress
[13:50] <Noldarr> leave
[13:50] <Noldarr> after we have the empress
[13:50] <Brazen_Sand> We're not going to outrun Scourges
[13:50] <Noldarr> um
[13:50] <Noldarr> yeah we are?
[13:50] <~Anshu>
[13:42] <Pattern_Spider> Noldarr rolled [16, 18, 13, 17, 20, 13, 17, 16] successes against TN7
[13:50] <~Anshu> *reminds self*
[13:50] <Noldarr> Scourges are not built for speed, they're built for mobility
[13:50] <Bright_Snow> Several of us can outrun the Scourges
[13:50] <Nomoe_Hideaki> +5 sux each, due to Compassion channel
[13:50] * Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby is not one of those
[13:50] <Brazen_Sand> I don't think you can do that with each attack
[13:50] <Brazen_Sand> since it's a roll
[13:51] <~Anshu> you'd run out of channels
[13:51] <Noldarr> I'm doing it to the first one
[13:51] <Brazen_Sand> Also it does cost a willpower to channel it
[13:51] <Bright_Snow> Well I can also teleport from Shadows and take people along
[13:51] <~Anshu> ok
[13:51] <Nomoe_Hideaki> one channel lasts the full action
[13:51] <~Anshu> ... really?
[13:51] <Bright_Snow> So I'll drag you out with me Ruby :D
[13:51] <Noldarr> oh, it does?
[13:51] <Noldarr> cool
[13:51] <Brazen_Sand> whut?
[13:51] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yeah
[13:51] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> yay ^^
[13:51] <Brazen_Sand> Page?
[13:51] <Noldarr> remember that
[13:51] <Noldarr> the first and last attacks are also
[13:51] <Nomoe_Hideaki> or at least that's how it was in OMWF
[13:51] <Noldarr> perfect
[13:51] <Nomoe_Hideaki> the book itself is vague on the issue
[13:51] <Noldarr> undodgeable/unblockable
[13:51] <Nomoe_Hideaki> it can be interpreted both ways
[13:51] <Brazen_Sand> We need a ruling
[13:51] <Noldarr> and Holy
[13:52] <Bright_Snow> Which should Fubar both her standard defences
[13:53] <~Anshu> I'll go with it applying to the whole action
[13:56] <Brazen_Sand> Calling it now, Deep Depth Defense
[13:56] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Bottomless.
[13:56] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Question? Is this darkness a Sorcerous effect? And can Countermagic counter it? In either case brb.
[13:56] <Brazen_Sand> Fathomless Depths Defense
[13:56] <Brazen_Sand> whatevaaaa
[13:56] <Nomoe_Hideaki> But that would be most efficient.
[13:56] <~Anshu> =it's Bottomless
[13:56] <Bright_Snow> Also how's the Darkness interact with our anima banners
[13:56] <~Anshu> it is a sorcerous effect
[13:57] <Brazen_Sand> So waht I'm hearing is that Ruby wants to...attack the darkness :B
[13:57] <Nomoe_Hideaki> heh
[13:57] <~Anshu> and your anima banners flicker and strobe in the darkness, unable to push it back, but incapable of being altogether snuffed by it.
[13:57] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Tactically quite sound.
[13:57] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Since for everyone without supernatural perception blindness gives nasty penalties.
[13:57] <Brazen_Sand> Eh, only -2
[13:58] <Noldarr> yeah, -2 is not a big deal to our dicepools
[13:58] <Noldarr> but ugh, I really hope she doesn't have BDD
[13:58] <Brazen_Sand> unless we were trying to critique a painting or something.
[13:58] <Noldarr> that would be the fourth opponent we've fought with a ticklong
[13:58] <Noldarr> those make battles take so much longer T_T
[13:59] <Brazen_Sand> It would be boring if it didn't.
[13:59] <Brazen_Sand> besides, you can still WP-tap her.
[13:59] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> -2 is horrible to my Dice pools >>
[13:59] *** Bright_Snow_ has joined #celestialdeliberativeOOC
[14:00] *** Bright_Snow_ is now known as Virgil
[14:00] <Brazen_Sand> ZZZzzz
[14:00] <Noldarr> Nah, wouldn't be boring
[14:00] <Noldarr> We still have to deal with the rest of the honor guard
[14:00] <Noldarr> =/
[14:01] <Noldarr> can you take Defend Other actions reflexively?
[14:01] <Brazen_Sand> Ahahahaha
[14:01] <Brazen_Sand> You got FABULOOOOOOUS'D
[14:01] <Nomoe_Hideaki> not without charms
[14:01] *** Bright_Snow has quit IRC: Ping timeout
[14:01] *** Anshu is now known as The_Ebon_Dragon
[14:01] <Nomoe_Hideaki> eek!
[14:01] * ~The_Ebon_Dragon cheats madly :P
[14:01] <Brazen_Sand> : o
[14:01] <Brazen_Sand> that's creepy as all hell
[14:01] *** The_Ebon_Dragon is now known as Anshu
[14:02] <Nomoe_Hideaki> well, one could argue that bodyguard work is pretty much exactly that, declaring a continuous defend other
[14:02] <~Anshu> yeah
[14:02] <Noldarr> well, if he plans on Ablation of Brass and Firing all my attacks, that's 32m down, I guess >_>
[14:02] <~Anshu> actually only 24.
[14:02] <Brazen_Sand> Stunt
[14:02] <~Anshu> Yay for Malfeas stunt bonus
[14:02] <Noldarr> I will stop at the 7th attack to conserve motes
[14:02] <~Anshu> so 20, then
[14:03] *** Virgil is now known as Bright_Snow
[14:03] <Brazen_Sand> I got it. The Slayer looks like Fabio
[14:03] <~Anshu> XD
[14:04] <Brazen_Sand> So can we do something now?
[14:04] <~Anshu> that was speed 3, right, Noldarr?
[14:04] <Noldarr> yes
[14:05] <Nomoe_Hideaki> mmhh, ok
[14:05] <~Anshu> oh right
[14:05] <~Anshu> I almost forgot
[14:05] <Nomoe_Hideaki> time for performance social attacks. "No John, you are the Anathema!"
[14:05] <~Anshu> since you all "entered" the zone of darkness
[14:05] <~Anshu> time for the Empress to make some of her free unexpected attacks
[14:06] <Noldarr> ooh goody
[14:06] <~Anshu> okay, there's five of you
[14:06] <Noldarr> can you Defend Other counterattacks?
[14:06] <Brazen_Sand> *plays cards with Snow and Ruby*
[14:06] <~Anshu> good question
[14:07] <Brazen_Sand> Oh god, let's not stretch this out further, please
[14:07] <Nomoe_Hideaki> sure
[14:07] <Bright_Snow> Its Exalted Combat this was always going to be long
[14:07] <Nomoe_Hideaki> if you have one declared, why wouldn't you be able to=
[14:07] <Bright_Snow> *Go Fish?*
[14:07] <Brazen_Sand> *I don't know, you're supposed to tell me, not ask me.*
[14:08] <Bright_Snow> *Ok got any fives?*
[14:08] <Brazen_Sand> *...sure*
[14:08] <Brazen_Sand> *gives*
[14:09] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Does Bright Snow react to Nomoe's words btw, or is there too much Lunar Fury in her? ;)
[14:10] <Bright_Snow> I hadn't noticed them at the time
[14:10] <Bright_Snow> So I'm going to go with Fury
[14:10] <Brazen_Sand> Anshu, just roll the dice already, plz.
[14:10] <Brazen_Sand> I want to see if I survived or not
[14:11] <Bright_Snow> Need more charms
[14:11] <Bright_Snow> Perception charms
[14:12] <Brazen_Sand> Glad I'm not a Solar :B
[14:12] <Bright_Snow> Yep me too
[14:13] <Nomoe_Hideaki> ok, so what's this. Perfect surprise?
[14:13] <Noldarr> stunting and perfecting, -1m
[14:13] <~Anshu> Melee Excellency + Dragon-Graced Weapon on each attack, so a Diff 4 check against knockdown is required if she hits. Adn yes, all unexpected.
[14:13] <Nomoe_Hideaki> remember the +2m surcharge for anti-surprise charms
[14:13] <Noldarr> I will also counterattack
[14:13] <~Anshu> .exf 34 x5
[14:13] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled [18, 18, 21, 18, 15] successes against TN7
[14:14] <~Anshu> Brazen, Snow, Noldarr, Nomoe, and Ruby, in that order
[14:14] <Bright_Snow> I knew I'd forgotten to buy something. Surprise negator
[14:14] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Ya. I'm not even sure where the Alchy one is. Ah well. XD
[14:14] <Nomoe_Hideaki> What's base damage?
[14:14] * Nomoe_Hideaki didn't forget, he thought it would be amusing not to have one :p
[14:14] <Brazen_Sand> Oh right, forgot about that.
[14:15] <Bright_Snow> I'm sure the Lunar one is somewhere in the Dexterity Tree
[14:15] <Noldarr> ugh, guess I should use ECSJ on this too
[14:15] <Noldarr> .ex 36
[14:15] <Pattern_Spider> Noldarr rolled 20 successes against TN 7: [2, 5, 3, 10, 7, 5, 2, 6, 7, 8, 2, 3, 8, 9, 8, 6, 2, 7, 10, 9, 9, 1, 9, 8, 7, 4, 1, 4, 7, 8, 8, 6, 9, 5, 3, 4]
[14:15] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Well. This will hurt.
[14:15] <Bright_Snow> Which is on my purchase list, but at 10xp a charm I'm getting there slowly
[14:15] <~Anshu> base damage is 16A
[14:15] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> So of all of us Noldaar is the one with Anti-Surprise?
[14:15] <Noldarr> ...wait, seriously guys?
[14:15] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Agg. Ouch.
[14:15] <~Anshu> to Solars, that is
[14:15] <Brazen_Sand> You forgot, I'm not a Solar
[14:15] <~Anshu> everybody else takes Lethal
[14:16] <Brazen_Sand> Fuck I'm dead.
[14:16] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Well.
[14:16] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> 16L? Soakable? Hardness?
[14:16] <~Anshu> soak and hardness still apply
[14:16] <Nomoe_Hideaki> That's 29 dice of Agg against Nomoe
[14:16] <Noldarr> 16L base, but yes it's soakable
[14:16] <Brazen_Sand> Oh, it's only 29?
[14:16] <Brazen_Sand> Then yeah, I survive, barely.
[14:16] <~Anshu> hmm
[14:17] <Brazen_Sand> I mean I soak, barely.
[14:17] <Brazen_Sand> Hardness
[14:17] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Hmmm 16L-18L Soak. I think I'm safe ^^
[14:17] <Brazen_Sand> blah blah blah
[14:17] <~Anshu> Unexpected bypasses DVs
[14:17] <Nomoe_Hideaki> that's with soak applied :p
[14:17] <Bright_Snow> I'm unconcious
[14:17] <Nomoe_Hideaki> want to roll those, Anshu, or should I?
[14:17] <Noldarr> if you were surprised by the attack you take 16 + (attack successes) dice of damage, minus your soak
[14:17] <~Anshu> so 16 base + 18 attack success is 34 levels
[14:17] <Nomoe_Hideaki> 34 dice
[14:17] <Nomoe_Hideaki> not levels
[14:17] <Brazen_Sand> Fuck I'm dead.
[14:17] <~Anshu> dice, yeah
[14:17] <~Anshu> sorry
[14:17] <Bright_Snow> Unconcious
[14:18] <Bright_Snow> It takes another blow to kill you
[14:18] <Brazen_Sand> Well that was anticlimatic
[14:18] <~Anshu> Nomoe, just to clarify
[14:18] <~Anshu> how did you figure 29 dice initially?
[14:19] <Nomoe_Hideaki> 16A base + 18 sux = 34A raw, minus 5A soak
[14:19] <~Anshu> ah
[14:19] <~Anshu> makes sense
[14:19] <Bright_Snow> So note to group
[14:19] <Bright_Snow> Surprise breakers
[14:19] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Hmmm so 1L to me. ^^
[14:20] <Bright_Snow> For Life not just for Christmas
[14:20] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Loves her soak and Hardness. XD
[14:20] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I'd hoped the first time it came up it wouldn't be quite this extreme ;)
[14:20] <Noldarr> wow, this really sucks
[14:20] <Brazen_Sand> yes. me too
[14:20] <Brazen_Sand> Well thanks Anshu, gg guys.
[14:20] <Nomoe_Hideaki> because against Lethal or Bashing I'd been able to soak a bit
[14:20] <Noldarr> So we lost Bright_Snow and Nomoe?
[14:20] <~Anshu> so do we want to roll, or just figure that those who got hit are unconscious?
[14:20] <~Anshu> Bright Snow, Nomoe, and Brazen, it seems
[14:20] <Brazen_Sand> Eh, I might survive
[14:20] <Brazen_Sand> Roll
[14:20] <Noldarr> I thought Brazen had like 25 soak
[14:20] <~Anshu> poor Brazen didn't get his macha fight
[14:20] <Nomoe_Hideaki> roll it
[14:20] <~Anshu> ok
[14:20] <Nomoe_Hideaki> we might get lucky ;)
[14:20] <~Anshu> for Brazen
[14:20] <Noldarr> if only you had DEMON EMPEROR SHINTAI
[14:21] <Brazen_Sand> I've got lots of health levels from mutations
[14:21] <Brazen_Sand> I have 30L/30B Hardness
[14:21] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Hey, good thing I have that DB ally. Now I can switch :p
[14:21] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> hehe
[14:21] <Noldarr> I think we might have to get my Sid ally in here
[14:21] <Brazen_Sand> <wimpy voice> I'll help you Brazen *gets stomped*
[14:21] <Noldarr> to resolve this in any sort of reasonable timeframe
[14:21] <Brazen_Sand> A little late, Noldarr
[14:21] <~Anshu> so what is Brazen's soak?
[14:21] <Noldarr> Yeah, unfortunately
[14:21] <Noldarr> Though she is supposed to be coordinating us
[14:22] <Noldarr> She might be in the airship
[14:22] <Brazen_Sand> Actually yeah, she's definitely not here
[14:22] <Brazen_Sand> She was supposed to co-ordinate teh master communication deely...from safety
[14:22] <Noldarr> hmm
[14:22] <Noldarr> Calibration Gate here?
[14:22] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Avoidance Kata
[14:22] <Noldarr> ROFL
[14:22] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and pray that it changes the decision whether to go with us or not
[14:22] <Brazen_Sand> What's she dodging?
[14:22] <Noldarr> that...might actually work >_>
[14:22] *** Terumitsu has joined #celestialdeliberativeOOC
[14:22] <Brazen_Sand> No it wouldn't
[14:22] <Brazen_Sand> It has to be within one action
[14:22] <~Anshu> hi Teru
[14:22] <~Anshu> this is my friend
[14:22] <Terumitsu> Greetings
[14:22] <Nomoe_Hideaki> You our observer?
[14:22] <~Anshu> anyway
[14:22] <Brazen_Sand> My hardness is 30B/30L
[14:22] <Nomoe_Hideaki> You're late, we
[14:22] <Noldarr> welcome
[14:23] <Nomoe_Hideaki> 're all ddead
[14:23] <Terumitsu> Sorry for being late...
[14:23] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> np ^^
[14:23] <~Anshu> Nomoe, is there any special syntax for damage?
[14:23] <Bright_Snow> If I die I'm coming in with a Solar
[14:23] <Brazen_Sand> That's more important
[14:23] <Terumitsu> This thing called RL ate me
[14:23] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Well, all of us are dead
[14:23] <Brazen_Sand> Also soak is 31B/32L
[14:23] <Nomoe_Hideaki> ".ex number dmg"
[14:23] <~Anshu> oh
[14:23] <Brazen_Sand> I'm reasonably sure I can survive this.
[14:23] <~Anshu> so you only take 2 dice, isn't that how it works?
[14:23] <Noldarr> yeah, I don't think we'll lose
[14:23] <Brazen_Sand> Fuck Essence Ping!
[14:24] <Noldarr> it will just take an excessive amount of time
[14:24] <Nomoe_Hideaki> essence ping
[14:24] <~Anshu> oh right
[14:24] <Brazen_Sand> STFU NOMOE >_<
[14:24] <Noldarr> to win
[14:24] <Nomoe_Hideaki> or the ones still standing take us somewhere else ...
[14:24] <~Anshu> .ex 9 dmg
[14:24] <Brazen_Sand> Oh god-dammit you stupid German idiot >_<
[14:24] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 2 successes for damage: [10, 4, 6, 6, 5, 1, 5, 8, 6]
[14:24] <~Anshu> heh
[14:24] <~Anshu> 2 levels to brazen
[14:24] <Nomoe_Hideaki> mmhh, anyone have a few sesslja summoned?
[14:24] <Nomoe_Hideaki> they could fix us up right quick
[14:24] <~Anshu> .ex 34 dmg
[14:24] <Noldarr> they can heal agg?
[14:24] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 14 successes for damage: [3, 7, 9, 2, 2, 10, 5, 4, 2, 2, 8, 6, 7, 7, 7, 5, 8, 1, 6, 7, 4, 1, 9, 7, 6, 2, 10, 5, 2, 1, 6, 4, 7, 9]
[14:24] <Noldarr> in combat time?
[14:24] <Brazen_Sand> *sigh* I'll summon Launjilla
[14:24] <~Anshu> 14 levels to Nomoe
[14:24] <Nomoe_Hideaki> 29 dice
[14:24] <~Anshu> oh right >.<
[14:24] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Demon summoning. We don't even know what a demon is in Autochthonia ^^
[14:24] <Brazen_Sand> Oh man, Nomoe's face will be SO red
[14:24] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I do have a little bit of Agg soak ;)
[14:24] <~Anshu> .ex 29
[14:24] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 13 successes against TN 7: [5, 3, 7, 2, 6, 7, 2, 4, 1, 10, 10, 7, 3, 2, 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 2, 1, 5, 2, 10, 8, 2, 8, 8, 1]
[14:24] <Nomoe_Hideaki> heh
[14:25] <~Anshu> .ex 29 dmg
[14:25] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 11 successes for damage: [8, 9, 4, 7, 6, 9, 3, 10, 5, 6, 2, 8, 2, 3, 5, 4, 8, 3, 10, 10, 6, 1, 10, 2, 3, 9, 2, 5, 2]
[14:25] <Nomoe_Hideaki> k, and OUT :D
[14:25] <~Anshu> there
[14:25] <~Anshu> 11
[14:25] <~Anshu> Bright Snow too, right?
[14:25] *** Bright_Snow_ has joined #celestialdeliberativeOOC
[14:25] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Ping...?
[14:25] *** Bright_Snow_ is now known as Virgil
[14:25] <Virgil> Changed from cable to wireless
[14:25] <~Anshu> Bright Snow is taking the damage as well, right?
[14:25] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Oh... Ping'll hurt me. XD
[14:25] <Brazen_Sand> This is why you give free Ox-Bodies, Anshu
[14:25] <Noldarr> hmm
[14:26] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Cable not as stable as wireless. Wha? Oo
[14:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> mmhh
[14:26] <Noldarr> So who wants to grab their unconscious bodies and run to safety?
[14:26] *** Bright_Snow has quit IRC: Ping timeout
[14:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> wait, doesn't Noldarr have Gilded Champion Refuge
[14:26] <Brazen_Sand> Noldarr, you're fastest
[14:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and anti-surprise?
[14:26] <Noldarr> what?
[14:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> he could parry for all of us
[14:26] <Noldarr> Where do I keep getting all these Charms from
[14:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> since he does have surprise-breaker
[14:26] <Brazen_Sand> You get them up
[14:26] <Brazen_Sand> *out
[14:26] <Virgil> Just changed. Someone else wanted the cable
[14:26] <Brazen_Sand> I'll deal with the trash
[14:26] <~Anshu> *sigh*
[14:26] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> aaah
[14:26] *** Virgil is now known as Bright_Snow
[14:26] <Noldarr> Uh, no offense, but I don't think either of us can take 5 Infernals alone
[14:27] <Nomoe_Hideaki> actually it seems he doesn't have it
[14:27] <Nomoe_Hideaki> mmh
[14:27] <Noldarr> Maybe if we abused the hell out of counterattack charms
[14:27] <Noldarr> it might be barely possible
[14:27] <Brazen_Sand> Then I shall go out in a BLAZE OF CANCEROUS GREEN GLORY!
[14:27] <~Anshu> I'm gonna start kicking people so I can actually get my questions heard and answered in a moment
[14:28] <Noldarr> She already said she was unconscious, I believe
[14:28] <~Anshu> okay, and Ruby?
[14:28] <Noldarr> I think she's fine
[14:28] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I'm checking. What numbers am I dealing with.
[14:28] <~Anshu> base damage 16L + 15 attack successes from surprise
[14:29] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I know I came out with 1L out of all the first numbers so... after that it all became a blurr
[14:29] <Brazen_Sand> It's go time. Activating Blazing Avatar of Destruction. Slayer Anima activated.
[14:30] <Noldarr> Blazing Avatar of Destruction?
[14:30] <~Anshu> Ruby?
[14:30] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> yes?
[14:30] <Brazen_Sand> Basically, Brazen is on fire.
[14:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> 13 dice of Lethal, I think
[14:31] <Brazen_Sand> Well, he's made out of fire.
[14:31] <Noldarr> where is that Charm?
[14:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> for Ruby
[14:31] <~Anshu> ok
[14:31] <Brazen_Sand> Made it up
[14:31] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> 13 does me in.
[14:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and don#t come close to any of those who are down
[14:31] <Noldarr> alright
[14:31] <~Anshu> .ex 13 dmg
[14:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> since now you'll really kill us
[14:31] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 6 successes for damage: [4, 7, 6, 7, 7, 1, 9, 8, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7]
[14:31] <Brazen_Sand> That's why Noldarr needs to get them out of there.
[14:31] <~Anshu> just barely conscious
[14:31] <Noldarr> uh, Ruby is fine
[14:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> though she could probably boost that with a Sta excellency
[14:31] <~Anshu> point
[14:31] <~Anshu> okay
[14:32] <~Anshu> now to resolve Noldarr's counterattack
[14:32] * Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby confused... but just tell me what my hurt is and I'll take it. 6? Actually is less than half in my -2s
[14:32] <Noldarr> It is holy!
[14:32] <Noldarr> and has 20 sux
[14:32] <~Anshu> ok
[14:32] <Bright_Snow> Curse my brittle brittle build
[14:32] <Brazen_Sand> Awesome.
[14:33] <Brazen_Sand> Spending 4m, 1wp
[14:33] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I honestly didn't think I would fair so well. I didn't build with combat in mind.
[14:33] <Noldarr> okay, Ruby and I are going to pick up Nomoe and Bright Snow?
[14:33] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Or rather combat as Pritory 1. XD
[14:33] <Noldarr> I think we can get out and back in 6-10 ticks
[14:34] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Right I'll be picking someone up, unfurling wings and ... retreating XD
[14:34] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Whenever my turn comes up that is... Oo
[14:34] <~Anshu> okay
[14:34] <Brazen_Sand> I think I can survive that long.
[14:34] <Noldarr> Alright, so on my action I'm gonna pick up the nearest unconscious ally and book it to the airship
[14:34] <Noldarr> brb
[14:35] <~Anshu> oh darn
[14:35] <~Anshu> stupid weaksauce DB almost-perfects
[14:35] <Brazen_Sand> ...
[14:35] <Brazen_Sand> AHAHAHAHAHA
[14:36] <~Anshu> unless...
[14:36] <~Anshu> yeah, the Dodge one'll work
[14:36] <Nomoe_Hideaki> you know, if we can take out the empress and take her along as well, this would still be a victory of sorts :D
[14:36] <Brazen_Sand> Oh come ooooon
[14:36] <Brazen_Sand> Dude, come on
[14:36] <Brazen_Sand> You owe us this one.
[14:36] <Nomoe_Hideaki> hey
[14:36] <Brazen_Sand> We're almost all dead.
[14:36] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Noldarr can just murderize her on her next action.
[14:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> *his
[14:37] <Brazen_Sand> btw, in case you're wondering, Brazen has his same basic shape, but now he's made out of greenfire
[14:37] <Noldarr> wait, what happened to Defending other?
[14:37] <~Anshu> oh yeah. I could use him too.
[14:37] <Noldarr> goddamnit, if I knew my counterattack would have actually worked
[14:37] <Noldarr> I would totally have Rising Sun Slashed
[14:38] <Brazen_Sand> Okay, so it does 5L to anyone within 5 yards of me
[14:38] <Brazen_Sand> Unsoakable 5L, btw
[14:38] <Brazen_Sand> with a Trauma of...5
[14:38] <~Anshu> ok.
[14:39] <Brazen_Sand> The mortals should be running out of there now from his anima, leaving it clear
[14:39] <~Anshu> yeah
[14:39] <~Anshu> hang on
[14:39] <~Anshu> yeah, Slayer'll get in the way of Nomoe's counter.
[14:39] <Brazen_Sand> Hmmm...I'm going to try to delay them
[14:39] <Brazen_Sand> Can I try to get them to taunt me and such?
[14:39] <~Anshu> Noldarr's*
[14:39] <Brazen_Sand> Pretend that they'll get me to go back with them, etc.?
[14:40] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I need a siege Devastor XD
[14:40] <~Anshu> okay, new tick
[14:41] <~Anshu> Fiend goes...
[14:41] <Brazen_Sand> I'm still playing.
[14:41] <~Anshu> hmmm
[14:41] <Brazen_Sand> That's a reflexive
[14:41] <~Anshu> ok
[14:41] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> 5 yards is what in feet?
[14:41] <Brazen_Sand> 15
[14:41] <Brazen_Sand> Anshu, do try to not totally fustigate me this time : P
[14:41] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Wait... where is Brazen in this mess... and is he 15 feet from us? XD
[14:42] <Brazen_Sand> No, you're still in some room
[14:42] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Yay... 5L damage eh?
[14:42] <Brazen_Sand> I'm in the main hall.
[14:42] <Brazen_Sand> 5L unsoakable
[14:42] <Noldarr> oh god, are you going to knock out Ruby
[14:42] <Noldarr> rofl
[14:42] <Brazen_Sand> No, she's nowhere near me. I'm still in the air!
[14:43] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> kk safe then. over 15 feet away.
[14:43] <Brazen_Sand> Social Attacking them, trying to get them to talk.
[14:43] <Brazen_Sand> Remember Cowing the Lowly and Crowned with Madness
[14:43] <~Anshu> yes, yes
[14:44] <Brazen_Sand> .ex 16 (5 Excellency shots)
[14:45] <Pattern_Spider> invalid syntax - target number has to be an actual number
[14:45] <Brazen_Sand> .ex 16
[14:45] <Pattern_Spider> Brazen_Sand rolled 5 successes against TN 7: [3, 1, 3, 8, 2, 6, 7, 8, 6, 6, 6, 9, 6, 6, 9, 6]
[14:45] <Brazen_Sand> Damn
[14:45] <Brazen_Sand> Well, maybe they'll talk anyway.
[14:45] <~Anshu> you know it's not your turn yet, right? I did say the Fiend still had to go.
[14:45] <Nomoe_Hideaki> mmh, Pattern Spider hates us today
[14:45] <Brazen_Sand> You said it was my turn awhile ago, I thought.
[14:45] <Brazen_Sand> you said "and now Brazen"
[14:45] <Brazen_Sand> before the damage roll and such.
[14:46] <~Anshu> yeah, because that was the damage you took.
[14:46] <Nomoe_Hideaki> if Red hadn't rolled so abominably well on per+awareness ... though she'd probably have had a late-stage PD as well.
[14:46] <Brazen_Sand> Ergh, fine, well, you still know what's going to happen at least.
[14:46] <~Anshu> right
[14:48] * Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby eats chocolate to boost herself. ^^
[14:50] * Nomoe_Hideaki eats chocolate as well
[14:51] <Brazen_Sand> Ewwwww
[14:51] <Brazen_Sand> NO SHADOW RAPE
[14:51] <Noldarr> oh, this thing again
[14:52] <~Anshu> Martial Arts-based use of One Hundred Ebon Tongues
[14:52] <~Anshu> .ex 25
[14:52] <Nomoe_Hideaki> oh fuck
[14:52] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 10 successes against TN 7: [8, 10, 10, 3, 8, 3, 1, 6, 5, 6, 5, 4, 1, 5, 9, 4, 4, 4, 2, 7, 6, 3, 9, 3, 7]
[14:52] <Nomoe_Hideaki> so, now we're dead dead, right?
[14:52] <Brazen_Sand> ;_; I NEED AN ADULT
[14:52] <~Anshu> no, just on Brazen
[14:52] <Brazen_Sand> Fuck this shit!
[14:52] <~Anshu> it's just feeling the rest of you up :P
[14:52] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> all stunty flavor otherwise ^^
[14:52] <Brazen_Sand> It doesn't hit me
[14:52] <Nomoe_Hideaki> argh.
[14:52] <Brazen_Sand> Errr, wait
[14:52] <~Anshu> oh, wait
[14:52] <~Anshu> .ex 2
[14:52] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled 0 successes against TN 7: [2, 2]
[14:52] <Brazen_Sand> Sorry, got confused. I'll just stunt my defense
[14:53] <Nomoe_Hideaki> *mental note, long, long bath!*
[14:53] <~Anshu> okay, no stunt successes
[14:53] <Noldarr> It doesn't hit me either >_>
[14:54] <Bright_Snow> As if Bright_Snow didn't have enough people issues
[14:54] <Brazen_Sand> There, DV 11
[14:54] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> heh XD
[14:54] <Brazen_Sand> No hit
[14:54] <Brazen_Sand> Alright. SSJ Brazen, etc.
[14:54] <Nomoe_Hideaki> heh, at least we're unconscious
[14:55] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and can't feel much
[14:55] <Brazen_Sand> I bet ED has a charm to make sure you feel it
[14:55] <Brazen_Sand> No matter what.
[14:56] <Brazen_Sand> Okay, it's up to us, Noldarr.
[14:56] <Brazen_Sand> ...Ruby, how strong are you?
[14:56] <Noldarr> well, I'll PD that
[14:56] <Noldarr> I have Strength 5
[14:56] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Strong?
[14:56] <Noldarr> I can carry as many human bodies as necessary
[14:56] <Nomoe_Hideaki> .ex 16
[14:56] <Pattern_Spider> Nomoe_Hideaki rolled 10 successes against TN 7: [8, 3, 6, 4, 2, 5, 10, 8, 10, 2, 9, 5, 9, 9, 9, 2]
[14:56] <Brazen_Sand> Alright. Ruby, come make out with Brazen!
[14:56] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> ?
[14:56] <Noldarr> I really don't see how that would help the situation
[14:57] <Brazen_Sand> Helping?
[14:57] <Nomoe_Hideaki> especially since he is ON FIRE
[14:57] <~Anshu> Brazen's social attack...
[14:57] <Brazen_Sand> Power of love, bitch.
[14:57] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> heh XD
[14:57] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Nomoe's DB ally goes on tick 3
[14:57] <Brazen_Sand> Okay fine then, Ruby, start playing music so my Excellency will apply to everything
[14:57] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Is it bad I envision this and a pink heart pushes away the darkness? *dies*
[14:57] <Nomoe_Hideaki> what's the current tick?
[14:58] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Brazen I think
[14:58] <~Anshu> tick 4
[14:58] <~Anshu> 5 successes, with Cowing the Lowly and Crowned with Madness
[14:58] <Noldarr> do you have effortless dominance / inevitability technique
[14:58] <Brazen_Sand> I have them all!
[14:58] <~Anshu> the Air goes this tick
[14:58] <Noldarr> hm
[14:58] <Brazen_Sand> Did they respond?
[14:58] <Noldarr> Anshu, can you clarify: is only the Slayer Defend Othering the Empress?
[14:59] <~Anshu> it seems so
[14:59] <~Anshu> he's the only one who's been doing it so fart
[14:59] <~Anshu> far*
[14:59] <~Anshu> it was targeted at the other Infernals, Brazen?
[14:59] <~Anshu> not the mortals or the Empress?
[14:59] <Brazen_Sand> The Infernals, yes.
[15:00] <~Anshu> ok
[15:00] <~Anshu> 5 successes, huh
[15:00] <Brazen_Sand> I assume that it'll be defended against, but they might want to gloat anyway
[15:00] <Brazen_Sand> Acts of Villainy, remember?
[15:01] <~Anshu> nah, they bounce off MDV
[15:01] <Brazen_Sand> I know, but they might want to gloat anyway
[15:01] <Brazen_Sand> that was the point : P
[15:02] <Brazen_Sand> (I'm trying to do some character development here)
[15:02] <~Anshu> I can't think of any good gloating to do right now :P
[15:02] <~Anshu> but hmmm
[15:02] <Brazen_Sand> Well you had a week! D:
[15:02] <Noldarr> If I use World-Scarring Solar Glory and destroy the Manse...the Slayer can't use Ablation of Brass and Fire anymore, right?
[15:03] <Brazen_Sand> There'll be ruins.
[15:03] <Noldarr> ...no, there won't be.
[15:03] <Brazen_Sand> But the mortals have run...
[15:03] <Noldarr> =D
[15:03] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> There'll be a crater. >>
[15:03] <Noldarr> craters are not places of habitation!
[15:03] <Noldarr> ^_^
[15:03] <Brazen_Sand> *ahem* Gem?
[15:03] <Brazen_Sand> :P
[15:03] <Brazen_Sand> But yeah, go for it.
[15:03] <Noldarr> that proves my point
[15:03] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Much less a surviving group of people. Do recall a few of us are unconscious XD
[15:03] <Noldarr> =P
[15:04] <Brazen_Sand> Okay, so you'll need to rescue them first.
[15:04] <Brazen_Sand> I think I can PD the explosion.
[15:04] <Noldarr> That's fine, my horse can take actions independant of me
[15:04] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Do tell me the radius of a detonating Manse?
[15:04] <Bright_Snow> I think I'll bring in a Twilight if I die.
[15:04] <Bright_Snow> Maybe a Zenith
[15:04] <Brazen_Sand> We could use a Zenith
[15:04] <Brazen_Sand> haha
[15:04] <Noldarr> Nomoe's ally can throw himself in the way of the blast
[15:05] <Noldarr> though I think Unassailable Body of Air can defend against explosions, right?
[15:05] <Noldarr> It's wood that sucks vs fire
[15:05] <Brazen_Sand> This is going to be a hella pyrhicc victory
[15:05] <~Anshu> yes.
[15:06] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Using Hurricane Combat Method, Air anima (unless that would kill Nomoe and Bright Snow), and Athletics Charms/Excellencies to get the hell out of there.
[15:06] <~Anshu> hmmm
[15:07] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> So we are intent on winning yes? I ask again. Can I dispell the darkness with Sapphire Circle Level Countermagic? ^^ (If this was answered I'm sorry that i missed it)
[15:07] <Brazen_Sand> Soak continues even if you're unconscious, I think.
[15:07] <Brazen_Sand> brb
[15:07] <Nomoe_Hideaki> He'll use the Chakram and the extra attacks bestowed on him by hurricane combat method to discourage pursuit.
[15:07] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Ruby, yeah you can, it's Sorcerous
[15:07] <~Anshu> no, using the Air anima ability won't cause anima flux
[15:07] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Unless it is an Ess 6+ Charm, that is.
[15:07] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Cool.
[15:07] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> oh...
[15:08] <Nomoe_Hideaki> He'll have a lot of movement then. Should I calculate?
[15:08] <Noldarr> I don't think it is
[15:08] <Noldarr> that particular charm
[15:08] <~Anshu> Ruby, it is dispellable.
[15:08] <~Anshu> okay, so that's the Air's action, Nomoe?
[15:08] <Noldarr> Hey, Nomoe can take that new Overdrive Charm now!
[15:08] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yeah
[15:08] <Noldarr> The one where you get overdrive for facing someone that defeated you
[15:09] <Noldarr> that'll be cool
[15:09] <Nomoe_Hideaki> pick them up and dash
[15:09] <Nomoe_Hideaki> defend other, if it's necessary to protect someone you're carrying
[15:09] <~Anshu> ok
[15:09] <Nomoe_Hideaki> with Hurricane Combat Method and Bellows-Pumping Stride, if he has it
[15:09] <~Anshu> sure.
[15:09] <~Anshu> He'll get them out
[15:10] <~Anshu> oh boy
[15:10] <~Anshu> tick 5
[15:10] <~Anshu> Noldarr, Malefactor, Slayer, and Scourge
[15:10] <Noldarr> yay, Manse-destroying time
[15:10] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> >>
[15:10] <Noldarr> hold up, lemme buy Divine Transcendence of Melee and World-Scarring Solar Glory...
[15:10] <Nomoe_Hideaki> heheheheh
[15:11] <Noldarr> alright
[15:11] <Noldarr> let's do this
[15:13] <~Anshu> Dune-Burst Onslaught. )ne-time hazard, 10 lethal piercing, Trauma 5.
[15:13] <Nomoe_Hideaki> the Dawn solution: destroy EVERYTHING! :D
[15:13] <Nomoe_Hideaki> muahahahahah
[15:13] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> What does Trauma do?
[15:14] <~Anshu> ... I forget XD
[15:14] <~Anshu> Ruby shouldn't need to worry unless she's within 30 feet of Noldarr
[15:14] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Tsk. I'll look later. ^^
[15:14] <Bright_Snow> I love WSSG
[15:14] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Oh no was just curious ^^
[15:14] <Nomoe_Hideaki> TGrauma is the diff of the Sta+Res roll to resist the environmental damage
[15:14] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> oooh
[15:14] <Brazen_Sand> back
[15:14] <Nomoe_Hideaki> hit diff = dmg downstaged one step
[15:15] <Nomoe_Hideaki> hit 2xdiff = dmg downstaged two steps
[15:15] <Nomoe_Hideaki> but perfect defenses work as well
[15:15] <Nomoe_Hideaki> ;)
[15:16] <Noldarr> Okay, lemme think...I'm using Iron Whirlwind attack, the first attack has World-Scarring Solar Glory and Golden Destruction Cut, the second has Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgment and Rising Sun Slash and Golden Destruction Cut
[15:16] <~Anshu> ... WSSG is in Dreams errata, yes?
[15:16] <Noldarr> Glories of the Most High
[15:17] <Noldarr> and the rest of the attacks I will adjudicate if the Empress survives the second attack
[15:17] <Bright_Snow> It is the one that allows him to do as much damage to structures as he likes
[15:17] <Bright_Snow> And then to other things
[15:17] <Bright_Snow> Like exalts
[15:17] <Noldarr> well, the arbitrary damage to exalts doesn't kick in until E9
[15:18] <Noldarr> but yeah, I think this manse is dead
[15:18] <Nomoe_Hideaki> oh shit
[15:18] <~Anshu> ... um.
[15:18] <Nomoe_Hideaki> that means explosion right?
[15:18] <Nomoe_Hideaki> in a radius of miles
[15:18] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and with two PCs without defenses in range ...
[15:18] <~Anshu> reading WSSG
[15:18] <Noldarr> I don't believe so
[15:18] <~Anshu> the "damage to nonmagical objects and structures" part is Essence 7
[15:19] <Nomoe_Hideaki> catastrophic power failure is nasty
[15:19] <Noldarr> Yeah, the important part is
[15:19] <~Anshu> I don't think Noldarr can reach Ess 7 effects yet
[15:19] <Noldarr> "if dice of damage equal or exceed target's Health Levels"
[15:19] <Noldarr> "The Solar may do as many or as few levels of damage as he likes"
[15:19] <Noldarr> And I have Golden Destruction Cut
[15:19] <~Anshu> hmm
[15:19] <~Anshu> point
[15:19] <Noldarr> this thing is about to eat ~100 dice of damage
[15:19] <Noldarr> since it can't block or dodge me
[15:20] <~Anshu> fair enough I suppose
[15:20] <Noldarr> okay, then I'm going to resolve my attack on the Empress
[15:21] <Noldarr> .ex 36
[15:21] <Pattern_Spider> Noldarr rolled 16 successes against TN 7: [2, 3, 8, 7, 9, 6, 10, 6, 7, 1, 8, 5, 10, 4, 4, 3, 8, 3, 5, 1, 2, 10, 1, 1, 1, 3, 6, 5, 5, 7, 6, 10, 7, 3, 2, 3]
[15:21] <Noldarr> which is unblockable, undodgeable, holy, etc
[15:22] <~Anshu> hang on a moment
[15:22] <Noldarr> kk
[15:22] <~Anshu> I'm still figuring out what happens to the manse
[15:23] <Nomoe_Hideaki> so, power failure
[15:24] <~Anshu> five hours till the catastrophic explosion
[15:24] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Hours?
[15:24] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> tsk
[15:25] <~Anshu> yeah, I was expecting it to happen sooner too
[15:25] <Brazen_Sand> So why not just say it happens sooner?
[15:25] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> So anti-climatic. XD
[15:25] <Brazen_Sand> You're the ST
[15:25] <~Anshu> because I don't actually want to kill you all :P
[15:25] <Nomoe_Hideaki> hey, I'd like my PC to have a chance at least :p
[15:25] <Brazen_Sand> He's been taken out
[15:25] <Brazen_Sand> Of the area
[15:25] <Noldarr> um, the explosion is just a single attack, doesn't your ally have unassailable body of air?
[15:25] <Brazen_Sand> *sigh*
[15:25] <Noldarr> or would that not work on this?
[15:25] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I wouldn't have minded the Empress murderizing me, but a friendly fire explosion ...
[15:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> it's a dodge charm
[15:26] <Brazen_Sand> Still works
[15:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> can't use dodge for defend other iirc
[15:26] <Brazen_Sand> Okay, why not make it 5 minutes instead of 5 hours?
[15:26] <Noldarr> I thought unassailable body was just turning the body into something that's unassailable
[15:26] <Noldarr> it's step 5
[15:26] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Mine won't protect me from the explosion likely. fyi ^^
[15:26] <~Anshu> all right, so now Noldarr attacks the Empress with 16 successes
[15:26] <Brazen_Sand> How about that, Anshu?
[15:26] <Noldarr> wait, is enough of the Manse destroyed that the area we're falling through
[15:26] <Noldarr> doesn't count as a place of habitation
[15:27] <~Anshu> yes
[15:27] <Noldarr> *phew*
[15:27] <~Anshu> are you going to describe your attack on Her Redness, Noldarr?
[15:28] <Noldarr> yeah, working on it
[15:28] <~Anshu> ok
[15:32] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> test test?
[15:32] <Brazen_Sand> ?
[15:32] <~Anshu> I'm here
[15:32] <Nomoe_Hideaki> still here, still reading you
[15:32] <Noldarr> yeah, we're here
[15:32] <~Anshu> Noldarr and I are discussing something in private
[15:32] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> kk. Lag is happening I thought perhaps I dc'd
[15:33] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> ahh
[15:33] <Brazen_Sand> hmmm...
[15:35] <Brazen_Sand> Can you let us in on it?
[15:35] <Noldarr> don't want to
[15:35] <Noldarr> ruin the surprise
[15:36] <~Anshu> we're talking about his attack on the Empress
[15:36] <Brazen_Sand> (Still hoping for a mech-fight)
[15:36] <Nomoe_Hideaki> heh
[15:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> think you can take them all?
[15:37] <Brazen_Sand> Nah, just the Defiler
[15:37] <Brazen_Sand> I'm gonna eat Shinji!
[15:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> While the others are whaling on you as well?
[15:37] <Brazen_Sand> That's for Anshu to figure out
[15:39] <Nomoe_Hideaki> well, a rescue mission to Malfeas might be fun
[15:40] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> hehe that would be ^^
[15:40] <Brazen_Sand> indeed.
[15:41] <Nomoe_Hideaki> *grumble* I'm only doing this to deny the Reclamation a resource, you understand? </Nomoe>
[15:41] <Brazen_Sand> tso tsundere
[15:41] <Nomoe_Hideaki> It's not like I ... like you or anything, stupid. :p
[15:41] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> hehe
[15:42] <~Anshu> (finished, Noldarr?)
[15:43] <Noldarr> lol, yeah, done
[15:44] <~Anshu> ok
[15:44] <~Anshu> so 16 attack successes, and what's the base damage?
[15:44] <Noldarr> 48 attack successes with Golden Destruction Cut
[15:44] <Noldarr> and it does agg
[15:45] <Noldarr> base damage is 14A
[15:45] <Noldarr> so 62A
[15:45] <~Anshu> oof.
[15:45] <Brazen_Sand> hrm, well, at least Noldarr gets the glory
[15:45] <Noldarr> Sorry 'bout being so longwinded
[15:48] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yay :)
[15:48] <Brazen_Sand> congrats
[15:48] <Bright_Snow> One of these days I'll play a Dawn Caste
[15:48] <Bright_Snow> And it will be good
[15:48] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Now get out of there - that way Lost and I can take part in defending against the inevitable rescue mission by the INfernal coven ;)
[15:49] <Noldarr> Can she be caught on the horse while we're falling and we can get the hell out of here?
[15:49] <~Anshu> what speed was that, Noldarr?
[15:49] <Noldarr> 3
[15:49] <~Anshu> ok
[15:54] <Brazen_Sand> test?
[15:54] <Noldarr> Yeah, we're not doing any convos backstage
[15:54] <~Anshu> Slayer using Self as Cyclone Stance + Thousandfold Typhoon Hand + 1st Malfeas Excellency + Valor Channel
[15:54] <Noldarr> christ, I'm buying a lot of Charms today
[15:54] <Noldarr> *considers Dawn's Parable Defense*
[15:55] <Noldarr> eh, I'll use Ready in Eight Directions Stance
[15:55] <Noldarr> maybe that'll get him to abort
[15:55] <Noldarr> my DV is 23 after the Dawn Anima Change
[15:57] <~Anshu> .exf 30 29 28 28 27 26
[15:57] <Pattern_Spider> Anshu rolled [13, 18, 7, 9, 13, 11] successes against TN7
[15:58] <~Anshu> first attack in unexpected.
[15:58] <~Anshu> is*
[15:58] <Noldarr> okay
[15:58] <Noldarr> I perfect the first
[15:58] <Noldarr> resolving my counterattacks
[15:58] <Noldarr> .exf 36
[15:58] <Pattern_Spider> invalid syntax - arguments must be separated by " "
[15:59] <Noldarr> .exf 36 x8
[15:59] <Pattern_Spider> Noldarr rolled [16, 17, 12, 18, 18, 15, 24, 18] successes against TN7
[15:59] <Noldarr> oh wait, he only made 6 attacks
[15:59] <Noldarr> ignore the last two, then
[16:01] <Brazen_Sand> zzzz
[16:01] <~Anshu> Laughing Gust Denial.
[16:01] <Noldarr> k
[16:01] <Bright_Snow> Quiet Brazen
[16:02] <~Anshu> Brazen is a little bitter because Noldarr took down the Empress and didn't let Brazen have his mech fight.
[16:02] <Noldarr> What is a mech fight?
[16:02] <Brazen_Sand> ...
[16:02] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Hellstrider?
[16:02] <Nomoe_Hideaki> We'll just have it some other time ... or Brazen could stay and fight by himself.
[16:02] <~Anshu> Justifiably so, I think, since both he and I had been looking forward to it
[16:02] <Brazen_Sand> okay fuck this shit.
[16:03] <Brazen_Sand> I'm out.
[16:03] *** Brazen_Sand has quit IRC: Disintegrated:
[16:03] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> heh
[16:03] * Nomoe_Hideaki sighs
[16:04] <Noldarr> That was awkward. >_>
[16:04] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> He has no patience is all.
[16:04] <Noldarr> I really wish he had told me or something
[16:04] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Well, we should really try to resolve combats at a faster pace.
[16:04] <Noldarr> I thought we were going to end this ASAP so that the unconscious people could do stuff again
[16:04] <Nomoe_Hideaki> But still.
[16:04] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yeah.
[16:04] <Noldarr> So I did my best to kill the Empress ASAP
[16:04] <Noldarr> if I'd known he wanted to do that...
[16:05] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I've no problem with it
[16:05] * Nomoe_Hideaki shrugs. I'm with you on this.
[16:05] <Bright_Snow> Me neither
[16:05] <Nomoe_Hideaki> So, majority in favor.
[16:05] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Its a team effort, if Noldaar takes her down so much more the better for the rest of us
[16:05] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> in this case. for the 2 of us still standing XD
[16:05] <Noldarr> lol
[16:06] <Noldarr> We cut it rather close this time
[16:06] <Nomoe_Hideaki> The problem isn't Noldarr taking down the Empress quickly and efficiently, it's that two of us went down, making it necessary to end the combat before we get overwhelmed.
[16:06] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Otherwise there'd sitll be the Infernals to fight. For everyone, including Brazen
[16:06] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Assuming that you two (three?) do bug out now ;)
[16:07] <Noldarr> That is what I intend to do, and hopefully Ruby as well
[16:07] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Heck if the floor is out from under us, I'm deploying wings, dispelling darkness, summoning cannon and shooting things
[16:07] <~Anshu> *sigh*
[16:07] <Bright_Snow> I thouhgt he was complaining about the speed of the combat myself
[16:07] <Noldarr> After we grab the Empress
[16:07] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yeah, that too
[16:08] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and he does have a point - we have covered what, 5 ticks now?
[16:08] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Still, no reason to leave in a huff.
[16:08] <Noldarr> Anshu probably has to look up the Charms for everyone that acts
[16:08] <Noldarr> it's pretty time-consuming for a battle with 7+ Celestials in it
[16:08] <~Anshu> Yeah. And I'm thinking of ending the session here.
[16:08] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yeah.
[16:09] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Though, if everyone else has his stunts pre-written, his numbers worked out, and everything *before* his turn comes up.
[16:09] <Nomoe_Hideaki> ..
[16:09] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Things could potentially go faster.
[16:09] <~Anshu> and imposing a general resolution that each side gets away with their wounded
[16:09] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I usually have my stunt written out before hand (Save that I had to change mine twice today) ^^
[16:09] <Noldarr> Uh...so we didn't achieve anything with this battle?
[16:10] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Ah, yeah, changing circumstances do make it harder.
[16:10] <Nomoe_Hideaki> We survived.
[16:10] <Nomoe_Hideaki> That's something.
[16:10] <Nomoe_Hideaki> We have some tactical information.
[16:10] <~Anshu> You faced the Empress and knocked her out.
[16:10] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> nod nod
[16:10] <Bright_Snow> The Empress is a very powerful fiend
[16:10] *** Brazen_Sand has joined #celestialdeliberativeOOC
[16:10] <Terumitsu> Also, there was a bit of crater creation..
[16:10] <Nomoe_Hideaki> And ideally we'd be in a position to find those people again now.
[16:10] <~Anshu> yes
[16:11] <Noldarr> I guess getting away was good considering how it opened
[16:11] <~Anshu> you also destroyed a manse
[16:11] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Well there will be in about 5 hours ^^
[16:11] <Noldarr> lol
[16:11] <Nomoe_Hideaki> If Inkwell does that Celestial tracking spell ... or something.
[16:11] <Bright_Snow> akuma even
[16:11] <Bright_Snow> whatever
[16:11] <Bright_Snow> I think we've called the fight at that btw Brazen
[16:12] <Bright_Snow> That's right isn't it. We were calling it here abouts right?
[16:12] <Brazen_Sand> Thanks for salting the wound there, Bright.
[16:12] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Why was that salting a wound?
[16:12] <Noldarr> ...I don't think that's at all what he intended with his statement
[16:12] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yeah.
[16:12] <Noldarr> No one is trying to antagonize anyone
[16:12] <Brazen_Sand> nevertheless, that's the effect it had.
[16:12] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Pertinent information.
[16:12] <Bright_Snow> Sorry. I've been unconcious since the first tick of this fight. You can complain but at least you've been fucking acting
[16:13] <Brazen_Sand> When?
[16:13] <~Anshu> you got that Presence attack
[16:13] <Brazen_Sand> Oooooooh.
[16:14] <Brazen_Sand> This was a mistake. I should leave.
[16:14] *** Brazen_Sand has quit IRC: Disintegrated:
[16:14] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Touchy >>
[16:14] * Terumitsu is suddenly very confused
[16:14] <Noldarr> He's too angry to do anything right now
[16:15] <Noldarr> That's Cowboy for you, there's not much we can do
[16:15] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> And I thought I had a monthly cycle that worries the emotional sense >>
[16:15] <Bright_Snow> Yeah I probably should have held my own temper but he's been rather rude all night
[16:15] * Nomoe_Hideaki sighs.
[16:16] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Mmh, that was the manse exploding? Or the Infernals covering their tracks?
[16:16] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Heh interesting ^^
[16:16] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Maybe we shall never know ^^
[16:16] <Bright_Snow> We could investigate
[16:16] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> And likely should
[16:16] <~Anshu> has it been five hours yet? would a Fire-aspected manse look like a Total Annihilation?
[16:16] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yeah. Once we're awake again :D
[16:16] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Mmh, probably not.
[16:17] <~Anshu> when it blows up*
[16:17] <Noldarr> At least we denied them a manse...though, what were they doing there?
[16:17] <Noldarr> In the first place
[16:17] <Nomoe_Hideaki> So, do we get to wake up this session, next session, or somewhere in between?
[16:17] <~Anshu> good questions
[16:17] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Because that's a scene that might be fun to play ;)
[16:17] <~Anshu> I'm thinking there will be a timeskip between this session and the next while the various parties recover
[16:18] <Bright_Snow> Xp's?
[16:18] *** Brazen_Sand has joined #celestialdeliberativeOOC
[16:18] <Nomoe_Hideaki> mmhh. timeskip. So no waking up scene?
[16:18] <Brazen_Sand> Sorry, Terumitsu. Sessions don't usually end like this.
[16:18] <~Anshu> you can have a waking up scene if you want
[16:18] <Terumitsu> Nah, I understand
[16:18] <~Anshu> just not now
[16:19] <Nomoe_Hideaki> "ooooh. What did I drink last night?"
[16:19] <Nomoe_Hideaki> :p
[16:19] <~Anshu> heh
[16:19] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> hehe
[16:19] <Noldarr> "You drank...Direlance..."
[16:19] <Noldarr> Hm, Direlance is actually a pretty good name for a beverage
[16:19] <Nomoe_Hideaki> "That can't be healthy. So many heavy metals ..."
[16:19] <Noldarr> or a rock band
[16:20] <~Anshu> yes, you all get xp
[16:20] <~Anshu> 8, at least.
[16:20] <~Anshu> *ponders whether to give story XP*
[16:20] <Nomoe_Hideaki> depends on whether we'll want a rematch next session
[16:20] <Noldarr> oh god, please not more combat
[16:20] <Nomoe_Hideaki> or whether we'll do a few other things, follow up other leads, before doing that
[16:21] <Nomoe_Hideaki> In the second case this story arc ended with a loss for us.
[16:21] <Brazen_Sand> what about the Empress?
[16:21] <Nomoe_Hideaki> So, story XP to salve the wounds? ;)
[16:21] <Nomoe_Hideaki> In the first case. ... well, I for one wouldn't mind waiting with the rematch.
[16:22] <Noldarr> Yeah, next time we'll be ready!
[16:22] <Noldarr> Surprise negators for everyone!
[16:22] <~Anshu> yeah, okay
[16:22] <~Anshu> story XP
[16:22] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Empress was badly wounded, but carried away by her allies. Same as for us.
[16:22] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> I still have to find mine. >>
[16:22] <Brazen_Sand> It's there
[16:22] * Nomoe_Hideaki won't get a Surprise Negator
[16:22] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yay!
[16:23] <Bright_Snow> I can't get a surprise negator
[16:23] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> no?
[16:23] <Bright_Snow> Silly charms costing 10 xp a piece
[16:23] <Noldarr> oh?
[16:23] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> ah
[16:23] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Pricy charms ^^
[16:23] <Brazen_Sand> I asked Anshu if he'd let you buy them for 8 XP
[16:23] <Bright_Snow> The surprise negator is also two in
[16:23] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Lunars do have it hard with the higher costs :s
[16:23] <Noldarr> yeah
[16:24] <~Anshu> *nod*
[16:24] <Bright_Snow> I've been trying very hard not to ask for the change but it is beginning to show in power levels
[16:24] <~Anshu> you know what, I will let you use Solar charm costs
[16:24] <Nomoe_Hideaki> maybe I should do that in my own game as well
[16:25] <Bright_Snow> Cool
[16:25] <Noldarr> Alright, I'ma go get dinner
[16:25] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Espeically since the only Lunar there is a SMArtist and thus already penalized compared to the native Solar Charm people
[16:25] <Noldarr> peace out guys
[16:25] * Nomoe_Hideaki waves
[16:25] <Bright_Snow> Bye Noldarr
[16:25] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> 10... hmmm its almost about right for Alchies. To. 6 for the charm 3-4 for the slot. Thankfully I don't always need a slot for a charm ^^
[16:25] *** Noldarr has quit IRC: Disintegrated: ChatZilla 0.9.86
[Firefox 3.6.9/20100824144458]
[16:25] <Brazen_Sand> Okay now that he's gone let's fight that EVA
[16:26] <Bright_Snow> Knacks remain at 11 I suppose?
[16:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I'd argue knacks shouldn't be more expensive than charms
[16:26] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Aren't using the alternate Lunar Charagen
[16:26] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> ?
[16:26] <Nomoe_Hideaki> aren't they even cheaper?
[16:26] <Bright_Snow> Nope Favoured Charm 10, Knack 11, Non-Favoured 12
[16:26] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> hmmm pricy indeed
[16:27] <Bright_Snow> As standard xp costs
[16:27] <Brazen_Sand> I find it funny that so many people don't like the Lunars charmset
[16:27] <~Anshu> Knacks are bought as Charms
[16:27] <Brazen_Sand> when a year ago people said it was teh best.
[16:27] <Nomoe_Hideaki> more than a year ago
[16:27] <~Anshu> if it's a favored Attribute, it costs 8. If not, 10
[16:27] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and it is pretty cool
[16:27] <Brazen_Sand> I know, I mean what people're saying.
[16:27] <Bright_Snow> Cool
[16:27] <Bright_Snow> I think it needs more charms
[16:28] <Nomoe_Hideaki> the thing is, charm technology is spread somewhat unevenly right now
[16:28] <Bright_Snow> But otherwise I like the set
[16:28] <Brazen_Sand> Yeah, the annoying thing is that they all seem like Solar charms that are weaker
[16:28] <Nomoe_Hideaki> what with all the errata and ink monkeys charms being patchwork, here and there, only
[16:29] <Brazen_Sand> Yeah
[16:29] <Brazen_Sand> Eye of the Cat is neat though, I like that charm
[16:29] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yeah.
[16:29] <Brazen_Sand> That's the kind of thing they should do. Cause the Solar version lets you see everythign that can possibly be seen
[16:29] <Bright_Snow> Fury is still cool
[16:29] <Nomoe_Hideaki> And there a number of charms that are pretty cool in the broadness of their applicability.
[16:30] <Brazen_Sand> while the Lunar version lets you see everything that CAN'T be seen
[16:30] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Though the advantage of broad excellencies is lost with our house rules.
[16:30] <Brazen_Sand> Eh, still good
[16:30] <Brazen_Sand> Cause it lets you add more dice
[16:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I meant in general, not in the context of fury
[16:31] <Brazen_Sand> I know.
[16:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Without the house rules Lunars don't have as many excellencies to buy
[16:31] <Brazen_Sand> Oh wait, you're right.
[16:31] <Nomoe_Hideaki> which does help somewhat with the more expensive charms, in comparison
[16:32] <Brazen_Sand> I liked Chung's version, which made the excellency cheaper for Lunars
[16:32] <~Anshu> it was fun seeing you guys go "Oshit" when Her Redness pulled out Noon As Night and Dragon's Lair Obtenebration
[16:32] <Brazen_Sand> even though you can't add as many dice, you get 2 die/mote
[16:32] <Brazen_Sand> Yeah
[16:32] <Brazen_Sand> Coulda done without the rape though : \
[16:32] <~Anshu> sorry
[16:32] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yeah, that was a nasty, nasty trick :D
[16:32] <Brazen_Sand> I mean, I wasn't offended. It was just out of nowhere
[16:32] <Brazen_Sand> No no don't be sorry, it was creepy
[16:32] <Brazen_Sand> as it was intended to be
[16:32] <Nomoe_Hideaki> hey, we had that same charm before
[16:32] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> Eh it was fine, something I was expecting when the darkness struck
[16:33] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> ah...
[16:33] <Nomoe_Hideaki> only this time I couldn't perfectly defend :p
[16:33] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> maybe I should nap now that I can
[16:33] <~Anshu> night Ruby
[16:33] <Brazen_Sand> When did you get shadow-raped?
[16:33] <Brazen_Sand> And what DID happen to the Empress?
[16:33] <Bright_Snow> Last Fiend fight
[16:33] <Bright_Snow> Night Ruby
[16:33] <Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby> nn
[16:33] <~Anshu> the Empress got away
[16:33] <Bright_Snow> I believe Nomoe dodged it last fight
[16:33] <Brazen_Sand> But she was unconscious, I thought.
[16:33] <~Anshu> she was carried away
[16:34] <~Anshu> by her honor guard
[16:34] *** Shadow_Phoenix_Ruby has quit IRC: Disintegrated:
[16:34] <Nomoe_Hideaki> yeah, the last fight with the fiend, Nomoe parried because that shit be creepy
[16:34] <~Anshu> and then they Total Annihilation'd the manse to kill the inconvenient Purist witnesses
[16:34] <Brazen_Sand> FFFFFFUUU
[16:34] <Brazen_Sand> Well we know!
[16:34] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Yeah.
[16:35] <Brazen_Sand> Anyway, Brazen is going back to Gem.
[16:35] <~Anshu> yes, but you're Anathema. You think the other Purists are going to believe you? :P
[16:35] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Which is a pretty good result in itself.
[16:35] <Nomoe_Hideaki> We know for certain.
[16:35] <Nomoe_Hideaki> We have tactical information on their capabilities.
[16:35] <Nomoe_Hideaki> We have faced her Redness and now have a chance to find her again with tracking.
[16:35] <Brazen_Sand> The Deliberative will now know for sure.
[16:35] <Bright_Snow> Increadibly tempting to get Withdrawal of Assumption for use on Fiends
[16:35] <~Anshu> I am happy her unexpected attacks worked on you guys
[16:35] <Brazen_Sand> What's that do?
[16:35] <~Anshu> Dakk had requested that I beat you guys up a bit
[16:36] * Nomoe_Hideaki ducks
[16:36] <Bright_Snow> It causes anyone touched to loose motes and...
[16:36] <Brazen_Sand> If we had done Free (Stamina) Ox-bodies, I think it would've been better
[16:36] <Bright_Snow> Crippling stakcing Essence Dot Loss
[16:36] <Brazen_Sand> Cause then it's us getting beaten up, instead of going ZOMG SCRAMBLE SCRAMBLE
[16:36] <Bright_Snow> So I hit them and they loose a dot of Essence
[16:36] <Brazen_Sand> Although there was something to be said for us going "Oh she's just a DB and we've got Holy Cha-HOLY SHIT!!"
[16:36] <Bright_Snow> Temporarily I think
[16:36] <Bright_Snow> Oh and it is Holy
[16:36] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Nah, I'm perfectly fine with being a fragile speedster
[16:37] <Brazen_Sand> how much Stamina do you have?
[16:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> 5
[16:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> and I'll get Invincible Essence Reinforcement in time
[16:37] <Nomoe_Hideaki> but against Agg ... I'm kind of screwed
[16:37] <Brazen_Sand> Ah
[16:37] <Brazen_Sand> Yeah.
[16:38] <Brazen_Sand> That's why I was worried about Noldarr using WSSG or whatever
[16:38] <Brazen_Sand> hmmm...
[16:38] <Bright_Snow> He gets to decide the damage done though
[16:38] <Brazen_Sand> I didn't know that.
[16:38] <Nomoe_Hideaki> actual stamina 4. oh well.
[16:38] <~Anshu> I have to admit I have some misgivings about Noldarr. I suppose I could go after his ally, though.
[16:39] <Nomoe_Hideaki> What kind of misgivings?
[16:39] <Brazen_Sand> His Ally doesn't do anything
[16:39] <Brazen_Sand> We had to come up with something for her to do, remember?
[16:39] <~Anshu> oh, just... he seems a little /too/ untouchable.
[16:40] <~Anshu> maybe I just need to find ways to boost the NPC's dicepools to comparable levels
[16:40] * Terumitsu goes off to get something to eat
[16:40] <Brazen_Sand> NOOOOOO
[16:40] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Heh.
[16:40] <Brazen_Sand> We already almost got torn to shreds, remember?
[16:41] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Well, Invincible Sword Prince he is ...
[16:41] <Brazen_Sand> I mean, Brazen soaked it, but that's his build, he's supposed to do that.
[16:41] <Nomoe_Hideaki> It's the combination of ultra-high PDV and immunity to it ever going down
[16:41] <Brazen_Sand> And the Speed 3 sword
[16:41] <Nomoe_Hideaki> which encompasses a hell of a lot effects from all directions
[16:41] <Brazen_Sand> And the Horse
[16:41] <Brazen_Sand> And Shield
[16:41] <Bright_Snow> WSSG is awesome
[16:42] <Brazen_Sand> The problem is that he's also a good roleplayer, so I feel misgivings about it.
[16:42] <~Anshu> I think I let him be a little overboard with the sword as well
[16:42] <Nomoe_Hideaki> though, before the - entirely deserved - nerf to Nomoe, he could probably have forces Noldarr to perfect like crazy
[16:42] <~Anshu> hmm
[16:42] <~Anshu> maybe I should give the Infernals access to the nifty Tattoos :P
[16:42] <Brazen_Sand> The Imperfections on Solars are lame too
[16:42] <Brazen_Sand> No. I'm not a monster
[16:42] <Brazen_Sand> ...errr, wait, Brazen is a monster
[16:42] <Brazen_Sand> I'm not a douchebag
[16:42] <Bright_Snow> Oddly enough had I taken better Artefacts I could have been a far more effective combatant. I just took cool ones instead
[16:43] <Bright_Snow> I need to use Triumph
[16:43] <Nomoe_Hideaki> argh. no tattoos, please :p
[16:43] <~Anshu> hmmm
[16:43] <Bright_Snow> Rather than let him languish in obscurity
[16:43] <Brazen_Sand> The Solar Imperfections need to be changed, if you ask me
[16:43] <Nomoe_Hideaki> put some xp into upgrades for him ;)
[16:43] <~Anshu> I suppose I could give them Infernal versions of Glory to the Most High
[16:43] <Brazen_Sand> I mean, the Infernal ones are neat, cause they make you change stuff.
[16:43] <Brazen_Sand> And think about the situation and such.
[16:44] <Brazen_Sand> But the Solar ones are so obscure and hard to figure out that you might as well just try adn mote-tap
[16:44] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Well, I found the Temperance Flaw for Noldarr's shield quite fitting
[16:44] <Nomoe_Hideaki> if you hide behind your perfect shield then you'll have to stay in place for a bit
[16:44] <Brazen_Sand> He can't move, yeah, that is true
[16:44] <Nomoe_Hideaki> but that was changed
[16:44] <~Anshu> what was changed?
[16:44] <Brazen_Sand> Huhwhu?
[16:44] <Nomoe_Hideaki> the flaw of the shield
[16:45] <Nomoe_Hideaki> IIRC
[16:45] <~Anshu> ... when?
[16:45] <Brazen_Sand> I think he means the Solar errata, right?
[16:45] <Nomoe_Hideaki> nah
[16:46] <Nomoe_Hideaki> at some point doing the revision history of his sheet
[16:46] <Brazen_Sand> Okay, then I'm PO'd
[16:46] <Brazen_Sand> *grabs pitchfork*
[16:46] <Nomoe_Hideaki> (Link: http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php?title=Character:Noldarr&diff=next&oldid=156152)http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php?title=Character:Noldarr&diff=next&oldid=156152
[16:46] <Nomoe_Hideaki> I assumed as part of the re-negotiations of his artifacts.
[16:46] <~Anshu> ... nope
[16:47] <Brazen_Sand> Ooooh and he chose conviction
[16:47] <~Anshu> thanks for catching that
[16:47] <~Anshu> to be fair
[16:47] <Brazen_Sand> The twinkiest flaw of all!
[16:47] <~Anshu> Conviction, as per the errata, isn't that twinky anymore
[16:47] <~Anshu> I don't think, anyway
[16:47] <~Anshu> but still
[16:47] <Nomoe_Hideaki> It's actually pretty ok.
[16:48] <Nomoe_Hideaki> But I found the Temperance Flaw perfect for that shield.
[16:48] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Like, creating a sphere of impenetrable energy around you - nobody can get it, but unless they come close you can't get them either
[16:49] <Brazen_Sand> Eh, teh conviction flaw is still lame.
[16:49] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Or, hiding under shield - but it's heavy and you can't just change stance to run around the next second
[16:49] <Brazen_Sand> Wait a second...he acted against Compassion
[16:49] <~Anshu> *changes it back*
[16:49] <~Anshu> wait, when?
[16:49] <Brazen_Sand> when he attacked the manse. There were mortals in there still
[16:49] <~Anshu> ... oooooh
[16:49] <~Anshu> good point.
[16:50] <Brazen_Sand> So it would cost him 3m more for each activation
[16:50] <Brazen_Sand> which doesn't really do much, I'll admit
[16:50] <~Anshu> assuming I didn't just change the flaw back to Temperance.
[16:50] <~Anshu> :P
[16:50] <~Anshu> he also gets 5 more limit
[16:50] <~Anshu> so limit break time
[16:50] <Nomoe_Hideaki> you did more than that, though
[16:51] <Nomoe_Hideaki> you went back to that earlier revision, I think
[16:51] <Brazen_Sand> Yeah, that was the only change.
[16:51] <Nomoe_Hideaki> undoing all changes since then
[16:51] <Brazen_Sand> Maybe he's on AIM
[16:51] <Brazen_Sand> So you can discuss this
[16:51] <~Anshu> ...oops
[16:51] <~Anshu> my bad
[16:52] <Brazen_Sand> His motivation is hard as hell to act against
[16:52] <Brazen_Sand> how do you NOT be Creation's Greatest General?
[16:53] <Brazen_Sand> but that's more a problem with the system
[16:55] <Brazen_Sand> Uh-oh. His Limit Break is...violent.
[16:56] <Brazen_Sand> It's basically Red Rage of Compassion, but...longer.
[16:56] <~Anshu> and I guess he doesn't break yet.
[16:57] <Brazen_Sand> wouldn't it be 6 Limit?
[16:57] <Brazen_Sand> I mean his Compassion is 6
[16:57] <~Anshu> it says 5
[16:57] <Bright_Snow> Wait he is Epic Zealed right?
[16:57] <Bright_Snow> I thought that means he flat out can't
[16:57] <Bright_Snow> Ever
[16:57] <Brazen_Sand> No, you can. It just really hurts
[16:58] <Nomoe_Hideaki> he can eat limit and spend wp
[16:59] *** Terumitsu has quit IRC: Disintegrated: ~ Trillian Astra - (Link: http://www.trillian.im)www.trillian.im ~
[17:00] <Brazen_Sand> So...I guess Nomoe can get taunted by Brazen now
[17:00] <Brazen_Sand> "I helped save your asssss"
[17:01] <Nomoe_Hideaki> Heh.
[17:01] <~Anshu> okay
[17:01] <~Anshu> I'm heading off now
[17:02] * Nomoe_Hideaki waves
[17:02] <Bright_Snow> Cya Anshu, thanks for the session